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Example sentences for "heaved"

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heauinesse; heaume; heauton; heauy; heave; heaven; heavenlie; heavenlier; heavenliness; heavenly
  1. His face was crimson, his hands bled, and his chest heaved as he fought for breath, but he felt ridiculously satisfied.

  2. The floor heaved and the quiet figure on the stretcher got indistinct.

  3. The ballast train was coming down, filling the valley with its roar, and the beaten snow heaved among the ties as the big cars rolled by.

  4. A breath from the grand old pagan life of Greece and Rome heaved forth again and spread, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, throughout this Christian atmosphere of the middle ages.

  5. He pulled the corpse away from the unresisting Telt and heaved it across his own shoulders.

  6. His stomach heaved and he vomited bitter bile.

  7. A moment later the ground heaved under them and the lights in the cavern flickered.

  8. The vagabond dropped his head upon his breast, heaved a sigh and stopped.

  9. But Robineau ate little; he seemed absent-minded and restless; and when he looked at his wife, he heaved sighs capable of extinguishing the candles.

  10. And the young lover heaved a sigh, for he feared that the woman he loved had been taught too much.

  11. He heaved a deep sigh and drew his handkerchief, raising his eyes heavenward in his distress; but that only made Fifine laugh.

  12. And Robineau heaved a sigh--which did not prevent his finishing his ice.

  13. Robineau heaved a sigh as he passed in front of each statue, saying: "What a pity!

  14. He tore over to Freddy's crashed plane at top speed, ripped and heaved pieces of broken wreckage to one side, and flew at the safety harness straps that held the English youth fast in the seat.

  15. Eighty-Fourth Squadron of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command, leaned back in his office chair, dug knuckles into his tired eyes, and heaved a long sigh of relief.

  16. Bumps heaved a sigh, and looked at the river meditatively.

  17. Outside, the languorous ocean heaved as smiling and serene as ever, but within the harbor a wondrous change occurred.

  18. Josh gave a yell, and came within a hair of being heaved over Matt and into the road.

  19. He did not rise up in the car, he just sort of heaved himself up, and then collapsed down into the seat.

  20. We got to the hospital and, like I said, John heaved himself over.

  21. The huge animal lay down by the foot of the bed and heaved a sigh of satisfaction as he dropped his nose upon his paws.

  22. Mrs. Briggs heaved a sob, and picked up a corner of her apron to wipe her eyes.

  23. She heaved a little sigh for Noel even while she said, smiling, "I have just been hearing of your dramatic arrival yesterday, Dr.

  24. When he ceased speaking she drew a long breath and sank back to her former attitude; but he saw that her white neck heaved suddenly again and again, and her delicate nostrils quivered once or twice.

  25. Throughout the whole ship the stalwart, half-naked men heaved at the huge guns.

  26. She opened the door and entered just as the poor girl heaved a long sigh and unclosed her eyes, looking about with complete consciousness for the first time since she fell to the floor in the parlor below.

  27. No; I am simply ordered to detain her until her friends can come on and take charge of her," the man reluctantly admitted, while he heaved a sigh for the fat plum that had been promised him in the event of his "bagging his game.

  28. Even as he spoke her breast heaved once--then again, and all was still.

  29. The frail chest of the invalid heaved two or three times, there was a spasmodic twitching of the slender fingers lying on the young girl's hand, then all was still, and Edith Allandale was motherless.

  30. That at least was dry, and he heaved a sigh that sounded like one of satisfaction.

  31. He heaved a great sigh, looking cunningly at the young man out of the corners of his ferret-like eyes.

  32. The Dalesman's broad breast heaved indignantly, and there was a sob in his voice as he replied.

  33. George Vine heaved a deep sigh, and turned in his chair.

  34. On the contrary, he bent it down, and heaved up his shoulders like a wet sailor, as he went on to his office.

  35. Left alone with Wellington, Sir Terence heaved a great sigh of supreme relief.

  36. Within a yard of the spot where Wellington sat his horse a handful of soil heaved itself up and fell in a tiny scattered shower.

  37. Sir Terence shrugged impatiently and heaved himself up in his chair.

  38. Then fresh horror choked Balthus as the shape heaved up suddenly with a rattle of chains, lifting long misshapen arms in the gloom.

  39. At the wall Conan halted, gripped Balthus and heaved him at arm's length into the air as he might have lifted a child.

  40. Parkman, after a minute's thought, heaved a big sigh of unmistakable relief.

  41. Sir Albert's breast heaved a moment like the tumultuous storm; then he answered: "I will, I swear by the God we all worship!

  42. She watched the ship in which her husband sailed until it vanished from sight, shed a few tears, heaved a few sighs and went home to see if the negro slave had prepared breakfast.

  43. He always heaved a sigh of disappointment when he swept the sailless ocean with his glass.

  44. He was greatly beloved by king Henry the Third, who attended his funeral, and Matthew Paris tells us, that when the king saw the dead body covered with the mournful pall, he heaved a deep sigh, and was greatly affected.

  45. Rhodes forgot three things, namely, that the Maputa is a tidal river, that several hours had elapsed since the gun had been heaved overboard, and that the tide was falling.

  46. Very badly indeed," he replied, and heaved a sigh.

  47. The ship heaved herself high and then listed far down to starboard.

  48. The drifting vessels rolled in a swell that heaved as smooth as oil.

  49. When the harlequin heaved the comic constable heavily off the floor the clown played "I arise from dreams of thee.

  50. He heaved a huge sigh, and said: "Let us get this said and done with as quickly as possible.

  51. His huge shoulder heaved and he sent an iron fist smash into Magnus's bland Mongolian visage, laying him on the lawn as flat as a starfish.

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