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  1. The elephant in the moon, and the weighing of the fish have furnished amusement, in their day.

  2. Mahmud ordered Hasan Maimandi to take the poet as much gold as an elephant could carry, but the jealous treasurer persuaded the monarch that it was too generous a reward, and that an elephant's load of silver would be sufficient.

  3. The flag of Siam is a white elephant on a red ground.

  4. A rat, of quite the smallest size, Fix'd on an elephant his eyes, And jeer'd the beast of high descent Because his feet so slowly went.

  5. The elephant he needs must criticise; To crop his ears and stretch his tail were wise; A creature he of huge, misshapen size.

  6. One day an animal of this species actually seized the trunk of an elephant in its teeth, and the elephant was so surprised and frightened that it fell on its knees at once.

  7. Suddenly a huge elephant forced his way through the thickest part of the forest, and advanced slowly to the tank, his ears at full cock, and his eyes glancing stealthily round.

  8. The Mediterranean nations were quick to see the immense profit to which the elephant could be put, both in respect to the great weights he could carry, and also for his extraordinary teachableness.

  9. One elephant took such a fancy to a small baby, that it used to stand over its cradle, and drive away the flies that teased it while it slept.

  10. There was a camel still asking for cakes, and an elephant trumpeting with fury because he didn't get any.

  11. At this the dog was a little frightened too, and let go, but recovered itself again as the elephant rose slowly to its feet, and prepared to charge afresh.

  12. In the early part of this century an elephant was sent by a lady in India as a present to the Duke of Devonshire, who had a large villa at Chiswick.

  13. Now the elephant is so big and shapeless that he makes one think he has been turned out by a child who did not know how to finish his work properly.

  14. He would also be the better for a more imposing tail; but such as he is, the elephant is more useful and interesting than many creatures of ten times his beauty.

  15. We do not know when he first began to be distinguished for his qualities from the other wild animals, but as far back as we can trace the sculptures which adorn the Indian temples the elephant has a place.

  16. At length a third elephant came forward and attacked the place at which the others had laboured with such ill-success, and, by a prodigious effort, he managed to loosen one brick.

  17. This elephant is not indigenous, and he stands alone in the sand, a wooden sham without an explanation.

  18. The elephant was, however, no emptier than the cottages about which our friends strolled.

  19. An elephant on the desert, fronting the Atlantic Ocean, had, after all, a picturesque aspect, and all the more so because he was a deserted ruin.

  20. Edwards has an elephant tobacco-jar that has occasionally helped him.

  21. Sometimes it is a pipeful of the elephant's contents, and sometimes it is merely a long look at the elephant that starts the psychology to working.

  22. This seemed, consciously or not, to be a parody of the ballad of Lord Thomas and Fair Annet, but of course it began with an abduction on horseback and a wild chase, in which even the elephant did his part, and plenty more firing.

  23. Then to see the poor old elephant pretend to be drunk!

  24. There is no other animal which is as tall as I am; I am taller than the Elephant or the Camel, but of course I am not as strong as the Elephant is.

  25. A big maskinonge lives a life much like that of a rogue elephant in its isolation.

  26. For many ages the custom has prevailed among the native princes of that country of educating not only the elephant and the dog, but the leopard and the falcon to assist them in the chase.

  27. When the Elephant felt like playing, he would catch the Dog in his trunk and swing him to and fro.

  28. The Elephant was so glad to see the Dog that he picked him up with his trunk and put him on his head.

  29. When he saw an elephant the Lion went back to the mouth of the cave, and said: "Great Wolf, come forth in thy might.

  30. When the Elephant slept, his friend the Dog slept beside him.

  31. When the time came for the Elephant to bathe, he would not bathe.

  32. The king sent for his chief servant, saying, "Go to the stable and find out why the Elephant is acting in this way.

  33. Neither the Dog nor the Elephant was quite happy unless the other was nearby.

  34. All the rest of their lives the Elephant and the Dog lived together.

  35. But by and by the Elephant and the Dog came to be great friends.

  36. The elephant raised his right foot and killed the Wolf.

  37. Then from the den the Wolf nimbly bounded forth, ran to where the elephant was, and, howling three times, he sprang at the elephant.

  38. The next day again the Elephant would not eat, and he would not bathe.

  39. When the Elephant-keeper brought food, the Elephant watched the Dog as he ate, and then took his own food.

  40. During the cessation of the snow-storm, the castaways contrived to secure another sea-elephant which visited the bay, Karl Ericksen harpooning him in the water.

  41. But, let us go and see this sea-elephant that the children have discovered!

  42. They have six legs instead of two; and their proboscis or trunk is as far beyond that of an elephant "as a railway engine is beyond a wheelbarrow.

  43. According to modern classification, it is placed between the elephant and the horse.

  44. It has a false title, bearing the imprint of 'London, Printed for Francis Smith, at the Elephant and Castle without Temple Barr, 1669.

  45. Smith, at the Elephant and Castle, without Temple-bar.

  46. In 1662 the gold coin called a guinea was first invented, from gold brought from the coast of Guinea, and bore the stamp of an elephant under the king's head, in honour of the African company which imported it.

  47. He laughed at the sages of the newly established Royal Society in his "Elephant in the Moon;" and such a man is more frequently kicked than rewarded.

  48. Natives are employed for this task, each elephant having his own special attendant.

  49. England is obliged to keep a great many soldiers in India, and the elephant has gradually become one of the most important factors in the Indian army.

  50. Before the plan of using elephants was adopted, the guns were drawn by bullocks; but one elephant can easily draw a load which it would take thirty bullocks to move.

  51. After a while, as they began to understand the creatures better, the army officers gave them more important tasks, until at last an elephant artillery corps was formed.

  52. Everything being thus arranged, they parted, Antonio to go to the Elephant Inn, and Sebastian to take a walk through the town.

  53. Tommy, let the poor elephant alone; you've tamed him very nicely.

  54. There, Mr. Ashburn, your elephant life is over.

  55. This singular reverence for an albino elephant has existed in Burmah for centuries.

  56. And, after all, this elephant is not white, but of a dull yellow color.

  57. When the elephant is taken to bathe in the river, it goes escorted by a band of music, and is followed by adoring crowds.

  58. In India the white elephant is considered a sacred animal, and is treated with the greatest reverence.

  59. The Elephant at once retreated, became faint, and died in about three hours.

  60. The free swing of the Japanese elephant you at once recognize as the real thing.

  61. The President laughed, and said he had never seen any criticism of Barye's elephant on this ground, or any allusion to his mistake; it was his own discovery.

  62. In his study he set before me a small bronze elephant in action, made by the famous French sculptor Barye.

  63. This has even been interpreted as the trunk of an elephant or a mastodon, but is unquestionably a macaw's beak.

  64. They have no great tusks as an elephant should, but, instead, short recurved teeth similar to those representing peccary tusks, as already pointed out.

  65. It was equivalent to killing an elephant with a pea-rifle.

  66. And this, despite the fact that Scraps out-bullied him and out-scaled him at least three times, and was as careless and unwitting of the weight of his legs or shoulders as a baby elephant on a lawn of daisies.

  67. They remember not the expression of Osorius, when he speaks of the Elephant presented to Leo the tenth, Pontificem ter genibus flexis, et demisso corporis habitu venerabundus salutavit.

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