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Example sentences for "chanting"

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chanted; chanter; chanters; chantey; chanties; chantries; chantry; chants; chanty; chany
  1. The first person he saw was a child dressed in a white alb and carrying a vessel of holy water; he was followed by a man in a surplice, bearing a silver cross, and after the latter came a priest, chanting the psalms for the dead.

  2. A few yards away from him was a newly-dug grave; within the church could be heard the chanting of the priests, the more distinctly that the vault must at one time have communicated by a passage with the crypt.

  3. Preceded by the band of women chanting the mournful dirges according to the Galileean custom, the cortege slowly wended its way.

  4. The young Eskimos, chanting songs of love, followed with easy, swinging steps.

  5. The Eskimos, chanting songs, loomed ahead, their forms magnified in the unearthly light.

  6. He spun them to an accompaniment of monks' chanting and the tolling of bells, but every hour horsemen went and came at full gallop across the wild.

  7. Differing in this from Benoit de Sainte-More and his contemporaries, he depicts heroes that are not knights, and who at their death are not buried in Gothic churches by monks chanting psalms.

  8. The lazy parson in Langland's Visions confesses that he is incapable of chanting the services: But I can rymes of Robin Hood ยท and Randolf erle of Chestre.

  9. Oh, soft be the gales when they go Through the pines on the summit where they blow, Chanting solemn music for the souls that passed below.

  10. Gay troops of dancers, clothed in fantastic dresses of gaudy-colored silk, followed the procession, strewing flowers and chanting verses as they went, in honor of the president.

  11. As the day dawns, sturdy Hyderabad chorus-singers pass along the streets chanting the "prayers for the Prophet" in voices that awaken the denizens of the dark garrets and hidden courts of the teeming chals.

  12. Thus chanting the company wanders from street to street till midnight and continues the practice nightly until the rain falls.

  13. Hardly had the pastor gone, when my uncle resumed his chanting and read the closing prayers.

  14. Chanting his psalms, my uncle climbed Mount Zion and rejoiced in the beauty of Lebanon, but never lifted his eyes to the beauty of the Oresco Hill, and never realized that the Carpathians also were God's footstool.

  15. I followed him into the sick-room but I do not recall a word he said; yet the solemn chanting melody of those Latin phrases I have often in my ears.

  16. At night the plain resounded with the chanting of psalms; and the darkness was banished by the light of such innumerable torches, that it seemed even as if day had hastened to dawn brightly on the beloved remains.

  17. Even had he been touched by this disinterested counsel, it would probably have failed of its effect; for an Irish bard commenced chanting his praises and his father's wrongs, and thus his doom was sealed.

  18. Upon meeting Ratu Pope every native dropped his burdens, stepped to the side of the wood-path and crouched down, softly chanting the words of the tame, muduo!

  19. The services in the darky church had ended and we could hear the unseen worshippers trooping by, still chanting snatches of their revival tunes.

  20. They were grimy foreigners, who chattered in an outlandish tongue instead of chanting at their work as regular rousters did.

  21. How sweetly at thy house's ills thou smil'st, Chanting what, haply, thou wilt not show true.

  22. The vestal choirs of snow-drops and violets were chanting their gentle hopes from every bank, the orchards were white with blossoms, and the birds singing in almost tumultuous glee.

  23. With solemn step and slow, they went as though they feared no harm, the priests and singers chanting some ancient, funeral hymn.

  24. Wyclif's followers were called Lollards, I believe from their habit of lulling or chanting to themselves.

  25. Five hundred voices, nearly all untrained, were chanting a hymn.

  26. Robert became so much intoxicated with his own chanting that he did not notice its effect, until Willet called upon him to stop.

  27. And, lastly, she turns up in the shape of a court-page, and swaggers along London Bridge at this hour of the night, chanting a love song.

  28. The effect of the chanting is as square and monotonous as would be the laying down of so many musical paving-stones.

  29. He walked to his throne on the right of the altar, and the chanting was resumed.

  30. Tradition relates that Pucci had no ear for music, and was laughed at by his brother cardinals when chanting mass in the Sistine Chapel.

  31. There is, however, a great preponderance of chanting in monotone, and this, whilst the minister intones his parts in the service, gives to the whole the impress of High Church service.

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