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Example sentences for "hankering"

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  1. And almost instinctively she resented her husband's slavish service to the Church, his dark, subject hankering to worship an unseen God.

  2. But I hope to see you a comfortable English wife; and the forsaken, forgotten William, of English-partridge memory I have still a hankering after.

  3. But town, with all my native hankering after it, is not what it was.

  4. Hackerbody put me wrong last time, through the wench he hath a hankering after.

  5. It came from all Paris, urged on by brutish fever, a hankering for death and blood.

  6. It is the instinctive hankering after the lie which creates human credulity.

  7. They will disagree as to what was the disease from which the patient suffered, and the only explanation left which will be acceptable to the public, with its hankering after the lie, is that a miracle has been vouchsafed.

  8. Jessica wanted to take physical geography, Anne rhetoric, and Grace boldly announced a hankering for zoölogy.

  9. You see, I still have a hankering for aëroplanes.

  10. I felt I was growing old, and had a hankering after a home to die in, and always the face of my little niece, Carrie, seemed to give me the heartiest welcome.

  11. How many bright prospects for business have ended in bankruptcy and ruin in order to satisfy this secret hankering after fashionable superfluities!

  12. We are not led to the snare of false worldly affairs, nor frightened like earthly crows in our hankering after food by the hissings of men.

  13. The elephant of concupiscence kills members of miserly and covetous men, in the state of their wish or desire, or exertions and effort, or longing and hankering after anything.

  14. I'd a hankering after adventures, and now it looks as if I'd be gratified.

  15. She'd no sympathy with my hankering after the lone trail.

  16. Mr. Thompson did not, and expressed no hankering for such pursuits.

  17. I find I have a hankering to be on the move.

  18. I don't know why I disobeyed you; indeed I never did it before, but I 'ad a kind of hankering to go jest once.

  19. What has come of Major Dobbin, whose cab was always hankering about her premises?

  20. He's hankering about my house, is he still?

  21. They all want me dead, and are hankering for my money.

  22. The Crown Prince is always in opposition to the crown or hankering after it.

  23. The old folks want to move to Victoria, and Bud and his brother have a hankering to try their luck up in the Peace River District.

  24. He already nurses a hankering to be regarded as one of the grown-ups and imagines there's something rather babyish in any undue show of feeling.

  25. I've no hankering to sit with the Sob Sisters and pump brine over the past.

  26. I wonder why it is that the Fox family have such a hankering for rabbit pie, stew, or even plain rabbit?

  27. Now you know as well as I do that there isn't a member of either the Owl or the Hawk family who has a hankering for nuts.

  28. He is ready, too, to shed abroad His own rich love in our hearts, leaving no room for the hankering desire, and creating the peace of a complete fulfilment.

  29. There was clearly some hankering after style, some searching for an idea.

  30. Why, I've a hankering for Anny Whistle (you know her, don't you?

  31. But it left not my mind so soon; for a stronger hankering after it pursued me now than ever since my wife's flight, but to no purpose.

  32. Though I was tolerably easy in my external circumstances, yet my mind hankering after England made my life still: unhappy; and that infelicity daily increased as I saw the less probability of attaining my desire.

  33. But you have some female hankering or other.

  34. But I don't think the hankering is a feminine one, Jack.

  35. And so to-day he yearns to paint the poetry of the Real--not with the false romantic glamour which had witched his youth, though even his youth had had a hankering after the Real, just as his maturity retains a love for the mystic.

  36. Don’t you fancy I don’t know that’s the sort of woman you’re hankering after.

  37. Anny meanwhile had jokingly remarked to Vilbert on Arabella's hankering interest in her first husband.

  38. He had the same hankering for the university that you had, in a milder form.

  39. I took the Count de Schmetterling, the richest and bravest of the young men who seemed to have a hankering for the Countess Ida, and publicly insulted him at the ridotto; flinging my cards into his face.

  40. If Junior has got a hankering for Multiopolis that is going to cut him out of owning a place like this, and bossing his own job, dearest lady, cook him!

  41. Just now, it's this: I'm pointing out to you Junior, exactly how you came to have your hankering for Multiopolis.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hankering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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