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  1. The flip of the coin had decided their fate.

  2. It's never done a flip in its life, much less a double flip.

  3. Say, Ben, don’t try to flip the next one; turn it with a knife or something.

  4. But instead of accepting the proposition right off the reel, I told Jim we'd flip a coin to decide.

  5. Lapham is his name but we all call him Flip Flappum--he's the black-leg lawyer that drew up that contract that made me lose my mine.

  6. He came to Nevada after the Tonopah excitement with a flunkey they call Flip Flappum.

  7. Yes, twice in the same place, with the same contract, the same system; and now this same Flip Flappum was busy as a hunting dog trying to hire one of his partners to sell him out!

  8. So I gave him the horse-laugh, paid my regards to Flip and Lynch, and came away feeling fine.

  9. Eells and Flip Flap and their kind don't pretend to be honest, they just get by with the law; and if you give 'em the edge they'll soak you in the jaw the first time you turn your head.

  10. None of your hot flip, or cold flip, or any other kind of flip for me.

  11. He caught bottle and hand together, let them go with a quick flip of the rawhide and waggled his head in apology.

  12. Jack, standing in the center quietly, smiled at them, and gave the flip downward and forward that formed the little loop to which he seemed so partial.

  13. He knows how to flip fish out of water with his paw, as all bears do; but he has also learned how to attract them when they are not to be found on the shallows.

  14. Remembering his fondness for fish, and the many places where I have seen that he has eaten them and where the water was too deep to flip them out in the ordinary bear way, I have no doubt whatever that Dr.

  15. They find a shallow place in the brook when the suckers are running and wait there till the big fish go by, when they flip them out with their paws and scramble after them.

  16. Laid out on the platform, it kept struggling with convulsive movements, trying to turn over, making such efforts that its final lunge was about to flip it into the sea.

  17. I flip open my comm, and there's a half-doz clippings my agent's found in the night.

  18. The Possum wished to turn the matter off by saying, "I see the price of eggs has gone up again," but Bill gave him a punch on the snout that bent it like a carrot, and Sam caught the Wombat such a flip with his flapper that he gave in at once.

  19. So do not try to pipe your eye, Or with my flip I'll flop it.

  20. Bill, hitting the Possum a swingeing blow on the snout, while Sam gave the Wombat one of his famous over-arm flip flaps that knocked all the wind out of him.

  21. The earliest date that I find flip named in New England is 1690.

  22. We can imagine the deacons loosening their tongues over the tavern flip and punch, and arguing confidentially over the standing, the wealth, and temper of the various parties to be seated.

  23. English flip is not so simple nor so original nor so good a drink as American flip.

  24. These fine lines of Lowell's seem to idealize the homely flip and the loggerhead as we love to idealize the customs of our forbears.

  25. A bill still existing tells its price in Revolutionary days; other items show its relative valuation:-- "Mug New England Flip 9d.

  26. I did so not long ago, mixing carefully by a rule for flip recommended and recorded and used by General Putnam--Old Put--in the Revolution.

  27. It was a scandal in many a town that godly church-members partook too freely of tavern cheer at the nooning; the only wonder is that the entire congregation did not succumb in a body to the potent flip and toddy of the tavern-keeper.

  28. Let me not fail to speak of the splendid glasses in which flip was often served--I mean the great glass tumblers without handles which, under the name of flip glasses, still are found in New England homes.

  29. A rule for flip which seems to combine the good points of the American and English methods, uses ale instead of home-brewed.

  30. Flip was a dearly loved drink of colonial times, far more popular in America than in England, much different in concoction in America than in England, and much superior in America--a truly American drink.

  31. No flip was more widely known and more respected than the famous brew of Abbott's Tavern at Holden, Massachusetts.

  32. EGG FLIP This dish is exceedingly nice for a child or an invalid.

  33. When he knows that he is seen, he will flip his wings and flirt his tail, like suddenly opening and shutting a fan, as he flits on before you with his head on one side, giving the pert call 'Towhee!

  34. The little gold and olive mother, trusting Rap from past experience, gave a quick flip of her wings, and perched on a wild blackberry bush near by.

  35. Throwing both arms up over his head, he turned a backward flip from the horse and sprawled inertly in a currant bush.

  36. It caught the human pinwheel on the chest and he turned a beautiful back flip into the crowd.

  37. The trouble is, when I come within range of any of my flock all my flip vocabulary absolutely vanishes, and I find myself talking like a professor of English or a maiden lady school ma'am of very certain age.

  38. With a flip or two of his paddle, the stranger shot his canoe across the stream, and floated quietly to the landing.

  39. And when they reached Titus Bright's inn that ruddy-faced host met them at the door and bade them welcome under his roof, and invited them to drink flip at his expense.

  40. Even the Dominie was sent for, and made to drink flip and tell a story, which he did with infinite good humor.

  41. Four mugs of flip and two songs and the school-master went into a deep sleep in his chair, where he remained for the rest of the day.

  42. More flip was now drank, and the merry party shook hands and parted in the best of temper.

  43. Then the school-master, who was not to be behind any of them when there was flip in the wind, looked in to pay his compliments to Hanz, for the snow had closed up his little school-house for the day.

  44. Why I think of the two, the flip would be far the most desirable; but if you will go, why, a good night to you, and a happy escape.

  45. The Possum wished to turn the matter off by saying, 'I see the price of eggs has gone up again', but Bill gave him a punch on the snout that bent it like a carrot, and Sam caught the Wombat such a flip with his flapper that he gave in at once.

  46. Bill, hitting the Possum a swinging blow on the snout, while Sam gave the Wombat one of his famous over-arm flip flaps that knocked all the wind out of him.

  47. Strangest of all, they allow some crooked scoundrel to spin the wheel or flip the card.

  48. Amused as Lance evidently was at this, his absolute admiration for Flip absorbed everything else.

  49. Flip regarded the two with calm preoccupation and indifference.

  50. Lance would have made some savage reply, but Flip interrupted.

  51. Flip had withdrawn to the window, and was looking out upon the rocking pines.

  52. Only let me get a sight o' him afore Flip does.

  53. As Flip had never called personally for the letters or parcels, but had sent one of her wild, irregular scouts or henchmen to bring them, and as she was seldom seen at the Crossing or on the stage road, that curiosity was never satisfied.

  54. He hastened to assure Flip that he was joking.

  55. There was nights when me and Flip had to take our blankets up the ravine and camp out all night, and the back of this yer hut shriveled up like that bacon.

  56. But this was an accident of economy rather than taste, for which Flip apologized by saying that the bark of the pine was "no good" for charcoal.

  57. Flip breathed quickly; the spiced aroma of her presence filled the blanket as he drew her tightly beside him.

  58. Of course, worse things may happen to a man than to be vigorously taken care of by his wife, and Cato had a salutary conviction of this fact, so that he resigned himself to his comfortable corner and his flip with edifying serenity.

  59. What did I make you dat ar' flip for, 'cept you was so hoarse you oughtn' for to say a word?

  60. Burckhardt loosened his tie and ordered another Frosty-Flip from the waiter.

  61. He swallowed the Frosty-Flip in two gulps.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flip" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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