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Example sentences for "ditties"

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dito; ditos; dits; dittany; dittay; ditto; ditty; ditya; ditz; diu
  1. All these things I taught him as best I might; but he, not heeding my words, himself would sing me ditties of love, and taught me the desires of mortals and immortals, and all the deeds of his mother.

  2. VIII If my ditties be fair, lo these alone will win me glory, these that the Muse aforetime gave to me.

  3. These and the following ditties are from the modern Greek ballads collected by MM.

  4. His homely and wise ditties are illustrated by pictures of curious simplicity.

  5. But I took a thought, and prayed him hum me one of his naughty ditties again.

  6. Into this figure may ye reduce your ditties by vsing no moe verses then your verse is of sillables, which will make him fall out square, if ye go aboue it wil grow into the figure Trapezion, which is some portion longer then square.

  7. Sometimes there were bands of singers, who, to the romantic guitar, warbled forth ditties full of passion and tenderness.

  8. Why dost borrow The mellow ditties from a mourning tongue?

  9. The while we chant our ditties sweet To some soft shell that warbles near; Join'd by the murmuring currents, fleet, That glide along our halls so clear.

  10. We turn in our beds half pitying, half angered by harsh voices that quaver senseless ditties in the fog, or by tuneless fiddles playing popular airs without propriety or interest.

  11. To seek for the authors of these ditties would be useless.

  12. It is noticeable that Italian ditties are specially designed for fellows shouting in the streets at night.

  13. The old spinster used to wake up when these ditties ceased, and ask for more.

  14. Among these ditties was one, the last of the concert, and to the following effect: Ah!

  15. While singing these madrigals and these motetts the youth of either sex were no longer reminded, it is true, of tavern ditties or dance measures.

  16. They were old songs of Ashby and Stuart; unpublished ditties of the struggle, which the winds have borne away into the night of the past, and which now live only in memory.

  17. She sang old Creole ditties and then Scotch and Irish ballads.

  18. Every man, woman, and child knows his favorite ditties by heart, has sung or hummed them in moments of joy or sorrow.

  19. In lyric power and vivid realism, his popular ditties are unrivaled.

  20. The English Flag (from "Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-room Ballads") 225 IV.

  21. To the Unknown Goddess (from "Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-room Ballads") 234 VI.

  22. The Smoke upon Your Altar Dies (from "Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-room Ballads") 207 VIII.

  23. Fuzzy Wuzzy (from "Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-room Ballads") 222 III.

  24. The Dove of Dacca (from "Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-room Ballads") 205 VII.

  25. The Galley Slave (from "Departmental Ditties and Ballads and Barrack-room Ballads") 235 VII.

  26. His ditties were as pure and bright As thoughts which gentle maidens have, As a babe's slumber, or the light Of the moon in the tranquil skies, Goddess of lovers' tender sighs.

  27. Then he sat down at the piano and thumped the keys furiously, while he roared out convivial ditties in French, German, and Bulgarian until the whole house shook as if under the concussion of a bombardment.

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