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Example sentences for "dotes"

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dotal; dotard; dotards; dote; doted; doth; dothe; doti; doting; dots
  1. She dotes on him as a dog dotes on his master.

  2. Thou mayst do this if thou wilt, pater non deperit filiam, nec frater sororem, a father dotes not on his own daughter, a brother on a sister; and why?

  3. Leave now to oppose thyself against the king: Thou seest by nature he is mild and calm; And, seeing his mind so dotes on Gaveston, Let him without controlment have his will.

  4. I don't think well of any woman who dotes upon a man younger than herself.

  5. Not like the maids of old, but passable, As girls go now: nor am I much amaz'd That Clinia dotes upon her.

  6. For that the greatest part of mankind are fools, nay there is not anyone that dotes not in many things; and friendship, you know, is seldom made but among equals.

  7. A man that dotes on a woman for her beauty, will whisper his friend, "That creature has a great deal of wit when you are well acquainted with her.

  8. But can the epicure say so of any of the pleasures he so much dotes upon?

  9. Angelica is little better than a seductive witch, who dotes on Rinaldo, and yet contrives to make use of Orlando, luring him to do her purpose by false promises.

  10. Helena adieu, As you on him, Demetrius dotes on you.

  11. He dotes upon the children to the last and remembers the commission he has undertaken for an absent friend.

  12. She dotes on it--'I dreamt that I dwelt' in particular.

  13. Hither the affected city dame advancing, Who sighs for operas, and dotes on dancing, Taught by our art her ridicule to pause on, Quits the Ballet, and calls for Nancy Dawson.

  14. He seems to have plenty of common-sense, although he dotes on her.

  15. I am not a bit surprised that his mother dotes on him.

  16. He relates how Abby an' the pinfeather sport dotes on each other; an' counsels old Glegg not to come pesterin' about with roode objections to the weddin'.

  17. He tells me that he dotes on carnage like a jaybird, an' goes forth to battle as joobilant as a drunkard to a shootin' match.

  18. You know that Daddy thinks a lot of him, and that Harry dotes on Dad.

  19. His daughter, like the rest of her sex, is probably a problem, but so far I can only discover in her an exceedingly nice young lady who dotes on her father and takes rather a sensible view of things.

  20. The landlord of the Hotel de l'Ecu d'Or dotes to that extent upon the courier that he can hardly wait for his coming down from the box, but embraces his very legs and boot-heels as he descends.

  21. They like her whimsically, if you will, and somewhat as a virtuoso dotes upon his cabinet.

  22. Benstein is old and feeble, and he dotes on his wife.

  23. Remember he is old and senile, and dotes on her.

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