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Example sentences for "cranny"

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  1. They had called at Sawyer's Cottage by the way, and had seen every cranny of the narrow rooms in a mid-day light, unsoftened by blinds and curtains; for the furnishing to be done by gleanings from the rectory had not yet begun.

  2. But this is unique, and you seem to know every cranny of it.

  3. From where I stooped I could just catch sight of the sardonic face, with its rolling eyes, which scanned every cranny and crag.

  4. I sent him off with this to the servants' quarters, and dressed, though an indescribable sense of nervousness had taken hold of me; and I found myself peering into every cupboard and cranny like an old woman looking for a burglar.

  5. On the rocks there is no ledge or cranny which could give us proper harbourage; and starting from Breuil it is certainly impossible to reach the summit in a single day.

  6. Breuil commands a view of the southern side of the Matterhorn; and it was now an object with me to discover, if possible, upon the true peak of this formidable mountain, some ledge or cranny where three men might spend a night.

  7. Every nook and cranny of our lives were revealed to the other.

  8. Long had Curling Smoke crouched low in his cranny in the cliff-side.

  9. So she entered, though not without some uneasiness, and went on and up the rough uneven way, till she reached the huge cranny in the Chimney where the Wind sat, humming a whining song to himself, as he lounged against the Chimney wall.

  10. Can my poor feeble hand find a cranny anywhere through which it may reach the robe?

  11. Robertson returned to say that he had investigated every nook and cranny that a man might have hidden in, and found no trace of any one having entered the house anywhere.

  12. Huddled in a cranny where the breeze did not strike them, they wrung the water out of their clothes, and waited for dawn.

  13. For the great "Push" has begun, and fifteen thousand wounded are expected down here alone, and to cope with the work every available nook and cranny has been converted into hospital accommodation.

  14. Sir, it is drawn according to your directions; there is not the least cranny of the law unstopt.

  15. Lawyer, I believe there's many a cranny and leak unstopt in your conscience.

  16. The dwelling was like some bird's-nest ingeniously set in a cranny of the rocks, a clever and at the same time a careless bit of workmanship.

  17. For nearly four hours I watched the chirping couple, and peered, as I thought, into every nook and cranny of the place, but all in vain; neither nest nor bantlings could I find.

  18. If you trust the light, it will rush in and fill every crevice and cranny of your hearts.

  19. I do not believe that there are any people concerning whom it is true that it is impossible for the grace of God to find some chink and cranny in their souls through which it can enter and change them.

  20. The old manor looked more beautiful than ever to Helen, who loved every nook and cranny of it.

  21. He gazed anxiously into every nook and cranny of the ship.

  22. He was looking almost nonchalantly at the ceiling at the moment, when I saw his face change, saw his eyes suddenly drop like shot birds and fix themselves on the cranny of the door he had just left ajar.

  23. The two detectives who had traced the notorious bank robber to the drink saloon moved slowly through the compartments, searching in every nook and cranny of the building.

  24. But how can a woman resist a man who has had her often, who knows every crack and cranny of her body, has looked at her motte long enough to count every hair on it, a few rubs on her clitoris, and back she fell on the sofa.

  25. The moon behind the pine-tree branches was filling every cranny of her brain with wakefulness.

  26. Turning to the place from which the sound came I dimly saw a shadowy form which fled at my movement, squeezing itself through a cranny in the wall.

  27. All around, too, lay vast quantities of the costliest merchandise, and treasures were heaped in every cranny of the rocks, but all these things only added to the desolation of the scene.

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