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Example sentences for "flipper"

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  1. At the end of six months, what Kotick did not know about deep-sea fishing was not worth the knowing, and all that time he never set flipper on dry ground.

  2. If you do happen to have an extra joint in your front flipper you needn't show off so.

  3. At last he shot a square flipper seal and dragged it home.

  4. Give us your flipper then," said Knowles, thinking he had found a civilised man in that distant region.

  5. Give us your flipper then," repeated the savage with a grin, putting out his hand.

  6. BODY COLOR Spotted; purplish gray on Spotted; side of head light back; lighter gray on sides gray; body has stripe from and belly becoming flipper to corner of mouth, increasingly spotted with age.

  7. Often, particularly on their tropical breeding grounds, humpback whales lie on their sides at the surface, the long white pectoral flipper in the air.

  8. This mouth-to-flipper stripe tends to fade as spotting increases.

  9. Further, the flipper is longer, measuring one-fifth of the body length, or more, in adult animals.

  10. Tip of upper jaw to anterior insertion of flipper (right) b.

  11. The Atlantic spotted dolphins have a spinal blaze and a light line which extends from the flipper to the eye.

  12. Some workers have contended that striped dolphins are separable into distinct species depending on whether the eye-to-flipper stripe has one (S.

  13. These are a black circle around the eye with an extension to the junction (apex) of the rostrum and the melon (present in nearly all dolphins) and a broad black stripe from the origin of the flipper to the corner of the mouth.

  14. But with the aid of a little imagination it may in a rude way suggest that animal, its earless head and the flipper being the most striking, in fact the only, point of likeness.

  15. It was almost possible to stand on flipper tips with head above water.

  16. Scotty followed in a direct line, letting Rick pick the course, and following by the feeling of Rick's flipper wash on his cheeks.

  17. It is mutilation or death for a holluschickie to put so much as a flipper on a rookery.

  18. But he was a second too late, for as he closed his grip, the smaller fighter shifted and struck down, a hard clean blow, reaching the coveted point and half-tearing the flipper from the body.

  19. Flipper didn't care for any thing except to graduate, but he was confident that these other colored cadets would fail.

  20. Flipper has made a right booming student.

  21. But as to Flipper, Flipper has got his regiment and he has had a reception at the hands of his colored friends and acquaintances in New York.

  22. It would be interesting to know how Flipper is to occupy his time.

  23. Flipper has had the privilege of eating at the same table with the poor white trash; but Smith and Flipper bunked together in the same room alone, without white companions.

  24. Of this there has been a recent and striking instance In the case of young Flipper who has just graduated.

  25. From these antecedents we should as soon expect young Flipper to make his mark as any other colored youth in the country.

  26. The relations between the races in this city have for years been such as to make remarks like those in which Flipper indulged not only uncalled for, but really distasteful.

  27. For their benefit we make haste to explain that Flipper is the solitary colored cadet now at West Point.

  28. Lieutenant Flipper is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, whence General Sherman commenced that glorious march to the sea which proved what a hollow shell the Southern Confederacy really was.

  29. It is just possible that some of our readers may not know who Flipper is.

  30. A common seal lives in the sea, and when it does wriggle up on the beach of an iceberg there is nothing to hear, I suppose, or perhaps when it wants to listen it raises a flipper to its ear.

  31. Undoubtedly, if he could show one or two gradations between the paw of the bear and the flipper of the seal, or between the foot of the mole and the wing of the bat, he would have a powerful argument indeed.

  32. But why is not this sameness of ideal plan just as consistent with the hypothesis that the same ideal plan would answer for the human hand or the hand of an ape, the foot of the horse, the flipper of the seal, or the wing of the bat?

  33. And with that I givd the flipper a big squaze, and a big squaze it was, by the powers, that her leddyship giv'd to me back.

  34. Look out," it said, and heaved its flipper up.

  35. David got out of the hole, and the Sea Monster worked one flipper carefully under the chest.

  36. The Sea Monster swam toward them, heaved itself out of the water, and offered its huge flipper for David to shake.

  37. Having seized your flipper by its edge, you must turn the beast over on his back (if he will let you) and propel him to the surface, where your companion will help you to hoist him on board.

  38. It is a slippery handhold, but the hand that grasps the limb higher up will be nipped between the flipper and the sharp edge of the shell, and to seize a turtle by the hind-flipper is to be the tin can tied to the puppy's tail.

  39. Tom Bradley was coming back from a seal-hunt, and his big dogs Jim and Jack were helping him drag a flipper seal big enough to give a slice of the fat to every man, woman and child in the place.

  40. They longed for that delicious tidbit, the flipper of a seal.

  41. It was a nice, fat, luscious, flipper seal and dead as a door-nail.

  42. Papik's second lance strikes through a flipper into the lungs.

  43. The hard integument of the posterior margin of the flipper was continued proximally inward and forward to a point near the head of the humerus.

  44. I clung to it, though, and to my great amazement I found I was hanging to the flipper of the dead whale.

  45. But I fought them off, and sitting with one leg on each side of the flipper and clasping it with one arm, I clung to my dreadful life-buoy.

  46. You know they float on their sides when dead, with one flipper up in the air and the other under water.

  47. That Flipper boy would never have done it, I am sure.

  48. Now and again one would lazily lift a flipper to scratch itself or heave its great bulk into a more comfortable position.

  49. And all that time he never set flipper on dry ground.

  50. Also, we'll thank you and your party to keep away from us and not gum up our recordings with your flipper noises and bubble sounds.

  51. The boys removed their snorkel mouthpieces and faced each other upright in the water, holding position with easy flipper movements.

  52. Ned was so anxious that he paddled furiously and was glad enough when he found Dick standing in water shoulder deep, hanging on to the flipper of the manatee, and occasionally patting its nose with his hand.

  53. But Dick was in the river a second after his companion and was clutching the right flipper of the manatee with one hand and reaching for its nose with the other.

  54. Ned failed to grasp the creature's nose with his right hand, but caught the manatee by the flipper with his left and clung to it, although tossed off of the back of the animal.

  55. Ned even thought that when he pressed the baby's flipper good-bye, the pressure was returned, at least that is what he told Dick.

  56. The manatee was so tractable that Captain Hull swam back for the skiff, while Ned loosened his hold on the flipper of the creature.

  57. The creature began his dive just as Dick jumped for him, and the boy got hold of his tail-end as it was lifted above the water, in time to get a sharp slap in the face from the heavy hind flipper of the turtle.

  58. As the speed of the creature slackened, Ned drew the skiff close beside him, and plunging overboard, threw his left arm over the neck and with his right hand grasped the right flipper of the manatee.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flipper" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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