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Example sentences for "idiot"

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  1. This clever idiot must be humoured," he said to himself.

  2. Idiot that I am not to have known the knock!

  3. If I prove to have been on the wrong scent, I shall have made an idiot of myself, but no great harm will have been done.

  4. Had I been the fiend himself that fat idiot could not have been much more terrified at the sight of me.

  5. Never was such a born idiot in the world as I have been.

  6. Lord Hartledon walked home full of loyal thought, saying to himself what an utter idiot he had been in regard to Maude, and determined to lose no time in getting clear of the entanglement.

  7. I think you're getting more of an idiot every day, Nance.

  8. Maude if you are such an idiot I'll shake you.

  9. Recommendations have been made that these custodian cases should have either special asylums provided for them, or separate departments connected with lunatic asylums or training idiot institutions.

  10. In the former an idiot school was established at Baldovan, near Dundee, in 1853.

  11. The permission to send idiots to idiot schools supported by the rates or by charity, amounts practically to nothing, because they are so few in number, and are crowded already.

  12. Two years later, an idiot asylum was established at Park House, Highgate, whose founders, however, did not know of the home at Bath.

  13. It is needful to premise that Blackstone's definition of an idiot was "that he is one who hath had no understanding from his nativity, and therefore is by law presumed never likely to attain any.

  14. The report being favourable to action, a wing in the Blind Institution at South Boston was appropriated to an idiot training school.

  15. At the same period that New York took the initiative (1846), a commission was appointed by the Massachusetts Legislature to inquire into the condition of the idiot population of this state, and to report as to what was necessary to be done.

  16. Backus shortly after took up the question; the latter became in that year a senator of New York, and in 1846 introduced a Bill providing an idiot asylum or school.

  17. There are, of course, all degrees of mental defect possible at birth or in childhood, between that of the most degraded idiot and of a child who is said to be not very bright.

  18. Parliament discussed the question of investing the custody of the idiot in his relations, allowing an equivalent to the Crown for its loss, but nothing was done.

  19. An important table, introduced for the first time into the last Report of the Commissioners, shows the annual ratio of fresh admissions to the population; hence the transfers and the admissions into idiot asylums are excluded.

  20. Are you backing that idiot up in her lunacy?

  21. Behold him, The Cadmus of the blind, Giving the dumb lips language, The idiot clay a mind.

  22. MacIan plucked the struggling and aspiring idiot off the back of the car like a stray cat, and left him swaying unsteadily in the moon.

  23. The hilarious energy in this idiot attitude gave Turnbull another sick turn.

  24. Do you mean the poor old idiot who likes spikes to stick out?

  25. Another of the rowdies rushed forward booing in idiot excitement, fell over the chauffeur, and, either by accident or design, kicked him as he lay.

  26. THE IDIOT Evan MacIan was standing a few yards off looking at him in absolute silence.

  27. Yes," said MacIan, after a slight pause, "I mean the poor old idiot who likes spikes to stick out.

  28. And why on horseback have you set Him whom you love, your idiot boy?

  29. She hardly can sustain her fears; The roaring water-fall she hears, And cannot find her idiot boy.

  30. Beneath the moon that shines so bright, Till she is tired, let Betty Foy With girt and stirrup fiddle-faddle; But wherefore set upon a saddle Him whom she loves, her idiot boy?

  31. And he is all in travelling trim, And by the moonlight, Betty Foy Has up upon the saddle set, The like was never heard of yet, Him whom she loves, her idiot boy.

  32. And Johnny burrs and laughs aloud, Whether in cunning or in joy, I cannot tell; but while he laughs, Betty a drunken pleasure quaffs, To hear again her idiot boy.

  33. The silence of her idiot boy, What hopes it sends to Betty's heart!

  34. She's coming from among the trees, And now, all full in view, she sees Him whom she loves, her idiot boy.

  35. You, no doubt, consider me the champion idiot of the world.

  36. Any one but an idiot would have understood long ago," she retorted.

  37. You won't be lonely if that idiot takes me away from you soon?

  38. Dad," she said, "I've made an awful idiot of myself.

  39. And the others all agreed that the landlady's indignation was justified, because they were fond of the Idiot in spite of his faults.

  40. The Poet did as he was bade, and the Idiot whispered a certain great name in his ear.

  41. Of course it would, Mr. Bib," the Idiot agreed.

  42. Whereupon the Idiot came into possession of a goodly portion of the stewed potatoes, and Mary fled to the kitchen, where she informed the presiding genius of the range that the young gentleman was crazier than ever.

  43. I suppose you're perfectly certain they don't live at a private idiot asylum?

  44. This would then be considered the right one, and your money after all would go to that idiot hospital.

  45. I have a fixed idea that every man who wants to take out a patent and start a company, and is months about the job, is either a born idiot or a consummate rogue.

  46. What a poor idiot he had been to speak to the girl!

  47. At length with a sudden start he cried out to himself, "What an idiot I have been!

  48. What an idiot I have been," he cried, "to leave the door unlocked!

  49. Some idiot had left a kerosene lamp burning in the dug-out, probably, and a rat upset it; or some other of the million possibilities took place.

  50. But the worst of it was Patali knew all about it now, and that cursed idiot Blaine had complained to Samson of burglary, after he learned that the cellar door was broken open by the money-lender.

  51. After the senses of the idiot are trained to take note of their appropriate objects, the various perceptive faculties are next to be exercised.

  52. The moral nature of the idiot needs training and development as well as his physical and mental.

  53. You wouldn't prepare a delicate plant for cloudy days by keeping it in the shadow; and I think one is simply an idiot who keeps in the shade to accustom himself to-day after to-morrow's storm.

  54. I wonder--do you remember about the village idiot and the horse?

  55. But one day the village idiot walked into town, leading the missing animal by the bridle.

  56. Look at that idiot of a blacksmith, swearing that he saw you with the horse!

  57. That idiot Jackson has bled you to a skeleton, put a seton in your neck, and starved you.

  58. By reason of the idiot he hath made of his self, by marrying of that silly minx, Tamar Haddon!

  59. God knows that I should fire away at that idiot half a day, and meet his shots half a day.

  60. This was enough for my friend's friend, who had the fireboard taken down, and short work in the wall by the side of the chimney brought the body of the unfortunate idiot boy.

  61. This idiot was supposed to have fallen into the East River, as his cap was found there, and he had always shown a liking for the river when his nurse took him out.

  62. I have got the money, and I should be a born idiot if I parted with it.

  63. You know," he said, "there's no use trying to frighten such an idiot as I am.

  64. Caron, my chauffeur, would never have made a mistake unless that idiot groom misunderstood his instructions.

  65. Most exciting of all was the story of the giant Eric, who became an idiot from a blow.

  66. My family looked more askance at me for upholding the rights of our inferiors than they had done at the idiot who tore everything to pieces, or the spendthrift who made scandals and got into debt.

  67. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "idiot" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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