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Example sentences for "grimmest"

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grime; grimed; grimly; grimme; grimmer; grimness; grimy; grin; grind; grinde
  1. She dispensed pretty compliments with a grace that disarmed the grimmest suspicion.

  2. But undoubtedly the grimmest part of him was his iron claw.

  3. It was his grimmest deed since the days when he had brought Barbecue to heel; and knowing as we do how vain a tabernacle is man, could we be surprised had he now paced the deck unsteadily, bellied out by the winds of his success?

  4. The organized recreation and the competitions, two sturdy British expedients for morale, always came just after these grimmest of all of war's practices.

  5. Man to man, in the grimmest hate, they fought and died, some by bullet and some by bayonet-thrust or stroke of sword.

  6. But on board the Lawrence matters had gone even worse, the combined fire of her adversaries having made the grimmest carnage on her decks.

  7. The feud she avenged that yesternight, unyieldingly, Grendel in grimmest grasp thou killedst, -- seeing how long these liegemen mine he ruined and ravaged.

  8. There grasped me firm and haled me to bottom the hated foe, with grimmest gripe.

  9. To judge by the notice given of her in her sister's life, Emily Bronte was of the grim class, and about the grimmest for her age and state that could well be found.

  10. Stadinger's face took on the grimmest of wrinkles to hide the upwelling tears, but he could not succeed.

  11. As the ship approached Martinique from the north, Labat first beheld the very grimmest part of the lofty coast,--the region of Macouba; and the impression it made upon him was not pleasing.

  12. It also has its subtle significance that the grimmest toiler feels, and the essence of it is hope eternal and triumphant life.

  13. Next time thou meetest a dagger, I should have said," retorted the Captain with his grimmest smile.

  14. Oh, wait a minute and I'll tell you," said the doctor in his grimmest way.

  15. It was Mr. Winston Churchill, at that time at the British Admiralty, who insisted upon the manufacture of the first tanks, and it was in the teeth of the grimmest opposition that they were sent to France.

  16. Some of these manuscripts are adorned with the quaintest and grimmest illuminations conceivable.

  17. And, so that it might become more efficient in that grimmest business, undertook for itself the study of French--at one and the same time the most lovable and most damnable of all languages.

  18. The Red Cross workers in the field saw it in its grimmest phases; but spared themselves many of its worst horrors by virtue of forgetting themselves and their nerves in the one possible way--in hard and unrelenting work, night and day.

  19. Hartmut; "with grimmest foes of mine these ships are loaded.

  20. As I have told already, the castle now was won: To those they found within it grimmest deeds were done.

  21. Great was the work of slaughter the field around them showed, Where with grimmest foemen they were closely warring; Freely had blood been flowing beneath the hand of Hartmut and his followers daring.

  22. Among those who remained behind, we see the friend of the family Jeremias Munter, who wore on the occasion the grimmest countenance in the world; the Baron L.

  23. He cast towards them the very grimmest of his glances, rose up suddenly, and hastened away.

  24. In grimmest ways thereafter / wreaked vengeance Etzel's wife: Beneath her hand those chosen / warriors twain must end their life.

  25. To guard thee well from Hagen / indeed me seemeth good, For bears he in his bosom / a heart in sooth of grimmest mood.

  26. With swords swung high above them / upon the squires they flew In a grimmest humor.

  27. The little eyes glared furiously round, but found nothing but grimmest determination in the faces that hemmed him in.

  28. In the morning Ha'o came up, wearing his grimmest face.

  29. This was the sorest, When my love, my Sigurd, Reft of glory In his bed gat ending: But this the grimmest When glittering worms Tore their way Through the heart of Gunnar.

  30. Half an hour ago the world had reached out its arms to him, and he had gone forth to its welcome, only to have the grimmest tragedy of all his life descend upon him like the sword of Damocles.

  31. And in that hour of his grimmest despair Marette Radisson had come to him.

  32. And then, finally, the poet does not shrink from the last and grimmest reality.

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