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Example sentences for "inched"

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incest; incestuous; inch; inchanted; inchanting; inches; inching; inchoate; inchoative; incidence
  1. They slipped off as he slowly inched his way back through the crush of the mob.

  2. Harry stepped on the accelerator and they inched along.

  3. Vulcar of Sephar and his band of twenty warriors having safely descended the precipice at the same point where Alurna had inched her way down earlier that day, assembled at the mouth of a pathway into the unchartered wood before them.

  4. Carefully, each inched its way downward, testing each foot-and hand-hold before continuing on.

  5. Hoping to deduce his shape from his shadow, he inched sideways along the limb on those inadequate-looking two-pronged feet toward a blob of yellow sunlight nearer the trunk.

  6. Turning front, Dave smothered a grin and released the wheel brakes, and inched open the throttle enough to get the Vultee rolling forward.

  7. Dave grinned and inched his plane up a little more.

  8. On tiptoe the curly-haired cadet inched around the edge of the door and glanced inside.

  9. Dropping flat on his stomach, he inched forward toward the administration building.

  10. He inched his way back to the box and began rubbing the rope across the edge of the box, but it was too smooth.

  11. He inched over to the side of the huge truck and touched the metal paneling.

  12. Illustration] Astro stopped his work momentarily and stared as the huge ship was inched out of the hangar, resting on her tail fins, her nose pointing skyward.

  13. Quietly he lifted one of the pikes from the rack and inched slowly toward the figures in the doorway.

  14. He turned and inched his way back down the companion-way.

  15. He twisted a little, and keeping his eyes on the giant's back, he inched toward them.

  16. Even as these things flashed through his brain, the cat steadily inched nearer on its padded paws.

  17. Nevertheless, the attack inched forward with the repeated use of flamethrowers and satchel charges.

  18. Slowly we inched past, as their 37mm guns and .

  19. Then we inched our way up to the slit that served as a front entrance, and I threw a grenade in to keep down any Jap who might be inclined to poke a rifle out in our faces.

  20. Finally he had inched to a point where, by stretching out a hand, he could almost reach the edge.

  21. He inched away from the edge, then got up and brushed himself off.

  22. Mr. Peacock, however, inched his desperate nose around the corner and fired on Mr. Masterson.

  23. Mr. Hickok inched towards a faro game which was hungering for victims.

  24. He inched carefully along until he could see what his robot, microsenses clicking furiously, was busy with.

  25. His legs slipped and it didn't matter, somehow he inched along.

  26. Blinking at them idly, my mom inched closer and ask, "Honey, do you know us?

  27. I gritted my teeth, glad that none of the conversation had been directed to me, while Norm, visibly unimpressed and equally disgusted by the man, inched toward the car.

  28. There stands Paul erect, Inched out his uttermost, for more effect.

  29. Strong and Walters inched their way down the street like blind men, feeling for each step with hesitant feet.

  30. The giant ship inched along, the skins of the two ships barely touching.

  31. The two cadets flattened themselves against the side of the shaft and inched forward.

  32. He strode out of the room and inched his way across the outer room toward the front door, again narrowly missing the open trap door.

  33. The gas was like a thick fog in the room and he inched his way forward, hands outstretched like a blind person.

  34. They inched their way along the fallen tree to the bank, then crawled slowly into the shelter of the marsh grass.

  35. Soundlessly, Scotty lowered himself to the mud, then inched ahead, moving each strand of marsh grass with care.

  36. He inched forward on the edge of his chair, and looked straight at the Air Vice-Marshal.

  37. Dave Dawson gulped softly as he let the clamped air from his lungs, and inched forward on the edge of his chair.

  38. At its edge he cut them entirely and inched his way forward by starlight alone.

  39. He twined the rope around his legs, inched higher.

  40. He slipped back two feet, then inched upward, slipped again, painfully climbed, slipped, climbed.

  41. He secured the drawstring of the ditty bag to the end of the fishing line and inched forward again.

  42. He drew his flashlight, then inched forward across the rubble of the rim.

  43. Both boys lay flat, and slowly inched up to the drop and looked over.

  44. He inched forward once more and put his head over the edge of the drop.

  45. Then he stepped forth upon the partially moonlit clearing, and, with considerable labor, inched along until perhaps a dozen feet distant from the building.

  46. Slowly Mike inched the jet power up, and the speed and "gravity" of the rim rose--from 0.

  47. But already the rim of the big wheel had inched slightly ahead in the race; and the main part of the hub was disappearing behind it.

  48. He sat up and put the car into gear and inched to the shoulder, then put it in park and set his blinkers.

  49. They inched their way back to the car, the world spinning around them.

  50. Ignoring Sir William's hand, the speaker inched close, scuffing his feet ominously over the creaking boards, thrusting his chin out, glaring like a stiffened and challenging beast.

  51. The monsoon-washed roads had again grown passable, and now they were a continual procession, as mile-long caravans of corn-laden bullock carts inched ponderously west toward the shipping port of Surat.

  52. While this procession inched along at its regal pace, Jadar and his nobles frequently paused ostentatiously to bag tiger or chase stripe-eared antelope with the prince's brace of hunting chitahs.

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