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Example sentences for "three years"

  • At the end of three years, the primate was summoned to the court of Milan by the emperor Constans, who, in the indulgence of unlawful pleasures, still professed a lively regard for the orthodox faith.

  • To remedy this grievance, it was provided by a statute in the reign of Charles II, that the intermissions should not be protracted beyond a period of three years.

  • Its duration is limited to the short term of three years.

  • Athens, as we learn from Demosthenes, was the arbiter of Greece seventy-three years.

  • In a reign of three years and a half, his troops were victorious against the Christians of Hungary and the Morea; but Mousa was ruined by his timorous disposition and unseasonable clemency.

  • At the time we first saw Inez her parents had not heard from her for about three years.

  • One of her cases was free from attacks for two periods of three years each, and had been blameless in an honorable position as editor for seven years at the time of the publication of her monograph.

  • At three years he had diphtheria badly with delirium for a couple of weeks and paralysis of the palate for some months.

  • It seemed to us that during the last two or three years he must largely have lived in the courts to carry on his transactions there.

  • She remembers distinctly her willful repression of the facts, and states that the nervousness which she displayed for two or three years in her school work was undoubtedly due to this cause.

  • By these two slow poison was supposed, and perhaps justly, to have been administered to John Lombe, who lingered two or three years in agony, and departed.

  • Here he made so much progress, that in three years time he was ready for Cambridge.

  • But, during the reign of Numa, those gates were never seen open a single day, but continued constantly shut for a space of forty-three years together; such an entire and universal cessation of war existed.

  • He let himself become a prisoner, and was thankful to gain a three years' accession of life in captivity.

  • He continued to lay himself out, like a salmon at a fishmonger's, in spite of his empty stomach and the fact that he had fruitlessly exhibited his enormous moustache and his fine clothes for over three years.

  • King Edward's fame had been so high abroad that he had been chosen to decide a difference between France and another foreign power, and had lived upon the Continent three years.

  • Three years afterwards he was allowed to go to Normandy, where he had estates, and where he passed the remaining six years of his life: far more happily, I dare say, than he had lived for a long while in angry Scotland.

  • Three years afterwards, Prince Geoffrey, being unhorsed at a tournament, had his brains trampled out by a crowd of horses passing over him.

  • He was a very old man when he died, only two or three years ago, on the Rosebud reservation.

  • He was killed at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, in 1877, so that he lived barely thirty-three years.

  • The elder chief in dying had counseled his son, then not more than twenty-two or twenty-three years of age, never to part with their home, assuring him that he had signed no papers.

  • It is fairly debatable whether Charles was much to be pitied when, three years later (September 1409), this odd marriage was dissolved by death.

  • Three years after, it occurred apparently to yet another pious parent to sacrifice a child upon the altar of his respect for the Reformer.

  • For that matter, Pietukh might well have been ruined already, for hospitality can dissipate a fortune in three months as easily as it can in three years.

  • Three years ago my sister brought me a few pairs of warm shoes for my sons, and they were such excellent articles!

  • Three years ago I transferred two wenches to Protopopov for a hundred roubles apiece, and he thanked me kindly, for they turned out splendid workers--able to make napkins or anything else.

  • Why, with a scale of living like this, he would be ruined in three years.

  • How pleasantly he startled me by his noisy objurgations to be up and off instantly for a "three years' campaign in the South Seas.

  • Une campagne de trois ans dans les mers du sud"--that is the French for a three years' deep-water voyage.

  • Une campagne de trois ans dans les mers du sud"--that is the French for a three years' deep-water voyage.

  • How pleasantly he startled me by his noisy objurgations to be up and off instantly for a "three years' campaign in the South Seas!

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