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Example sentences for "floaters"

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flivver; flix; float; floated; floater; floateth; floating; floats; floaty; floccose
  1. The number of boaters or floaters on the Colorado and Green Rivers is increasing steadily, and trips by jet boat and other power boats are available from Moab.

  2. The handlers consist of floaters and several dusters, in which the butts are laid away with 1-3 cwt.

  3. The backs then receive three floaters at 80 deg.

  4. So he imported boatloads of floaters from Kentucky.

  5. The great majority of floaters and illegal voters who were indicted never faced a trial jury.

  6. These floaters registered "from dives, and doggeries, from coal bins and water closets; no space was too small to harbor a man.

  7. No floaters afloat today, but numbers along shore in sheltered nooks.

  8. Floaters appear occasionally, but probably there will be fewer now, as many are directed to the White river.

  9. He wanted the floaters classed in blocks of five.

  10. Dudley's direction to organize "the floaters in blocks of five.

  11. This, not because the floaters were so numerous as to require such organized handling, but because it was a hazardous venture, and agents willing to transact the business were scarce.

  12. But, as the logs are constantly being driven into corners or lodging against piers, floaters are employed to keep the logs in the current.

  13. Kelly's woodbox happened to be a convenient place for directing the floaters and the repeaters.

  14. The stimulus toward this project had come from Jake Maunders, Bill Williams, and Hogue, backed by the unholy aggregation of saloon rats and floaters who customarily gathered around them.

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