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Example sentences for "hansom"

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  1. Father was tired," Théo added, as the hansom stopped.

  2. As the hansom started again she turned and looked back.

  3. Then at last London--a rush in a hansom to Victoria from Charing Cross, and the familiar little journey homewards.

  4. A hansom jingled by and a bicycle's sharp bell was a loud noise in the after-dinner silence.

  5. It is odious, disgusting of him," she broke out in the hansom as they went up St. James Street.

  6. And when she was in her hansom hurrying Chelseawards, she felt with a sigh that it was a harmless lie.

  7. Before she could decide on anything more than the great fact that, cost what it may, she would not let him go, the hansom drew up at the house, and she was about to get out when the front door opened and Joyselle himself appeared.

  8. She left the house without a word, and taking a hansom went straight to Golden Square.

  9. So the hansom drove on, carrying many agitations and exclamations along with it.

  10. Probably I dozed off again the next minute, for the next thing I knew was that the hansom had stopped before the door of a large house, where a middle-aged butler carried me through the hall and laid me down on the dining-room sofa.

  11. Come along, then,' cried Captain Knowlton, and I rejoiced to see that he had kept his hansom at the door.

  12. As they were speeding in a hansom towards the Portland Place region, he gave her an account of the doctors' latest opinion.

  13. One evening towards the end of the first week in July, a hansom drew up before a house in Portman Square.

  14. All at once I espied papa coming along in a hansom cab.

  15. As the hansom drew up at the door the horse slipped.

  16. Eliza, I want you to get a hansom and to tell the man to drive you to Mme.

  17. AS quick as a fast hansom could take him, Claude drove to Earls Street, and found Tait impatiently waiting his arrival.

  18. She stuck a hat on with twenty feathers in it, and we went down, and she told the butler to call a hansom now, and tell the carriage to fetch us at three o'clock.

  19. Ariadne and I were there as George's hansom drove up and he got out and began a shindy with the cabman.

  20. The hansom turned off the boulevard, affording Lanyard an opportunity to look back through the side window.

  21. As the hansom swung round the dark pile of the Trinité, Lanyard had for the third time twisted round in his seat, to peep back up the rue Pigalle through the little window in the rear.

  22. All we could get was a hansom drawn by a snail.

  23. In a moment he saw a hansom roll through the place from the other side and come a part of the way toward him.

  24. Paul as their friend drew her toward a hansom to which he had signalled.

  25. The pictures were all produced in due time, and were sent to a fixed address, where a gentleman in a hansom used to call for them at regular intervals.

  26. Arthur Berkeley, fearful of what might happen to him in his present excited state, stole out after him quietly, and followed him unperceived in another hansom at a little distance.

  27. Flushed and feverish though he was, he rose straight up from the table, handed the telegram to Edie without a word, and started off alone to hail a hansom cab and drive down immediately to the office.

  28. When the hansom arrived at the door, Ernest told the cabman to drive at once to Paddington Station.

  29. Herbert left his portmanteau in the cloakroom at Paddington, and drove off in a hansom to the queer address which Selah had given him.

  30. Not a cab was to be seen anywhere, not even a stray hansom crawling home from clubs or theatres; and Ernest set out with a rueful countenance to walk as best he might alone through the snow all the way to Holloway.

  31. After that he applied to a constable, and next minute sat cooling in a hansom cab.

  32. Many an impromptu carouse was thus initiated, and it was after one of them that Rackham distinguished himself by whistling for a hansom outside the tent.

  33. The hansom beat up into the east in a series of short tacks, grinding endless curbstones as she went about, but at last emerging into latitudes less unknown to Denis.

  34. The waiter was called, the bill was paid, a hansom was hailed, and they were rolling westward.

  35. Even so they would have missed it had not Mike sprung at risk of limb from the hansom and sped on the toes of his patent leather shoes down the street, his gray cover coat flying.

  36. At the corner of the square, two men were standing together talking, and as the hansom passed within a yard or two of them both glanced idly in, and then started.

  37. Claude Lafont had just time enough to put on his hat, to stop the hansom for an instant at the house in Belgrave Square, and to catch the 12.

  38. That morning, when he stopped his hansom at the house, he had told the servants not to expect his Grace until he telegraphed.

  39. As his hansom swung through the dancing lights of the Strand, he shrugged his shoulders for the third time.

  40. Yet the sight of these same streets was like wine in the veins to a man who drove through them in a hansom piled with Gladstone bags and P.

  41. Or sometimes comes a hansom cab, Just as I near the crossing; The "cabby" gives his reins a grab, The steed is wildly tossing.

  42. Percy Popjoy drives up in a private hansom with an enormous grey cab horse and a tiger behind, and Mrs. Bacon is looking out grimly from the window on the opposite side of the street.

  43. He gave two long whistles, and a hansom came rattling down the road.

  44. At five o'clock, with sufficient sharpness, Ralph Newton got out of a Hansom cab at the door of Alexandrina Cottage.

  45. Nothing ever goes so quick as a Hansom cab when a man starts for a dinner-party a little too early;--nothing so slow when he starts too late.

  46. And yet that Hansom cab was there before Paul Montague had been able to arrange the words with which he would begin the interview.

  47. Paul had realized something of this when he threw himself into a Hansom cab, and ordered the man to drive to Islington.

  48. The morning was cold, with fine driving rain, when at eight o'clock I alighted from a hansom before my own house in Bath Road, and entered with my latch-key.

  49. In the grey March afternoon I alighted from a hansom before that well-remembered door of the Professor's house in Sussex Place.

  50. Too late at that hour to call at New Scotland Yard, close by, I hailed a hansom and drove straight home, almost beside myself with rage at the calm, unruffled, defiant attitude with which the adventurer had met me.

  51. Her hansom is at the door and, arrayed in her best bib and tucker, she is hurrying through the hall when Dysart, who has just come, presents himself.

  52. She waves him an airy adieu as she makes this cruel suggestion, and with a kiss more hurried than usual to the children, and a good deal of nervousness in her whole manner, runs down the steps to her hansom and disappears.

  53. The hansom was whizzed half round, but the pitiless hoofs still tore on and almost miraculously the worst was still averted.

  54. I was just talking about you to Mrs. Wingarde, who came to see the boy who was knocked down by a hansom last week.

  55. He had left Chester Square in a comparatively quiet state of mind, but as he drove in the hansom his imagination took fire once more, and when he found himself in Mrs. Grace's sitting-room he was highly excited.

  56. He jumped into a hansom and was rapidly driven to London Road, and alighted at the end of Tunbridge Street.

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