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Example sentences for "hankers"

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hangs; hangyd; hanker; hankered; hankering; hann; hanner; hannot; hansom; hansome
  1. Feller Sisters, yu kan kount on Josh Billings az a frend; he luves charitee, az a pup hankers for nu milk; his verry natur looks out onto the horizen ov the poor folks, jist as the lite ov a tin lantern shines akross a bog meddow.

  2. Knowledge is like money, the more a man gits the more he hankers for.

  3. An amulet on the bedpost scared off Lilith, Adam's first wife, who, perhaps because she missed being the mother of the human race, hankers after babes and sucklings.

  4. How she still hankers after Spitalfields and the Lane!

  5. Yes, I have long foreseen our fate, we who happen to possess what our poor brother hankers after.

  6. I have never heard that the kitchen hankers after it inordinately; indeed, its ultimate destination is one of the unexplained mysteries of housekeeping.

  7. A wolf hankers after sheep even at his last gasp.

  8. That which a queen hankers after, the son of an emperor may be glad to mate himself with.

  9. Then, too, it is not unlikely that part of the poet's reluctance to embrace the creed of his contemporaries arises from the fact that he, in his secret heart, still hankers for his old title of priest.

  10. Rosslyn still hankers after a coalition, but reform has made it impossible.

  11. Peel still hankers after the property tax, and rather unwillingly opposes this motion.

  12. He has married a Vossevangen woman, and is likely to end his days there; but he hankers for Chicago, and always will.

  13. I should think," added Dave, "after all the trouble you have seen grow out of the Hankers stealing what was not their own, you would take a new tack.

  14. It now became plot and warfare on the part of the disgruntled Hankers and their friends.

  15. Someone stole that treasure, and of course it was the Hankers and Captain Nesik and that crew of rascals.

  16. They told also of the four boxes into which they had seen the Hankers place the sunken treasure.

  17. Mr. Drake, our boatswain, saw the Hankers make a great show of putting the gold into the four wooden boxes.

  18. It may be halfway to China, or divided up and squandered by that miserable Hankers crowd.

  19. The night previous he was the only trusted one of the crew that Nesik and the Hankers took in the yawl that went for the treasure.

  20. Unfortunately two distant relatives, a miserly trickster named Lem Hankers and his worthless son, Bart, learned of the sunken treasure, too.

  21. No, Nesik intended losing the Swallow, sailing for South America, getting rid of you fellows cheap, and then he and the Hankers and Gerstein would make a grand division of the spoils.

  22. Why, we saw the Hankers divide it with our own eyes, didn't we, mates?

  23. Yes, that is the man the Hankers picked up at San Francisco--a pawnbroker named Gerstein.

  24. The Hankers and their diver after several efforts gave up the quest.

  25. Lad, if the goold those Hankers stole is anywhere among my subjects, we'll have it back, mind me!

  26. And that this fellow Schmitt-Schmitt is an emissary of the Hankers and the Raven, looking for a ship to go after the treasure?

  27. My heart hankers after no vulgar profit, so I have put away my royal inheritance and prefer to be free from the burdens of life.

  28. And how can any one be free from self by leading a wretched life, if he does not succeed in quenching the fires of lust, if he still hankers after either worldly or heavenly pleasures.

  29. Debarred from offering her heart at my feet, she hankers to make this sum of money, so hopelessly large for her, the bearer of her imprisoned feelings.

  30. But let him, who hankers after them, satisfy his greed.

  31. I hold my life, this beggarly scholar hankers about her still, makes her so untoward.

  32. He brought 12 hankers with him and they have all been lost long ago; and I have bought him 3 or 4 more at a time.

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