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  1. Then he made a quick movement as if to shut the door, but before he realised what had happened the American's foot was against it, and the American's revolver was within an inch of his head.

  2. Of course he would, even if he had to thrash the swine to within an inch of his life.

  3. It was standing an inch or two from the wall, and he slipped his fingers behind the back on one side.

  4. He shifted his left thumb an inch or two on the brute's throat, and the gorilla, thinking he was weakening, redoubled its efforts.

  5. Away the brute dashed across the plaza, twisting this way and that, but unable to bring his horns nearer than an inch or two of his tormentor who, biding his time, let go and vaulted lightly over the barrier.

  6. Standing in its old entrenchments, with all its popular prestige around it, it fought with desperate determination for every inch it was successively forced to yield.

  7. For instance, it is proved that if there be ultimate atoms their size must be so small that it would require at least five hundred millions of them to an inch in length.

  8. Sir David Brewster says, "A cubic inch of the Bilin polieschiefer slate contains above one billion seven hundred and fifty thousand millions of distinct individuals of Galionella ferruginea.

  9. There is a deposit of slate in Bohemia covering forty square miles to the depth of eight feet, each cubic inch of which Ehrenberg found by microscopic measurement to contain forty one thousand million infusorial animals.

  10. He had a habit then of parting and brushing about an inch of his hair, leaving the rest all topsy-turvy.

  11. I'll venture to say that before night the eight-inch howitzers of that battery had utterly demolished it, and so ended whatever usefulness it had had for the Germans.

  12. So clad the Highland soldier is a great deal more comfortable and a great deal more sanely dressed, I believe, than the city dweller who is trousered and underweared within an inch of his life.

  13. I tell you he is a spy, a Japanese spy, watching every inch of the canal as it is excavated.

  14. On one side of the room was a pile of gas-pipe, cut in six-inch lengths.

  15. The fellow knows every inch of the Isthmus and South America.

  16. There only remains an inch of the stick and I've only just composed four lines.

  17. The second box contained two kinds of fried eatables; one of which was small dumplings, about an inch in size.

  18. Dowager lady Chia, Madame Wang, Madame Hsing and Mrs. Hsüeh did not budge an inch or a step from their side.

  19. Each of these was over a foot long, and one square inch (in breadth).

  20. I found myself on my two-inch terrace and a stream of profanity was breaking from my lips.

  21. It is short a full half-inch on either side, so that the peering observer can see as much as he pleases of what is going on in that room when it is lighted.

  22. The first blow scarcely pierced his clothes; the second was more effective, it entered the flesh just above the heart, and I have no doubt if the steel had penetrated a quarter of an inch deeper that he would have killed himself.

  23. I can see her face when she heard that another quarter of an inch and her chance of being Lady Mount Rorke was gone for ever.

  24. He had a narrow escape, however; for, passing within an inch of him, the bullet burried itself deeply in the wall.

  25. On examination it proved to be a flat bar of iron, nearly a yard in length, and more than an inch square.

  26. Every inch of it," replied the woollen-draper.

  27. The vessel must keep its inch of way; an inch to the right or an inch to the left, and it is dashed against the rocks.

  28. A tenth of an inch to the right or left, or upward or downward, and the vocal column is dashed against the vocal tube, and Volume is destroyed.

  29. He wasn't above 15 hands and an inch high, but looked a deal bigger than he was, for the way he held his head up and carried himself.

  30. Isaac's an inch taller than me, and the same cut and make.

  31. It seems a pity what he did was no use to him, as it turned out; for he was a man, was old dad, every inch of him.

  32. The man was in bad training, and luckily I had the advantage by an inch or so in length of arm.

  33. No; he had gone over every inch of it not five minutes before, as he neared the pool.

  34. So now David felt himself an inch higher as he saw Harry walking about in his uniform with his sweetheart, the admiration of all Englebourn.

  35. It is no easy matter to get a crew to back her an inch just now, particularly as there are in her two men who have never rowed a race before, except in the torpids, and one who has never rowed a race in his life.

  36. The distance lessens, and lessens still, but the Oriel crew stick steadily and gallantly to their work, and will fight every inch of distance to the last.

  37. On and on he pushed her, until foot by foot, inch by inch, she approached the cradle, and all the while his hellish voice was breathing the vilest of inspirations into her brain.

  38. Several times the infuriated beast's heels whished an inch or so from Randall's head, as he forced the gelding to advance and mount.

  39. Dripping with blood, she whipped them back, inch by inch, into their living-cage, that led by a small door into the big one used for exhibitions.

  40. My task, to hang the thin sheets of composite, cut from three to fifteen hundredths of an inch in thickness, on metal clips to dry.

  41. In order to accommodate Woodruff's body, a box six feet seven inches long was necessary, and six feet one inch for Seminole.

  42. It was found that a ball had struck Hill in the left arm, entering his left side and passing through his abdomen, while two bullets had entered Franklin's breast, hardly an inch apart, and both passing through the heart.

  43. Here he is every inch a man, rather picturesque; why is it?

  44. In the wood box lay some boards, and every inch of them was cut up in the same manner.

  45. The motor was running at a hot, even speed, and passed without turning an inch from its course.

  46. What you are to me only my own heart can tell; but I would never set eyes upon your face again rather than abate by one inch that height of honor and worshipful achievement to which you may attain.

  47. There was an opening an inch broad betwixt it and the beaver.

  48. Now she was clear of the land, with the wind on her larboard quarter, every inch of canvas set, and her high sharp bows smothered in foam, as she dug through the waves.

  49. With his high and noble bearing, his simple yet rich attire and his splendid mount, he looked every inch a King.

  50. Then he dug a hole, inch by inch, till he could reach his arm through.

  51. Up the front, filling every inch of space, the starched and well-washed youngsters wriggled and grinned and sang without fear, as hymn after hymn was announced.

  52. Not till the flesh be peeled inch by inch from thy bones, and thy vitals look through thy ribs, and thy brain boil in its hot case, and each particular nerve be stretched till it break, shall thy life be suffered to depart.

  53. He will stand at a corner, in some public place, and preach to the crowds, and give never an inch for all their curses and noise.

  54. The disc was exactly 7/10ths of an inch in diameter.

  55. Those suckers which are considered fit for cutting, are usually about three-fourths of an inch in diameter, and five feet or more long.

  56. The fruit is generally from two to three, but not unfrequently four feet long, and an inch in diameter.

  57. The bark is of a greyish color, and is upwards of half an inch in thickness on the trunk.

  58. The end of the fibre is concealed by a thin membrane, about half an inch wide and three-quarters of an inch long.

  59. It yields a small red pod, less than an inch in length, and longitudinal in shape, which is so exceedingly hot that a small quantity of it is sufficient to season a large dish of any food.

  60. Superior Malwa is in square cakes, about three inches in length and one inch thick.

  61. Dave, who, at the time, was busily engaged in making a noose at one end of a long coil of half-inch rope.

  62. An inch past the line Winters tripped and went down, covering the ball.

  63. They have told me he came every inch of the way in danger of the Arabs' shot and steel.

  64. If you touch a hair of him, I'll double-thong you within an inch of your life!

  65. The stove was kept at red heat, day and night, but, notwithstanding, there was half an inch of frost on the walls and great icicles under the bunks: extremes of temperature were thus to be found within a very narrow compass.

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