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Example sentences for "flippantly"

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flints; flinty; flip; flippancy; flippant; flipped; flipper; flippers; flipping; flips
  1. She had been flippantly confident in her memories of the marriage ceremony when questioned on behalf of the prosecution, but had forgotten everything in reference to her friend's subsequent married life.

  2. As to that great hereafter to which the clergyman had so flippantly alluded, he was content to leave that to herself.

  3. Sir Charles Mirabel was always a theatrical man, sir," the major said, annoyed that his nephew should speak flippantly of any person of Sir Charles's rank and station.

  4. The expression of "old cove," thus flippantly applied by the younger gentleman to himself and his master, displeased Mr. Morgan exceedingly.

  5. I am afraid I spoke a little flippantly at the time; but I am sure you will believe me when I say that this was out of no want of respect to yourself.

  6. Recklessly and flippantly as she had described it, an impression had been produced on her.

  7. I speak thus flippantly now, of what was then the agony of death.

  8. The others chattered flippantly for an hour, and said that the old place was dreadfully lonesome of late.

  9. I passed her the pancakes with a cheerful smile, and flippantly pressed the hand next me.

  10. Devices such as these, under any circumstances, are not only unworthy, but childish, and their sole object is to throw dust in the eyes of those they flippantly call the common people.

  11. The one was a colossal human genius, and the other, extraordinary in the art of his profession, was entirely without the faculty of understanding or appreciating the distinguished man he flippantly raged at from his quarterdeck.

  12. Of course you will understand, Bunsey, that however flippantly you may choose to regard what I have said to you, you will have the decency to keep the subject-matter to yourself.

  13. Sir Charles Mirabel was always a theatrical man, sir," the Major said, annoyed that his nephew should speak flippantly of any person of Sir Charles's rank and station.

  14. She talks flippantly to her parents and men old enough to be her grandfather.

  15. First, the Bengal Civilian who goes to Writers' Buildings and sits in a perfect office and speaks flippantly of "sending things to India," meaning thereby referring matters to the Supreme Government.

  16. The cloak saleswoman may talk flippantly about it, but, at heart, isn't she seriously right?

  17. How flippantly do they discuss each theme!

  18. In replying to my paper Mr. Bellamy thus flippantly dismissed this case: "Of this it may be remarked that had it happened two centuries ago it would have been symptomatic; to-day it is a curiosity.

  19. Then they do not flippantly blame God but confess their sins with broken heart.

  20. It becomes repellent to hear one use the name of God flippantly and constantly.

  21. He treated the matter so flippantly that I found it difficult to keep my temper.

  22. It is not lightly and flippantly saying we have sinned, and then as lightly and flippantly sinning again.

  23. What Mr. Magee flippantly termed his dinner party was seated at last, and there began a meal destined to linger long in the memories of those who partook if it.

  24. The brown curls waved flippantly about his shoulders.

  25. Who could have expected her to associate with people who show contempt for their Maker's intentions by flippantly assuming other characters than those in which He created them?

  26. The reason given also explains in positive part why the American marauder is flippantly the most deadly of any of his ilk in the world; and why he constantly mounts in numbers beyond those of any other nation.

  27. The average habitual would earn the "moron's" tag so flippantly attached to him, did he not vociferate for those who read the reform cards as he would have them read.

  28. A frequent part of his humour deals very flippantly with subjects that are what we have been taught to consider indelicate or objectionable.

  29. The attacks on the stage for its indecency and blasphemy had been flippantly met by the theatrical agents, but they had sunk deeply into the conscience of the people.

  30. When it is otherwise, it is a serious matter, not to be lightly done or flippantly discussed.

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