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Example sentences for "idiotic"

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idiosyncracy; idiosyncrasies; idiosyncrasy; idiosyncratic; idiot; idiotical; idiotically; idiots; idle; idled
  1. Their parents, the sun and moon, would have complied with the idiotic human laws if there had been any magistrate in Heaven to marry them.

  2. You will then realize that the child already has a very lively soul, provided by nature, and there is no occasion for any doped soul, supplied by any idiotic human plan.

  3. In utter idiotic panic I jumped from my bed and clawed my way toward the feeble gray glow of the window-frame.

  4. They danced and were smitten with idiotic immobility.

  5. Tommy had an abiding affection for the idiotic efforts.

  6. How idiotic to say such a thing to you, of all people!

  7. She told herself that she had been a fool, a perfectly idiotic fool.

  8. And she told herself, also, that she hoped she would never see either Richard or Frederick Befort again for she wanted to forget what a perfectly idiotic fool she had been.

  9. I tell you the perspiration decorated my forehead in beads when I'd made a dozen fruitless efforts to start that family dragon, Eyelashes maddening me the while with a series of idiotic suggestions.

  10. In her second year at the high school they read the Idylls of the King, and she discovered her name and saw in one shame-filled second the idiotic bad taste of it--Elaine Susan!

  11. Sworn to uphold the law, and ostensibly on the side of the Law and Order party, he had stepped out from his jurisdiction to commit as lawless and as idiotic a deed of passion and prejudice as could well have been imagined.

  12. A more ill-timed, idiotic maneuver, with the existing state of the public mind, it would be impossible to imagine.

  13. Yet of course girls did do--every day--such idiotic things.

  14. He had seen men do the most idiotic things for love.

  15. Selina had her own opinions, which were superior to this--she once remarked to Laura that it was idiotic for a woman to write--to telegraph was the only way not to get into trouble.

  16. Lionel is as idiotic as a comic song, but you have cleverness for two.

  17. We had no proof of the midnight visitor, and the story of his sudden disappearance while we watched below would only provoke an unbelieving grin from Leith, and an idiotic laugh from the foolish old Professor.

  18. They clung around our legs like live things, and I damned the Professor's idiotic craving for notoriety as we waded through the clammy creepers in search of the trail made by the party.

  19. It will only come as the result of a universal feeling that war is the most babyish and laughably idiotic thing that this poor world has evolved.

  20. Ne'er cast a clout till May be out" says a particularly idiotic saw, but as you have already disregarded it by casting your fur coat, you may as well go through with the business now.

  21. There aren't apple trees on the desert," Verbeena with simply idiotic indiscretion observed.

  22. It had all happened so quickly and so unexpectedly that Alaire felt she must be dreaming, or that there had been some idiotic mistake.

  23. It was an idiotic arrangement, just the same.

  24. Mrs. Grant, perhaps because she was nearly as idiotic as the Prince himself, assumed the airs of a mother with him, and always addressed him as Bertie.

  25. Prince Adalbert was really too idiotic to be bearable for long.

  26. She was such a conceited and idiotic woman that she would have been flattered even by such imitation.

  27. Then he read a passage from his play, where a real detective does some things that are as idiotic as some of my old Wheeler's performances.

  28. Hardy looked at it with a sort of incredulous, almost idiotic stupor.

  29. Loony, rolling about and laughing with an idiotic air.

  30. Loony, throwing himself on his knees, and clasping his hands with an air of idiotic entreaty.

  31. Laugh at them, and mock these idiotic and sordid pretensions.

  32. Like a little clown in her curling cotton suit, her lumpy shoes, her idiotic hat, she will offer her tears to the pitiless silence of trees, wind, rain and white stones.

  33. The roofs of the town are no longer a rumble of idiotic hats cocked at a devil-may-care angle.

  34. Such suppression is favourable to corruption: the fancy with a sort of idiotic ingenuity comes to supply the place of experience; and nature is rendered vicious and overlaid with pruriency, artifice, and the love of novelty.

  35. You will not be so idiotic as to make no inferences from your sensations; you will not pin your faith so unimaginatively on momentary appearance as to deny that the world exists when you stop thinking about it.

  36. It is perfectly idiotic to go on with this wild-goose chase.

  37. How idiotic to feel doubtful where to sleep when here was a whole house apparently at my disposal!

  38. Ping Wang replied instantly that if their intellectual uncle would condescend to demean himself by waiting on such idiotic monkeys, they would at once admit his glorious body to their ridiculous and contemptible presence.

  39. For I had no notion to carry out Captain Giles' idiotic joke, either at my own expense or at the expense of the Steward.

  40. Can there be any sense in a world which condemns me to play the Demon King in an idiotic pantomime, or indeed in a world which demands, indulges, encourages, delights in such driveling nonsense as that same pantomime?

  41. And of course she rises above the work she has to do, the idiotic songs written for her, the meaningless dances devised to sort with the pointless tunes.

  42. It was at its healthiest and least odiously pretentious in the presentation of melodrama, with its rigid and almost idiotic right and wrong, its stupid caricature of the workings of the human heart.

  43. I begin to think you are not so idiotic as I supposed.

  44. I loathe the people with their inane chatter, and the idiotic children, and the highly-correct and gentlemanly captain, all equally.

  45. It was idiotic of me, and I am very sorry.

  46. How can I prevent any idiotic boy who chooses to turn me into a heroine from going and making a fool of himself?

  47. I can't imagine who has been repeating such idiotic stories to you, I wish people would mind their own business.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "idiotic" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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