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Example sentences for "happened"

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hapneth; happe; happed; happely; happen; happeneth; happening; happenings; happens; happes
  1. I used to have my letters addressed there, poste restante, and call in for them when I happened to be in Kimberley.

  2. If I happened to be drowned in the ordinary way they'd swear it was the legend.

  3. Bit rough on the legend that I happened to be a Londoner!

  4. It happened when I was only twenty-one," he said, "the year after my father died.

  5. The surgeon succeeded in subduing the disease; and when reason returned, she had no consciousness of anything that had happened during the interval; but, with a grateful heart, returned thanks to God for preservation and recovery.

  6. She was going up the stair to my mother's room, when she happened to notice a bright star, not far from the new moon.

  7. One day, while the workmen were busy, the eldest sister, of whom I have already spoken, happened to enter, she knew not why.

  8. Their sister frequently came to me for help, as there happened to be just then an interregnum of governesses: soon she settled into a regular pupil.

  9. As I carried you across the room to lay you down, for I assisted at your birth, I happened to look up to the window.

  10. Indeed, after we had passed a few months in the absorption of each other's society, we began to find that we doubted a great deal of what seemed to have happened to us.

  11. And then I said, "Perhaps it has happened to me before.

  12. I said to myself, "How strange that I should feel as if all this had happened to me before!

  13. Again I said, "And when it did happen before, I felt as if it had happened before that; and perhaps it has been happening to me at intervals for ages.

  14. Whenever the poor girl happened inadvertently to pass near the dog, which was seldom, a low growl made her aware of his proximity, and drove her to a quick retreat.

  15. When we were all seated, and had just commenced our work, I happened to look up, and caught her eyes intently fixed on me.

  16. Shortly after you left us, the same thing happened first; but I do not think you were ill then.

  17. But what was my surprise when, by one of those coincidences which have so often happened to me, I found in the ostler one of my own troop at Waterloo!

  18. In this pastime his son joined him when in the humour, which happened scarcely so often.

  19. Hence it happened that Wordsworth, on behalf of the English party, was the sole supporter of the dialogue.

  20. Yet, as any happened to fall in my way, I have looked into them; and the impression left upon my mind was certainly not favourable to their author.

  21. Just about this time I happened to see Southey, who said laughingly--"If the man of Edinburgh does this, I shall strike for an advance of wages.

  22. It happened that a young lady of his own neighbourhood, somewhere near Mount Soril I think, fell desperately in love with him.

  23. What do you suppose happened as he went back home?

  24. The mamma replies, “No, darling, that happened six months before you were born.

  25. There are some of the sophs who still blame Gussie for what happened to Alma Hurst and Ida Weir,” she said, after a little.

  26. Leila and I just happened to discover it while we were out driving.

  27. All that happened before my time,” Miss Susanna concluded with a sigh.

  28. While the roadster was traveling the stretch of highway which formed a complete southern boundary of the college campus the chums again happened upon Miss Monroe.

  29. If any such trouble had happened to me I’d never wish to see Hamilton College again,” was Doris’ view of the matter.

  30. I happened to recall in time that I wasn’t in the same class with dear heart; that I had never been parted from dear heart, or any other old dear.

  31. It happened to be more convenient for me to take an earlier train.

  32. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will soon,” Hal promised with cool significance.

  33. To them many privileges were opened: they were taken to the opera, to concerts and to balls, to the salons of painting, and it often happened that they developed a craving for the society to which only the nobly born demoiselle was admitted.

  34. The king happened to mention that if French women were reasonable, they would not dress otherwise.

  35. In the meantime I was surprised in the middle of the summer by the arrival of Meyerbeer, who happened to come to Paris for a fortnight.

  36. When I had drafted the first scene, my sisters happened to discover the MS.

  37. I seemed to be moving in a dream, and hastened in a whirl-wind of excitement to publish the news of what had happened and was to be expected.

  38. I happened just at that time to have come to an exceedingly promising understanding with the management of the Theatre de la Renaissance.

  39. Before this performance took place many things happened which I must first mention, as they were of great importance to my life.

  40. Under a scorching sun, hungry and half-fainting, we wandered along bypaths through absolutely unknown country, until at sundown we happened to reach the main road just as an elegant travelling coach came in sight.

  41. The same thing happened with a certain Herr Julius Schladebach, who likewise settled in Dresden about that time as a critic.

  42. At last I happened to hit on an effective means of stopping this annoying obtrusion: during my lonely walks I sang with great emphasis the first theme from the Ninth Symphony, which had also quite lately been revived in my memory.

  43. It happened that just before the first performance of my Rienzi, he had produced in Dresden Bernhard von Weimar, one of his least happy pieces, the result of which had brought him little pleasure.

  44. I well remember that the first time I was conscious of any feelings of love, these manifested themselves as pangs of jealousy, which had, however, nothing to do with real love: this happened one evening when I called at the house.

  45. Curiously enough, when I brought home these five hundred francs in hard shining five-franc pieces, and piled them up on the table for our edification, my sister Cecilia Avenarius happened to drop in to see us.

  46. Thus it might have continued to this day, but for an accident which happened two or three years ago.

  47. They camped along the streets, cooked at little fires along the curbs, and slept wherever they happened to be.

  48. Among them I looked for the splendid scarlet flamingo and roseate spoonbill, but happened to see none, although they are said often to frequent these shallow waters, but pelicans, herons and egrets I saw in thousands.

  49. It happened that the post of field-marshal had just fallen vacant by the death of Brederode.

  50. It happened that Charles was at Breda when he received the invitation recalling him to England.

  51. But, as the basis of an agreement was on the point of being reached, an event happened which caused a delay in the proceedings.

  52. A terrible thought seized me, and hurrying into the open again I began a search of the immediate vicinity, in the hope of finding some loitering negro who could tell me what had happened to the toilers.

  53. If that had happened in the African jungle there'd have been no Stringer left to tell the tale afterwards.

  54. It's been one awful nightmare of fear and if anything had happened to her, I should have killed myself; but the ordeal seems to have steadied me.

  55. For nearly two days I cared little what had happened or what might happen.

  56. This is what had happened through taking them to see the underground scene in "Peter Pan.

  57. And this happened not only when Abdul Baha was a guest among our people but is continued since.

  58. So far as my knowledge goes, it has never happened save in the case of the Babi religion.

  59. Our battery happened to be the only six gun volunteer battery, carrying all the guns off the battle-field, two pieces in a disabled condition.

  60. On this occasion, something happened that wants mentioning.

  61. It was nearly a year since Katy had come back from that too brief journey to Europe with Mrs. Ashe and Amy, about which some of you have read, and many things of interest to the Carr family had happened during the interval.

  62. Neither did we; it all happened suddenly," explained Katy.

  63. She happened to have on a soft gray travelling dress too, much like that which she wore on the previous occasion, which made the illusion more complete.

  64. In their rides and scrambling walks it generally happened that Clarence took possession of Clover, and left Geoff in charge of Mrs. Hope.

  65. If anything happened while they were under canvas she knew that she would be blamed.

  66. Here, during the year that had passed, many interesting and exciting things had happened to Ruth and Agnes and Tess and Dot.

  67. Jones & Porter happened to have a vacancy, and Ben stepped into it.

  68. I may forgive you, because nothing has happened that cannot be remedied; but I shall never again trust you.

  69. What has happened will, no doubt, make some difference in your plans.

  70. How happened you to come to the hotel here?

  71. The next place happened to be a druggist's.

  72. They got along very comfortably till lately, but now something has happened which makes me feel anxious.

  73. Or, peradventure, this thing that happened to me is a dream, or a walking in sleep.

  74. The people crushed and trod each other down, so that many were killed there; and all this happened many times.

  75. It happened that one day, occupied with these duties, she saw a little ball of feathers floating down to her through the air, which she taking, as we have already related, found herself in a short time pregnant.

  76. Gestefeld, "among all the sad things in Mexico, was an incident that happened when I first arrived here.

  77. Something had happened and he was wanted to go out in the street to see if he could understand it.

  78. Nothing seemed quite as heart-rending as what had happened to Jackson.

  79. I shall remember you--and it is as if--that had never happened at all.

  80. There was no lamb in his plaid on the afternoon when he startled Dowie by suddenly appearing at the door of the room where she sat sewing-- It was a thing which had never happened before.

  81. And what happened next was not a thing to be written about--though at the time the same thing was perhaps at that very hour happening in houses all over England.

  82. It happened that they met the doctor driving up the road which twisted in and out among the heath and gorse.

  83. Whatsoever had happened was no secret from her grace.

  84. She was too tired to try to remember what had happened before she began to climb the staircase, which grew steeper and longer as she dragged herself from step to step.

  85. Whatsoever strange thing had happened perhaps it had awakened the stunned instinct in the girl--perhaps some change had begun to take place and she would eat the bit of food.

  86. Something had happened to the pitiful face.

  87. He had been doing it for some time and he had told her from beginning to end the singular story of what had happened when he found Robin lying face downward on the moss in Mersham Wood.

  88. When she had been brought out of one faint she had fallen into another and this had happened again and again.

  89. Queer things happened in the last century, but queerer ones are going to happen in this--if people will let them.

  90. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that I knew that the thing only happened because I was a silly idiot and for no other reason.

  91. I'm afraid something's happened to Miss Robin or her grace.

  92. Has anything happened which might have raised her spirits?

  93. The tree happened to be almost directly in front of the Nixon gate.

  94. Mr. Maltby, pastor of the Congregational Church, happened to be passing the town hall.

  95. One never-to-be-forgotten Saturday morning in the spring of the year, Peggy happened to be peevish.

  96. There is no telling what might have happened if the gun had been loaded.

  97. It happened to be the obituary notice of a farmer bearing the same name, but that made no difference to Jake; he was vicariously honoured by having his name in print,--and in rather large type at that.

  98. Mr. Maltby, pastor of the Congregational Church, happened to be passing the town hall Several heartbroken gentlemen threatened to shoot themselves "The celebrated Anderson Crow?

  99. Mrs. Fry happened to be in the stable at the time, seeing if the hens had mislaid anything in the hay.

  100. He was flanked on one side by Bill Kepsal, the brawny blacksmith, and on the other by Sim Jackson, who happened to possess a revolver.

  101. She just happened to stoop over to pick up something on the floor right in front of Mrs. Smith's door.

  102. Her left ear happened to stop not more than half an inch from the keyhole.

  103. This last would have been the best thing that could have happened for everybody concerned.

  104. It is a well-known axiom that persons who speak or write anything while jealousy or temper holds them in its grip may not be counted as reliable people to follow, and that is exactly what happened in Gourgaud's case.

  105. How had it happened to an honest and virtuous man, the days of whose forebears had been long in the land which the Lord their God had given them?

  106. What in the world happened to you, Janet?

  107. Young and myself happened to be the next casualties, luckily both of us slight.

  108. An incident happened about this time at St. Requier which caused no little excitement.

  109. Nothing that had happened since had in any way undermined that conviction.

  110. What happened next came so fast he couldn't really comprehend it at the time.

  111. This screw-up never should have happened in the first place.

  112. So what happened to that arrogant French prick?

  113. Memorable things happened to the eyes and ears.

  114. He commandeered whatever space he happened to occupy and made it seem an extension of his own spirit.

  115. Then the realization of what had happened finally sank in.

  116. No, his current concern also was what had happened to Moreau.

  117. Maybe it already happened to you once or twice.

  118. Nothing happened for a second, but then the Teflon clamps on the cargo bay began to click open one by one.

  119. She had heard that strange things happened to your mind when you lost all control.

  120. What separated the wheat from the chaff was what happened when somebody got to those points.

  121. You say this happened over six hours ago?

  122. It has happened more than once that men of the highest spirituality have had small respect for religion, as it is popularly manifested.

  123. Everything in this world happens because something else has happened before.

  124. Had the thing that happened first been different, the thing that followed would not be what it is.

  125. Who will be presumptuous enough to say what would have occurred had not this happened and that first taken place?

  126. I never was boss of anything but the cayuse I happened to have under me, and I'm going to extract all the honey there is in the situation.

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