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Example sentences for "flintlocks"

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  1. Most of these twelve were arquebusiers; and besides the weight of the ridiculous little cannon, they had their ponderous flintlocks and their clumsy armor,--poor helps for scaling heights which the unencumbered athlete finds difficult.

  2. Only a few of them had even the clumsy flintlocks of the day; the majority were not arquebusiers but piquiers, armed only with swords and lances, and clad in jackets of quilted cotton or battered mail.

  3. Let us use those flintlocks you've got here on the ship.

  4. Was he plannin' to make off with a few o' those new flintlocks we got up at Nevis?

  5. I'll need flintlocks for the first wave, not matchlocks, if we're to have the benefit of surprise.

  6. Their flintlocks were still swathed in oilcloth.

  7. You're right to always keep those flintlocks in your belt.

  8. But you won't be using my flintlocks whilst getting yourself killed.

  9. You give those new flintlocks over to the militia and you'll never see half of them again.

  10. But with these flintlocks we might have an advantage.

  11. I've got a batch of new flintlocks on the Defiance.

  12. But flintlocks have been around for some time, or hadn't you heard?

  13. Now the men stirred impatiently on the decks, new flintlocks glistening in the moonlight, anxious for their first feel of Spanish gold.

  14. She lifted one of the flintlocks and squinted in the half-light.

  15. Just because you like to strut about with a pair of fancy flintlocks in your belt, don't think we'll all heel to your bluff.

  16. After they had disappeared up the trail and into the salt savannah, the Defiance rejoined the Swiftsure, at which time Winston ordered the fo'c'sle unlocked and flintlocks distributed, together with bandoliers of powder and shot.

  17. Then I have a few early flintlocks, and a number of mid-eighteenth-century types, and some late flintlocks and percussion types.

  18. Remember the pair of Cominazo flintlocks illustrated in Pollard's Short History of Firearms?

  19. He had begun on the true flintlocks when Walters, who had finished his own dinner, came up to help him.

  20. Flintlocks and matchets are not much use against our rifles.

  21. It was answered by a clear ringing crash of riflery, and then while the flintlocks and Sniders joined in, thin pale flashes blazed amidst the reeds and in the sliding mist.

  22. Other groups of soldiers came out, with their flintlocks in their hands: a boy was struck on the head; several times the guns were leveled, and the threat was made to fire.

  23. Their officers were chosen by themselves, of the same rank and character as they; their only uniforms were their flintlocks and hangers.

  24. Up to the present the total number available amounted to four--the three flintlocks and the automatic pistol.

  25. Few of the Arabs had brought their cumbersome flintlocks with them, and even these could not be reloaded and fired in the press.

  26. Reeves and the lads did likewise, after setting their flintlocks on the floor.

  27. They had both used rook rifles before, but these long-barrelled flintlocks were beyond them.

  28. With modern weapons the result would have been quickly decided, but the time taken up in reloading the flintlocks gave the blacks an advantage.

  29. Then she shuddered once more, recollecting what she had read of the scenes within an African stockade when the rifles lay cold in the undergrowth, and the smoke of the flintlocks had melted away.

  30. The heel-plate jarred on his shoulder, the barrel jumped in his left hand, red sparks flickered along the breastwork, and the sputtering roar of the flintlocks was repeated among the trunks.

  31. Long afterward, Dane remembered that Maxwell's smile was much the same when, clenching the hot rifle barrels, they watched the flintlocks flashing through thicker wreaths of a more deadly vapor.

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