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Example sentences for "grimy"

Lexicographically close words:
grimly; grimme; grimmer; grimmest; grimness; grin; grind; grinde; grinded; grinder
  1. A lady passenger's nose began to bleed, and other ladies threw themselves down on the seats and gasped with the gasping train, while a wind as keen as a knife-edge rioted down the grimy tunnel.

  2. Read about politics as the cultured writer of the magazines regards 'em, and then, and not till then, pay your respects to the gentlemen who run the grimy reality.

  3. He had not drunk out the brilliant cold-weather night in the company of a King of Loafers, a grimy scallawag with a six days' beard and an unholy knowledge of native States.

  4. On goes the grimy pit-kit, and in three minutes the Sahib's dogcart is flying to the place indicated.

  5. It lay low among the hills, and its business face--a grimy bund--was sloppy and deserted.

  6. A few windows were gingerly opened after the bunks had been reconverted into seats, but that long coffin-car was by no means ventilated, and we were a gummy, grimy crew who sat there.

  7. At this instant the grimy young servitor of the press appeared.

  8. The Laird produced his wallet and counted into Dan's grimy quivering paw ten crisp hundred-dollar bills.

  9. Clasping the bouquet in his grimy left hand, he bowed low and placed his equally grimy right in the region of his umbilicus.

  10. The delay was pleasant, with its opportunity for drowsy sunning, its relief from the grimy monotony of travel.

  11. And my last doubt of Mr. Brede vanished as he shook that grimy hand in manly fashion.

  12. There were perhaps eighteen hundred or two thousand persons armed with bars and bludgeons, in general a grimy crew, whose dress and appearance revealed the kind of labour to which they were accustomed.

  13. He looked at the result as it lay in his grimy palm--a moist little wad of bills and some chicken-feed change--and spat disgustedly with a nasty oath.

  14. Idlers lounged and discussed loudly against the dusty windows hung with torn grimy shades.

  15. Most of the crew who worked in overalls, with bodies bared above the waist, black and grimy to the tousled hair now matted with sweat, laid carelessly about as in death from convulsions.

  16. His neat black shoes, now grimy and rough, were full of water and pinched his feet.

  17. Many of the men had come straight from the coal-pits, and the tears that trickled down their cheeks made little white gutters on their grimy faces.

  18. Two hundred grimy colliers stood and listened to that earnest young preacher.

  19. She told me of the patient bravery of the women, the chivalry of grimy men, whose hurts may wait that others may be treated first.

  20. This church has indeed a somewhat neglected look: its quaint pointed steeple rises almost apologetically above some scrubby trees, and hardly ventures to o'ertop the grimy houses, that close it round.

  21. You may choose a terrace that looks out over the factory quarter of Prague, over grimy Smichov for instance, and make notes on the growing industrial prosperity of the city.

  22. But the next instant she felt herself struggling in the heavy folds of the grimy gunny sack.

  23. At the table, idly shuffling a pack of grimy cards, sat Old Meg, a horrible old hag, wrinkled in face like a mummy, with only the stumps of teeth which had more the appearance of tusks.

  24. Little puffs of red dust, lifted by the plunging hoofs of passing teams, dispersed in a grimy shower upon the recumbent man.

  25. Go and take a bath," replied Miss Mary, eying his grimy person with great disfavor.

  26. He did not stop to shake the grimy hands which were thrust out to him.

  27. He pointed grimy finger and held the packet close.

  28. He ate in silence, then pushed back his chair and went to the window, gazing through its grimy panes at the mountains, ethereal in their evening saffron.

  29. My next glance was at Uncle Bill, who was bending over his work with set teeth, and the sweat standing in drops upon his grimy forehead.

  30. Hand one out," said Jim; "my hands are all oily and grimy from cleaning that arsenal in there.

  31. How they escaped from the stifling, sloppy, grimy place of torment they could not have told, had the saving of an immortal soul depended upon such telling.

  32. On Angelique's four fingers her grimy thumb checked off "Cloak for Friar's cell--gray.

  33. Hay" passes a grimy towel over his perspiring face.

  34. It must require a great many washerwomen to keep the clothes of this dirty [glancing rather disdainfully at her somewhat grimy friend] crew clean.

  35. Then she picked out the cleanest spot on his grimy countenance and kissed him there, while we looked on in envy.

  36. Grimy hands and blackened faces and tired bodies were forgotten.

  37. A curious fetishistic fear of this grimy volume on the part of her mother prevented her ever allowing it to stay in the house all night, and hither it was brought back whenever it had been consulted.

  38. A magic opening appeared in its stomach, from which emerged, grinning, a British subaltern and his grimy associates.

  39. Unutterably grimy but inexpressibly cheerful, he reported progress to Major Wagstaffe when that nocturnal rambler visited him in the small hours.

  40. Next moment he was in beside the two women, overalls and all, holding Daphne's hands in a single grimy fist and telling them what we know already.

  41. Juggernaut's teeth flashed across his grimy countenance in a sympathetic smile.

  42. He began to hobble laboriously away from the vicinity of the pit-head towards the rather grimy fields which lay to the north of the colliery.

  43. Betty, and as he held out a grimy little paw, as if for coin, she offered him the box.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "grimy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    besmirched; blotchy; dingy; dirty; dusty; filthy; grimy; grubby; messy; miry; muddy; murky; slatternly; slovenly; smirched; smoky; smudgy; smutty; snuffy; sooty; untidy