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Example sentences for "grimly"

Lexicographically close words:
grimaced; grimaces; grimacing; grime; grimed; grimme; grimmer; grimmest; grimness; grimy
  1. The rack was crooked and quailed--the house was old and dingy--the very knocker on the door frowned grimly at the wayfarer who paused before it.

  2. One by one they fell around it, As the archers laid them low, Grimly dying, still unconquered, With their faces to the foe.

  3. Lord Stair went on his way; there were many people about, some excitement or uneasiness appeared to be abroad; he wondered grimly if the messenger from the King had arrived and if these churls mouthed his news already.

  4. Under his uplifted arm that held her she saw the crossing swords of her husband and Makian, and Ian standing grimly by; she saw Breadalbane hopelessly overmatched and her eyes flashed to the bolted door.

  5. He smiled grimly as he thought how such little things interested these cowboys.

  6. Guess I've got maw's fool in a fuss," he said grimly to himself as he braced his body for a struggle.

  7. Yes, you certainly will pass me through quicker when I call on you next time, my friend," he added grimly to himself as he rode steadily on.

  8. The captain chuckled a little grimly at his own humour.

  9. Comethup nodded grimly and glanced across at the house which Mr. Robert Carlaw had just left; he seemed to mutter something between his teeth.

  10. Hamlen's face set grimly and he sat bolt upright, taking no part in the mad cheering or the boisterous excitement.

  11. Men thought grimly of the experiences we had been through since those happy days more than a year ago, and these sights served to call up the memory of many a pal who had since made the big sacrifice.

  12. Further along the enemy ridge to the right, and closer in, was what the trench maps grimly described as "Serre (site of).

  13. It was as though we were within a furnace; men struggled for breath, not a few dropped exhausted, the others straggling grimly forward, their faces streaked with dust and perspiration, their saturated clothing clinging to their bodies.

  14. I heard Farrell chuckle grimly to himself as he observed the careless approach of those advance riders.

  15. And he would have," Rupert, broke off grimly to explain, "I should have shaken the life out of him.

  16. Major Tidman looked grimly at the closed door, and then still more grimly at the doctor, who was paring his nails.

  17. First of all, the finger on the pulse of the patient, Cashier," he declared, grimly jovial.

  18. It was plain that they proposed to hang grimly to the token in their possession until the token could be cashed in for the coin.

  19. The satirists said that it was noticeable that the statue of Tasper Britt in the cemetery had settled down heavier on its heels, as if making grimly sure that Hittie was staying where she could not interfere.

  20. The delegates were mainly with young Mason, and the Colonel sat down grimly in the midst of the Old Guard.

  21. The negroes interested and fascinated him: they were so grimly ugly of face, and yet apparently so good natured and light hearted.

  22. He grimly resumed his coat and hat and disappeared through the passage into the kitchen, whence, a moment later, Zuleika came flying.

  23. This hideous circle never widened; Nature always appeared to roll back the intruding debris; no bird nor beast carried it away; no animal ever forced the uncleanly barrier; civilization remained grimly trenched in its own exuvia.

  24. And then Randall grimly set to work on her uphill climb.

  25. For, though he looked rather grimly at our heroes in chapel the next morning, he said nothing, and there was no official report of the occurrence, for which Tom and his chums were duly thankful.

  26. And, with all this, Kindlings himself expected to take part in several events, and he had grimly made up his mind to win some of them, at least.

  27. Each of the hundred men in the troop carried a rifle balanced across his saddle pommel; each was dressed in the garb of the range-rider; and the face of each, glimpsed by the light from some window or doorway, was grimly stern.

  28. With a quick motion, Wade half raised his rifle from the crook of his arm toward his shoulder, and then snorted grimly as the herders scrambled for shelter.

  29. And yonder object, like a bloodshot eye, shining grimly through the darkness,--what is that?

  30. The old veterans of the army thenceforth laughed at their miseries, and dubbed themselves grimly "Lee's Miserables!

  31. And Lee's guns from the ridge opposite thundered grimly in reply, "We are coming!

  32. On, and still on, in our wild career we sped, with the vision of death flitting grimly before us!

  33. We know right well that a lion would fall foul of us as grimly as he would of a Frenchman or a Moldavian Jew, and we do not carry him before us in the smoke of battle.

  34. So he lay there, in the broken rocks of the ridge, and looked grimly on life.

  35. He walked straight to La Closerie, and stalked grimly into the kitchen, where, as it happened, they were sitting over a doleful and long-delayed meal.

  36. Of one thing he was certain, and he smiled grimly as he thought of it: they were not likely to be bothered by their ancient enemy, the contortionist, on this desert island.

  37. Loyalty won the day, and with mouth grimly set he gradually turned the plane about.

  38. All this time Johnny, with hands grimly gripping the wheel, with eyes glued upon the road, was, in his subconscious mind, counting the cost.

  39. And Bell and Jamison plodded to the reeking place in which a half-drunk sheepman pointed, and there Bell sat grimly in the vermin infested room while Jamison, swearing wryly, went out.

  40. Jamison frowned bewilderedly, but stood up grimly to obey.

  41. Bell covered The Master grimly with his automatic as he descended, with surprising agility.

  42. The waves between the two islands were not high, but the seaplane alighted with a mighty, a tremendous splashing, and Bell navigated it grimly though clumsily into the mouth of the cove.

  43. Now and then he lost his footing on the uneven ice; his heart leaped for fear, but he held grimly to the sledge and the lithe, lean but strong dog-bodies carried him to safety.

  44. With fierce ferocity he instinctively fastened one bleeding hand to an icy projection above him, with the other he held with grimly desperate determination to the sled .

  45. Here and there antelopes were grazing, ostriches were stalking, and now and then vultures were seen grimly circling round in seeming anticipation of a morning feast.

  46. The excitement of Buller's men could hardly be restrained, while the calm and stolid Dutchmen, who glided silently and grimly on, offered a wide contrast to their more hot-blooded comrades.

  47. Into the lion's mouth, indeed," he muttered to himself grimly as he hailed a hansom at the corner and was driven homewards.

  48. Mr. Sabin smiled grimly as he poured himself out a liqueur and lit a cigarette.

  49. The Emperor's gracious letter was in his pocket--he smiled grimly to himself as he thought for a moment of the consternation of Berlin, and of Knigenstein's disgrace.

  50. The Baron stood looking grimly at them for several moments.

  51. The Count, looking up, swept his eye around the horizon and then to his astonishment saw the red battle flag flying grimly from the high northern tower of Castle Bernstein perched on the summit of the next hill to the south.

  52. The general glanced grimly at the hour-glass.

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