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Example sentences for "ditty"

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dits; dittany; dittay; ditties; ditto; ditya; ditz; diu; diuel; diuelish
  1. And she broke out into the wildest, weirdest ditty I ever heard.

  2. But since you make that ditty by rubbing your wing covers together, it is music.

  3. He was always begging Kiddie to repeat the odd ditty about the mysterious Katy--hoping, perhaps, that sometime he might learn more about her.

  4. Edgar was enthusiastically carolling a ditty which was then popular among Bayport juvenility.

  5. It was a doleful ditty on the loss of the herring fleet on one St. Matthew's Day not long before.

  6. Doleful as the ditty might be, the men gave it voice with a heartiness that suggested no special sense of sorrow, and loud as were the voices of the fisher-fellows, Dan's voice was yet louder.

  7. That's some interest, old Bono Johnny, to stick inter yer ditty box along o' yer shiners!

  8. The blackbird has fled to another retreat Where the hazels afford him a screen from the heat; And the scene where his melody charm'd me before Resounds with his sweet-flowing ditty no more.

  9. I never saw anything like this funeral dirge," says Charles Lamb, "except the ditty which reminds Ferdinand of his drowned father in the Tempest.

  10. A curious feeling came over the king, it seemed as if he must have heard those birds' song of welcome in his childhood, and all at once he remembered a ditty his mother used to sing.

  11. Tannhaeuser, throwing off the unaccountable feeling that possessed him, caught up his harp, and sang a merry ditty about woods and birds and flowers, and soon both he and the other guests were restored to their usual cheerfulness.

  12. Do sing me, Margaret, that little ditty which you sang here the other night?

  13. My ditty must go thus; very witty, I assure you: I myself in an humorous passion made it, to the tune of my mistress Nutriche's beauty.

  14. In some form or other verse and song are closely linked with happiness; and a ditty from any age has its interests and its charm.

  15. My ditty must come to a finish,-- Because all the liquor is out!

  16. A voice rose out of the adjoining meadow chanting a plaintive ditty in an unknown tongue.

  17. It is a coincidence, but that ditty should herald Carsluith's coming.

  18. It is handy for lunches or as a ditty or emergency kit bag.

  19. The pack should contain a ditty bag with a simple footwear repair outfit.

  20. With such converse did they beguile their evening walk, ever and anon making the subject bend to the burden of their own sweet ditty of mutual unchanging love!

  21. Then a rude ditty trolled from some not unskilful performer.

  22. Anthony was conning inwardly, and humming the soft ditty by which he proposed to excite his mistress' ear.

  23. The very ditty I heard," cried Father Eastgate; "but list, he has more of it.

  24. The last verse," observed the monk, "has been added to the ditty by Nicholas Demdike.

  25. Hear Signelil what I say to thee, A ditty of love sing thou to me.

  26. A ditty of love I will not, Sir King, But as well as I can another I’ll sing.

  27. Proud Signil began, a ditty she sang, To the ears of the Queen in her bed it rang.

  28. A few seconds, in like manner, elapsed, when my ditty was again rehearsed, with a no less perfect imitation, in a different quarter.

  29. My rude ditty was suspended till I had surmounted this impediment.

  30. Five times was this ditty successively resounded, at intervals nearly equal, always from a new quarter, and with little abatement of its original distinctness and force.

  31. The night of his return, Johnson, as he rode up Hope Canon, sang a ditty which were best forgotten by a respectable married man.

  32. He then produced two varnished ditty boxes, with their keys, which he handed to the boys.

  33. The ditty was "Cold and Raw," a ballad that two hundred years ago or so, never failed to delight everybody from the highest to the lowest.

  34. Delightful times these for ditty boxes, crockery, bread barges, and slush tubs; 'tis their only chance for enjoyment and they make the most of it.

  35. Bags and hammocks lie about just where they ought not to lie; ditty boxes are piled anywhere, and threatening instant downfall; whilst one has to wade knee-deep through a whole sea of hats to reach a place at the tables.

  36. They came to an end at length, and then another old fellow rose in his pew and sang a ditty in Manx.

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