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Example sentences for "flake"

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  1. He chased them recklessly, then, clinging to a bark flake that proved loose, he was launched into the air, a hundred feet to fall.

  2. A single knot of quartz occurring in a flake of slate at the crest of the ridge may alter the entire destinies of the mountain form.

  3. They are not torn remnants of separating spires, yielding flake by flake, and band by band, to the continual process of decay.

  4. That is in reality a point at all but a hatchet edge; a flake of rock, which is enabled to maintain itself in this sharp-edged state by its writhing folds of sinewy granite.

  5. Its head struck with such force that the early hunter decided to give it a sharp point, shaped from a flake of flint, in order that it might drive deep into the body of a deer or bear.

  6. You simply fastened a flake of flint in the cock and snapped it against a steel plate.

  7. The single flake never stops in its career, except as it may be retarded by friction and other resistances.

  8. She was talking of "Johnny" and "gold," and had a flake of the metal in her tiny fist.

  9. But he first extracted his gold-flake from the wall, and put it in his pocket.

  10. As he was passing a perfectly bare spot on the road he managed, without being noticed, to cast his glittering flake of gold on the sterile ground at the other side of the road, where the minister's path would lie.

  11. He lingered for some time over one stocking, and finally cautiously removed from it a small piece of flake gold which he had kept concealed all day under his big toe, to the great discomfort of that member.

  12. Heat was not used in chipping, and some Indians took care to keep the flake damp while working it, occasionally burying the flake for a while in moist soil.

  13. The flake being worked upon, if small, was often held in the hand, which was protected from the slipping of a chipping tool by a pad of rawhide.

  14. For soaking, use one and a half cups of water for each cup of flake tapioca, and one pint of water for a cup of pearl tapioca.

  15. The flake tapioca requires longer soaking and cooking than the pearl tapioca.

  16. Both pearl and flake tapioca are suitable for these desserts.

  17. The flake spawn is short-lived by reason of its loose form, in which the mycelium is easily accessible to the air and destructive bacteria.

  18. Spawn may be procured in the market in two forms, flake spawn and brick spawn.

  19. No flint is procurable in the locality; and after the closest search, no other flint implement or flake was found on the site.

  20. The first woman whom he remembered had drawn a figure meant for a portrait of her lover, with a sharpened flake of flint.

  21. We are not hurt," the Mother protested, though her cheek had been cut by a flying flake of flint, and was bleeding.

  22. They, or common brick linings, are advisable for the more permanent and expensive structures or where it is necessary to use porous stone, such as sandstone and most stratified rocks, which absorb water and flake or chip upon exposure to fire.

  23. Sometimes painting the plaster with aluminum-flake paint or waterproof varnish hides the stains.

  24. On the summit of Gerizim, a Mohammedan wêli, shining like a flake of mica, marks the plateau where the Samaritan Temple stood.

  25. But it is not to the city, shining like a flake of mica from the greenness of the distant mountain, that our looks and thoughts are turning.

  26. She was accustomed to carry him to the fish-flake in a big basket, and lay him on a bed of dry leaves, with her apron for an awning.

  27. To own an extensive fish-flake was, in that neighborhood, a sure sign of being well to do in the world.

  28. Now and then a flake of a glittering white density glided through it, which his eyes, accustomed to long distances, discriminated as a swan.

  29. The Scotchman's eyes narrowed to distinguish if the white flake of light in the deep green water across a little bay were the reflection of the flower known as the Chilhowee lily, or the ethereal blossom itself.

  30. A few quotations regarding the use and mode of manufacture of stemless scrapers may be given: According to Evans, they are made by laying a flake flat side up on a stone, and chipping off around the edge with a hammer.

  31. The Plains Indians lay the flat side of a flake of obsidian on a blanket, or other yielding substance, and with a knife nick off the edges rapidly.

  32. Some are made from a large flake which has been dressed on one side only.

  33. The Klamath cover the hand with a piece of buckskin to keep it from being cut, and lay a flake along the ball of the thumb, holding it firmly with the fingers.

  34. With a point of antler from 4 to 6 inches long, they press against the edge, thus removing scales from the opposite side; they turn the flake around and over frequently, to preserve symmetry.

  35. The Shasta Indian lays a stone anvil on his knee, holds the edge of the flake against it, and with his stone hammer chips off flakes, finishing the base first, and gently chipping the whole arrow into shape.

  36. According to the same author, the Eskimo sometimes set the flake in a piece of split wood.

  37. Yet his mind cannot free itself wholly from his first great sorrow, though he remembers that calmness, resignation, and gentle patience fell over his heart as the soft snow falls flake by flake from the leaden sky.

  38. In the upper figure the flake of glass is split completely off but is still lying in its place.

  39. You may have the bitterest northeast winds here in London throughout the winter without a single flake of snow.

  40. During the instant required for throwing it wide, a large flake of ice fell from the ceiling of the passage upon the head of Toussaint.

  41. He proceeded mournfully to spread the other heap of straw; but a large flake of ice had fallen upon it from the corner of the walls, and it was as wet as that which he had burned.

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