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Example sentences for "floating"

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float; floated; floater; floaters; floateth; floats; floaty; floccose; flocculent; flocculi
  1. When a few trees have been placed in this direction, they are covered with dry bamboos, so as to form a floating bridge, with a sloping gangway at each end, where the trees rest upon the rocks.

  2. About forty miles below Kacunda, its volume is increased by the influx of the Tshadda; at the place of the junction the river is about three or four miles in breadth, and the Landers saw numerous canoes floating upon it.

  3. Two tall trees, when tied together by the tops, are sufficiently long to reach from one side to the other; the roots resting upon the rocks, and the tops floating in the water.

  4. By the way, Sharpe, you might tune up your little wireless pocket 'phone, and ascertain if there are any messages floating around.

  5. That explains partly those mysterious messages and rumours floating about Dingle Bay, and unfortunately I have had to withdraw nearly all the aerial police from that quarter to send them out east.

  6. It is not only in my dreams; the hideous gray threads which proceed from this greedy spider are continually floating before me and dim the light.

  7. Until the reception began, fresh parties of bearded sons of the desert, in floating white bernouse, mounted on noble steeds, were constantly joining the other Asiatics.

  8. There--yonder--it comes floating along at the left of the island of Antirrhodus.

  9. Another speech of his father's came floating to Livingstone across the years: "If you have made an enemy of a child, make him your friend if it takes a year!

  10. Finally she was induced to take the children over the house, and the laughter which soon came floating back from distant rooms showed that the ice was broken.

  11. Silent it lay, with a silvery haze upon it, and fire-flies Gleaming and floating away in mingled and infinite numbers.

  12. These rafts were protected by projecting beams of wood tipped with iron, to catch any vessels floating down upon them.

  13. She passed just clear of the end of the raft, and struck the bridge close to the blockhouse at the commencement of the floating portion.

  14. For the last three hours the river has been full of floating corpses; and the countess and her daughter, who until then remained on deck, retired to pray in their cabin.

  15. Suddenly a great yellow sweep of stubble stood before his eyes, with silver threads floating in the calm blue and in the sun.

  16. And he felt also that were it possible to make a bargain with death, he would have given himself without hesitation to redeem that little "kitten," over whom death seemed then to be floating like a bird of prey over a dove.

  17. Life is not merely a floating shadow, a momentary spark, a dream that vanishes.

  18. And to show you the frightful results of that demonetization, that government does not own now above one-third of the globe, and all the winds are busy floating her flags.

  19. We are keeping the old flag floating for your children; and let me say, as a prediction, there is only air enough on this continent to float that one flag.

  20. It was an ideal spot for a lazy floating bathe.

  21. Rumours had been floating about all day that the Turks were evacuating and the sudden arrival of the cavalry left little doubt as to their truth.

  22. All forenoon rumours were floating about that arrangements were being made for an attempt to retake the Vineyard by troops on our left.

  23. I turned, and saw a kind of fish swimming in the air, and getting upon it as directed, was carried back with celerity, my hair floating behind me in the air.

  24. I was still in a floating Monongahela ark as we approached this coast of cliffs.

  25. We overtook the slowly floating ark before it had reached Hurricane Island, and the next land we made was at Smithfield, at the mouth of the Cumberland.

  26. Its waters are thick, turbid, and replete with mingled and floating masses of sand and other comminuted rock and floating vegetation, trees, and rubbish.

  27. The kind of pseudo-pumice found floating down the Missouri, in high water, had been stated by Lewis and Clarke, to have a far more remote, and local origin.

  28. The number of words, in this song, are few and simple, but they are made up from compounds which carry the whole of their original meanings, and are rather suggestive of the ideas floating in the mind, than actual expressions of those ideas.

  29. Our flotilla here broke up, and the persons who had formed its floating community separated, each to pursue his several way, and separate views.

  30. Steamboats of a hundred tons burden now scarcely creep along its channel, which would form cockboats for the floating palaces to be seen here in the days of its vernal and autumnal glory.

  31. At this point, as she stood on the balcony reflecting, with the red hot chevalier by her side, she shivered, for plaintive sounds were floating on the breeze.

  32. Together in the dead of night they would capture the marquis's treasure and send it floating down the Loire.

  33. Was this body of mine lying somewhere, fighting a fevered death, and all these but images floating through the breaking chambers of my brain?

  34. And now we were through, floating on a little open space of shadow-filled water.

  35. Far down, peeping around a jutting tower of the cliff, I saw dipping with the motion of the waves a floating garden.

  36. And weird, weird beyond all telling was that exquisite head and bust floating there in air--and beautiful, sinisterly beautiful beyond all telling, too.

  37. And all this while Mr. Bruin was floating on the waves.

  38. How did you come to be floating in the sea all by yourself?

  39. It's some sort of floating toy," was the answer in a man's voice.

  40. There he was, floating on his back, his big, yellow eyes staring up at the sun and the blue sky.

  41. He was floating on a wave, and we saw him from our motor boat," explained Joe.

  42. Even Maril, despairing and bewildered as she was, caught sight of something vastly larger than the Med Ship, floating in space.

  43. A messenger ship had to recall the twenty-seven ships once floating in orbit about Weald.

  44. A pretty picture these made, too, as they lightly sat the open water, burnished to brass by the sunset so that the surface shimmered iridescent, its ripples from the floating bodies flowing molten in all directions.

  45. The captain paused a moment, then went on: “I was reading lately an account taken from an English paper of what was probably the first floating of the American flag in British waters.

  46. These also served to keep the weight of floating timber off the dam structure.

  47. When these floating patches of timber were reached the peakies were dumped over the side and the rivermen tumbled into them.

  48. The logs were strewn all over the upper end of the lake; but by that strange attraction which floating objects have for one another many of them lay in small rafts.

  49. At that point the river ran past the mouth of a backwater, an old channel, now an almost currentless little lake, reedy, with shores of floating bog and bottomed with ooze of unknown depth.

  50. The floating logs had all been gathered up.

  51. Already he had mastered the rudiments of "birling," and could run across floating logs, if not gracefully at least with slight chance of a ducking.

  52. The river just below the rapids was obstructed by the floating logs of the broken drive, and the Sophie went through them gingerly, fearful for her paddle-wheels.

  53. In this manner the lake was being expeditiously cleared of the rafts of floating logs.

  54. The river water is useful only for floating the canoe, and the offices of the bath.

  55. The islands ahead were as if floating in space, and there were weird reflections of far-away objects in the waters near us.

  56. As every stream in Wisconsin capable of floating a saw-log is "navigable" in the eye of the law, it is plain that this obstruction is an illegal one.

  57. Lily-pads floating lightly upon the surface of the pond gave promise of white succulent roots which penetrated the ooze beneath.

  58. The weight of the bear helped to steady his queer craft, and unless it should strike another floating cake, Mokwa was in no immediate danger.

  59. Occasional flecks of foam from the falls above drifted by, or a leaf fell softly, floating like a fairy boat on a sea of glass.

  60. An eddy carried the floating log directly toward the shore where the Hermit stood, and for a moment he believed it would touch.

  61. About noon he came out upon the bank of the Little Vermilion, not far from the place where he had so narrowly escaped death on the floating ice.

  62. The good woman of the house seemed to have gone into the kitchen, where she was preserving some sort of fruit, or making catsup, to judge from the fragrant odors that came floating out from that part of the farmhouse.

  63. On this principle a locomotive and a floating engine have been constructed.

  64. In the steam floating engine which lies in the Thames, the machinery either propels the vessel, or works the pumps as required.

  65. This cone makes the lower end so heavy, that the instrument, without sinking or floating on the surface, remains suspended perpendicularly in the water.

  66. They move compactly, in a crowd, their antlers appearing at a distance like the branches of a tree floating with the current.

  67. Spoons to lift pieces of floating meat from the hot liquor in which it is cooked, are made of reindeer antler and of wood.

  68. The river may freeze in a single night and the umiak be unable to withstand the constant strain of the sharp-edged cakes of floating ice.

  69. Then I saw pallid faces, dimly luminous, and white uplifted hands, floating bodiless in the air--floating a moment and then disappearing.

  70. This glycerin catastrophe is borrowed from a floating newspaper item, whose author's name I would give if I knew it.

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