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  1. Near by them lay several large unworked blocks of flint and greenstone, and many chippings and fragments of flint.

  2. But wherever the value of the pyrites in evoking the latent spark of the flint was known, it would be a coveted prize and a valuable object of barter.

  3. Here within its earthen ramparts the workmen who fashioned the arms of the Stone age excavated for the beds of native flint in the underlying chalk, and industriously worked it into every variety of weapon.

  4. The types of flint implements, found at Hoxne in 1797, correspond to other palæoliths recovered from rolled gravel and clay of the glacial drift in the valleys of the Thames, the Somme, and the Seine.

  5. The finest flint implements of Canada are those of the north shore of Lake Huron, made from material corresponding to a very fine-grained quartzite, approximating to chalcedony, found among the Huronian rocks of that region.

  6. In districts remote from those where the flint abounds, flakes and chips of the prized material must have been in constant demand to replenish the sheaf of arrows, and replace the lost or broken lance, knife, and scraper.

  7. Mr. Frere speaks of the flint implements as “evidently weapons of war fabricated and used by a people who had not the use of metals.

  8. Is there no stoning save with flint and rock?

  9. And, striking upon a flint with the back of a knife, he kindled a cigar as thick as his finger, and began to smoke away with great perseverance.

  10. Why, with plotters, that can make no plot to better purpose than their own hanging; and incendiaries, that are snapping the flint upon wet tinder.

  11. I am of the opinion this place is the source of all the arrow-heads, flint axes, and other implements of that material, which have been used over a wide extent of territory.

  12. One of these, named “Flint Ridge,” exists in the counties of Muskingum and Licking, in Ohio.

  13. They were of the same variety of flint, chert, or hornstone, which abounds on ‘Flint Ridge.

  14. Knives of flint and obsidian have been taken from several of the mounds.

  15. Great numbers of flint points are found which, it is clear from their size and form, could not have been used for tipping arrows.

  16. Some irregular chips of flint have been found, with one or more sharp edges, which, it is presumed, were used for like purposes.

  17. In one or two small mounds, deposits of arrow or spear points of flint have been found.

  18. A large part of the surface of the Island is covered by sheets of flint gravel.

  19. Flint could by dexterous blows have flake after flake taken off, till it formed a tool or weapon with sharp point and cutting edge.

  20. They do not come from the Wealden, but from beds of flint gravel, and are washed along the shore.

  21. Large numbers of flint implements have been collected from the Thames valley and over the whole area of the rivers which have gravel terraces along their course.

  22. Instead of black or dull grey flint it has become translucent agate, of splendid orange and purple colours, or has been changed into clear translucent chalcedony.

  23. Where sheets of flint gravel cap the downs, as on St. Boniface, they are covered by furze and heather, producing a charming variation from the smooth turf where the surface is chalk.

  24. But the top of St. Boniface Down is covered with a great mass of angular flint gravel, which must have come from the Upper Chalk.

  25. It is not unlike flint, and flint is one of the mineral forms of silica.

  26. At the base is a band of rounded flint pebbles, which extends at the base of the clay from here to Suffolk.

  27. A gravel of somewhat different character to the rest is the sheet of flint shingle at Bembridge Foreland.

  28. This flint gravel represents the insoluble residue which has been left when the Chalk was dissolved away.

  29. Thus the highest points of a district are often capped by flint gravel marking the beds of old streams.

  30. Being Leaves from the Mixing Book of several experts in the Flint Glass Trade, containing up-to-date recipes and valuable information as to Crystal, Demi-crystal and Coloured Glass in its many varieties.

  31. The law firm of Steel, Flint & Sharp was a thoroughly well constituted one.

  32. Mr. Sharp usually came to the office an hour earlier than Mr. Flint did, in order that he might have everything ready for Mr. Flint's examination when that gentleman should arrive.

  33. Steel, Flint & Sharp industriously scattered their cards and circulars throughout the country.

  34. My name is Sharp, of the firm of Steel, Flint & Sharp.

  35. For Mr. Sharp Mr. Flint entertained not one particle of respect, because that gentleman was not always what his name implied.

  36. He would have gone to the dogs, speedily, Mr. Flint said, but for his association with himself.

  37. Steel, Flint & Sharp, attorneys and counselors at law, in New York city.

  38. The third letter there referred to was from the law firm of Steel, Flint & Sharp.

  39. There have lately been exhibited[61] a bone necklace and two flint bracelets which were found in a very rude mummy-pit on the edge of the Plain of Thebes, and doubtless these represent the distant antiquity of Egypt.

  40. Flint instruments have also been found in mummy-cases.

  41. The boy collected the dry wood with which the earth was strewn, then struck flint and steel, guarded the spark within the tinder, fanned the flame, and with a sigh of satisfaction stood back from the leaping fire.

  42. Adam sat down upon the broad steps whitened by the moon, filled his pipe, struck a spark from his flint and steel, and was presently enveloped in fragrant smoke.

  43. Listen faire Madam, let it be your glory To see her teares, but be your hart to them, As vnrelenting flint to drops of raine Laui.

  44. Processes that are based upon the clashing of two flint stones must be much more inconvenient of application than we would be led to suppose.

  45. On the whole, he considered that the best glass to use was pure white flint glass for the collimator, the prisms, and the camera lens.

  46. We are, in fact, accustomed to see the flint and steel used, but here the spark is a bit of iron raised to red heat through a mechanical action that has violently detached it from the mass under the form of a small sliver.

  47. The recent discovery of the flint instruments of the drift seems to carry the “Stone Age” back to a period of which, till very lately, we had no idea.

  48. A potter named Astbury, travelling to London, perceived something amiss with one of his horse’s eyes, when an ostler at Dunstable said he could cure him, and for that purpose put a common black flint into the fire.

  49. The first use of flint in pottery has been thus explained.

  50. The bunch of matches, like a large fan, the flint and steel were in every house.

  51. Admiral Fitzroy adduces the following striking facts strongly bearing on the great geological inquiry of “Flint Tools,” and “Implements in the Drift.

  52. Seuen rasors of flint stone, for to cut vp men that were sacrifised.

  53. Having opened the barnyard end of the lane, Mosby waited until Flint had come about halfway, then gave him a blast of revolver fire and followed this with a headlong charge down the lane.

  54. Flint was killed at the first salvo, as were several of the men behind him.

  55. One of the Union officers who saw visions of rapid advancement over the wreckage of Mosby's Rangers was a captain of the First Vermont, Josiah Flint by name.

  56. Within a few minutes Flint and nine of his men were killed, some fifteen more were given disabling wounds, eighty-two prisoners were taken, and over a hundred horses and large quantities of arms and ammunition were captured.

  57. The only answer given was; "If you can get them on board, I will take them away, but as I have told you before, you do not get a flint from me.

  58. On his arrival at Flint Castle,[J] Richard had an interview with Henry.

  59. The earl, on being introduced into Richard's presence, said that his cousin was at Flint Castle, and wished that he would come there to confer with him on matters of great moment.

  60. Flint and steel had been in use four hundred years.

  61. In tinder-box days the nimble night burglar heard the flint and steel going, and had time to pack up his booty and reach the next parish, before the owner descended the stairs with his flickering candle.

  62. In military works they were often used alternately with flint and stone (see below, p.

  63. At Verulam the tiles are arranged in three horizontal layers at intervals of about 4 feet, with flint and mortar between.

  64. The man was in no hurry, and struck again with the flint and steel.

  65. There was no doing it in the night, for there was no getting a light by easy friction then; to have got one I must have struck it out of flint and steel, and have made a noise like the very pirate himself rattling his chains.

  66. After groping about for a little, he found the flint and steel he wanted, and began to strike a light.

  67. Flint was recognized in the town as a man of ability, but he failed to secure the affections or even the confidence of the people.

  68. Flint returned the challenge with a suit, which I think was adjusted without a trial, but the controversy contributed to the dissolution of the settlement.

  69. Flint left the town to which he returned once in my boyhood and preached a sermon in the new meetinghouse, that had been substituted for the old one used in the days of Zabdiel Adams, of Timothy Flint, and David Damon.

  70. After leaving Lunenburg Flint went with his family to the valley of the Mississippi, and led the life of a wanderer, floating down the river with his family and making his way back as best he might.

  71. Mr. Flint was a man of recognized ability, a good preacher, but erratic in his ways.

  72. James Cunningham,) Gilchrist exhibited a coin and said: "Here is a dollar that Tim Flint made.

  73. Swartboy had taken out his flint and steel, and was about to strike, when a loud scratching was heard from the inside, unlike anything that had yet reached their ears.

  74. While I was fumbling about my bullet-pouch to get at my flint and steel, of course my fingers came into contact with the lasso, which was still hanging around my shoulders.

  75. The major, however, took care never to run short of caps, so that the flint locks were merely held as a reserve in case of need.

  76. But this was not so great a misfortune as at first it might seem, for he had the spare flint locks and the little screw-driver necessary for fixing and unfixing them stowed away in his shot pouch.

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