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Example sentences for "hankered"

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hangout; hangover; hangs; hangyd; hanker; hankering; hankers; hann; hanner; hannot
  1. We went out of the bizzness then, and have not hankered for it sinse.

  2. Most evry boddy, at sum time in their life, has tried the single state; also, moste evry boddy haz hankered after the double state, or married condishun.

  3. Occasionally the younger woman complained of her lot, bound to a man whom she no longer cared for, wearing only the fetters of her wifehood--she still hankered after a divorce, though Arthur must be respondent.

  4. We hankered for flesh, and though we filled ourselves with vegetable food, yet were we hungry.

  5. I have often been reduced to the necessity of eating grub cooked by Indians, both squaws and men, and can place my hand on my heart and say truthfully I never hankered after Indian cookery.

  6. Seemed ’s if I couldn’t hustle my meals fast enough, I just hankered so to know what was goin’ to happen next!

  7. But still the people, with that instinct which other nations and ages have displayed, hankered after a female divinity, and this led to the partial restoration of the worship of Isis.

  8. The Borromean Islands were beautiful, but if they had been dull she still would have hankered after them.

  9. Only last night he was tellin' her, he was going to take something out'n the savings-bank and buy her an organ for Addie to learn to play on, that Nelly always hankered after.

  10. Why, of course, he hankered for the double-jointed, lawless freedom that the tramp-steamer stood for.

  11. Some cutting little sarcasms of Molly Gaverick's had likewise annoyed her, and she fretted under the miserable sense of her inadequacy to the demands of a world she despised and yet hankered after.

  12. At moments, she even hankered after the touch of his fingers, and had a perverse desire to break down the restraint he was so manifestly putting upon himself.

  13. She, too, hankered after a close alliance with France, and distrusted the promises of Mazarin; but she felt that it was no good to wait for allies until Spain was at liberty to attack her, and now ordered the Portuguese army to take the field.

  14. He probably sincerely enjoyed society, and hankered after success in it; and equally sincerely despised society and himself for hankering after it.

  15. During his period of training at the Cadet School, he led a wild life; and when he became an officer, he hankered after social and not after literary success.

  16. He had been in China long enough, and he hankered after a farm on the Fraser River.

  17. No, Howard wasn't the sort that hankered for verjuice.

  18. One might fancy you hankered to add my obituary to your collection!

  19. He had already hankered to write an opera on this play, consequently when Rubinstein set him to compose an overture by way of a holiday task, he naturally selected the subject which had interested him for so long.

  20. I know this: she'd get a deuced pretty fellow for her husband, and one that girls as good as her has hankered hafter long enough.

  21. And the young lad's heart hankered after his old friend.

  22. Footnote 61: During the whole period of his Roman residence, Tasso, like his father in similar circumstances, hankered after ecclesiastical honors.

  23. Rome suggested Southern Italy, and Tasso hankered after the recovery of his mother's fortune.

  24. Yet even some of them so hankered after the conversion of the Jews, that they preached the gospel only to them.

  25. Even the hat she had hankered for was there, a simple shepherdess shape of light grey felt, which shape had always been most becoming to the grand style of her features.

  26. Trifles annoyed her, and she hankered for a bathroom and a hairdresser.

  27. Oliver's dead, and will eat no more bread; and I misliked him much at the end, for it is certain that he betrayed the Good Old Cause, and hankered after an earthly crown.

  28. Val, who hankered to talk of Robin Hill, because Robin Hill meant Holly, turned to Emily and said: "Was that the house built for Uncle Soames?

  29. I wanted to set your mind at rest, to show you that even if I hankered after revenge, it was impossible under the circumstances.

  30. Even before he had met Nell, he had been utterly weary of the old life; and, even if he had still hankered after it, it was now not possible for him.

  31. He would have hankered after those diamonds for the rest of his life, and no amount of small trinkets would have consoled him for having missed them.

  32. On hearing the story, the petulant Sylvia fell headlong in love with Anastarax, and persuaded Florisel and Darinel, who no longer hankered after Alpine rigours, to attempt the deliverance of the fire-encircled prince.

  33. The figure of speech might have been better for my soul, but what I hankered after was something opulent and comfortable for just the human me.

  34. I des natchully hankered an' got hongry atter water, an ev'y time I sing out fer water I got b'ilin' hot sassafac tea.

  35. He sorter hankered 'roun' like, en den crope back whar he come fum.

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