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Example sentences for "den"

Lexicographically close words:
demurrer; demurring; demurs; demus; demy; denari; denarii; denariis; denariorum; denarius
  1. And we will keep all of our papers and work in the den and no one will see what is being done," added Mrs. Talmage.

  2. So the three boys who started the Bobolink Boys went to the house and locked themselves in Meredith's den to make plans for the organization.

  3. If there are but a few, I thought we could meet in this den of mine.

  4. All right, we'll meet in the den to-morrow afternoon and report how many mothers will be here," consented Dot.

  5. Aber das ist nicht der einzige zulässige Gebrauch, den man von der Teleologie machen darf, und zwar nicht erst in der Metaphysik, sondern schon in der Biologie, Psychologie und in den Geisteswissenschaften.

  6. His common sense told him that he was in the den of lawless thieves--perhaps murderers; in a house abounding with the secret means of concealing every kind of infamy.

  7. He was impressed with the idea that Providence had that night favoured his escape from the jaws of death, in order that he might become the means of rooting up a den of horrors.

  8. My dear youth, let us not discuss this matter in a den where all our ideas are concentrated in the focus formed by our misfortunes.

  9. Much as he had loathed that den when he first entered it, he would now have fallen down, and kissed its dirty, saw-dust covered floor.

  10. But how great was Richard's astonishment when, glancing from the objects just described towards the villain who had hurled him into that den of horrors, his eyes were struck by the sombre and revolting countenance of the Resurrection Man.

  11. I crossed the plank, and reached the ledge of which I have spoken: it terminated in the very street where stood the terrible den from which I had just so miraculously escaped.

  12. The den of the assassins had ceased to exist: it had been destroyed by gunpowder.

  13. Ellen thus lost her employment once more; and again did she repair to the den of the old hag who had recommended her to the statuary and the artist.

  14. Let's be off: the cold of this infernal den strikes to my very bones.

  15. That house was the den of wild beasts in human shape!

  16. Far away in dim distance, higher up the tidal river upon its other side, beyond the plains of water, the woods which enclosed Varney's Paintpot and the cave called the Bear's Den smiled remotely through a pearly veil of haze.

  17. The last bear seen in this region, Nix, had his den in the cave of a great rock in the thickest part o' the woods.

  18. En seyt haer: Schoone maeght, ick sweere by mijn leven, En by het ridderschap my van den prins gegeven, Ick sweere by het pant dat ghy voor oogen siet, Dat u mijn trouwe ziel oprechte liefde biet.

  19. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "den" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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