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Example sentences for "gape"

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gaoled; gaoler; gaolers; gaols; gap; gaped; gapers; gapes; gaping; gapped
  1. I gape and yawn no more, answered Rhizotome.

  2. Since also Euphorion writes that in the isle of Samos, before Juno's temple was built there, he has seen some beasts called neades, whose voice made the neighbouring places gape and sink into a chasm and abyss.

  3. Well, anyhow, nobody likes his private affairs turned inside out for every one to gape at.

  4. It was cool still, and the dew had laid the dust; there was no traffic and scarcely anyone to look back and gape as he ran by.

  5. T is to ask, what now I ask thee, Of the rocks that in this desert Gape for ever open wide In eternal yawns incessant, Which is the rough marble tomb Of a living corse interred here?

  6. And further in pursuit I would have gone, Nor had my swift career Even ended here, But for this mouth that opening in the rock, With horrid gape my vain attempt doth mock, And stops my further way.

  7. Sycorax could not, proceeded Prospero, undo what she had done; it was his art alone that made the pine gape and set him free.

  8. The running streams do stand, and from Their course the stars do wreath, And souls she conjure can: then shalt See sister underneath The ground with roring gape and trees, And mountains turn upright.

  9. Thus when he boasts, gape earth, and hide my shame!

  10. The peculiar mobility of the jaw bones enables the Snakes to extend the gape in an extraordinary degree, and to work their prey down through the collapsed pharynx.

  11. Lady Hannah hung up the receiver, blew a contemptuous kiss into the gape of the celluloid mouthpiece, and turned to go.

  12. Then he stepped down under the yawning gape of the chimney, and seemed to grope and fumble at the back of the hearth.

  13. Education, wealth, leisure and all the shibboleths of caste and culture,--how easily they crack and gape before a touch of nature.

  14. Yet there were not wanting "greedy wretches to gape after the lands belonging to the Colleges.

  15. How will thy soul, cloven to its depth with terror, 55 Gape like a hell within!

  16. Dread Acheron from beneath Bursts in a whirlpool, with its waves of woe, And jaws that gape with pestilential death.

  17. The beardless cheeks, so fearful was the gash, Gape wide.

  18. Till War, impatient of the lingering strife That tires and slackens with the waste of life, Opes with engulphing gape the astonish'd wave, And whelms the combat whole, in one vast grave.

  19. In short, the Mind is not here kept in a perpetual Gape after Knowledge, nor punished with that Eternal Thirst, which is the Portion of all our modern News-mongers and Coffee-house Politicians.

  20. The grave doth gape and doting death is near; Therefore exhale.

  21. Let gallows gape for dog; let man go free, And let not hemp his windpipe suffocate.

  22. He'll be hang'd yet, Though every drop of water swear against it, And gape at wid'st to glut him.

  23. I now gape at Jupiter himself; I stare upon Orion and the stars.

  24. To compel the crowd to stand and gape is, in fact, an exercise of power.

  25. The weather is no new thing to you, to gape at and talk about.

  26. After her first gape of re-discovery, being a girl of parts, conscious that generosity was afoot, she edged her way to the front, stooped suddenly and caught at the hem of the red silk robe to kiss it.

  27. My poor father could have wished the ground to gape and swallow him, he said, he was so frightened.

  28. Good wot, I reckon so; but living men may die; and this pick never, for man or woman, opened a mouth that was left to gape long without victuals.

  29. What dost thou talk to me of Dukes, and Devils, Why do the people gape so?

  30. In writing vary your discourse and phrase; A frozen style, that neither ebbs nor flows, Instead of pleasing, makes us gape and dose.

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