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Example sentences for "gaped"

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gaoler; gaolers; gaols; gap; gape; gapers; gapes; gaping; gapped; gaps
  1. The slaves gaped at this sudden outburst and Ch'aka wheeled raising his club.

  2. They strained silently until the opening gaped wide and the next link fitted through the cut.

  3. The man gaped in comic dismay as Bud pounced on him and pinned him to the ground.

  4. As Duffy gaped in confusion, the officers suddenly flung their weight forward.

  5. As the shark's jaws gaped for a bite, Tom zoomed underneath the man-eater and slashed its belly with his knife.

  6. A large hole, some three feet six inches in diameter, gaped in the once orderly tin roof.

  7. When the party from the schooner came ashore it was occupied by some hundred or more Chinese, who came curiously to the doors and gaped at the newcomers till some of Lake's men roughly drove them back.

  8. A small leather envelope, worn slick by much handling, gaped emptily where it had been dropped in an angle of the wall behind the door.

  9. Between these two establishments gaped a recessed and cavernous entryway flanked by two big stone pillars of a dropsical contour and spanned over at the top by a top-heavy cornice ponderously and painfully Corinthian in aspect.

  10. The shoeblack, seeing now that here must be a millionaire, gaped so open-mouthed at his riches, that only after some time did he observe that the young man had gone and forgotten his bag behind.

  11. And while they gaped at it, the head of the baron came up through the trap-door of the vaults; he walked to the pulpit, went up into it.

  12. He gaped for a second at the prostrate Erich, and then turned his head to see Freddy Farmer standing a few feet away with a still smoking Luger in his hand.

  13. For a split second both gaped at each other.

  14. For a full five seconds he gaped blank-eyed at the spot where Freddy Farmer had stood by his side.

  15. Stunned, Dawson gaped at him in utter disbelief.

  16. Dawson gaped for a moment as though he couldn't believe his eyes.

  17. Like men struck dumb they gaped at the living room floor where the figures of three Nazis should have been, but where actually there were only some bloodstains to mark where they had once been.

  18. Inexorably Conan's arm bent under the strain; nearer and nearer he was drawn to the slavering jaws that gaped for his life.

  19. They approached it warily, seeing that moss and lichen crawled over the stones, and the broken roof gaped to the sky.

  20. Catching up his sword from where it lay in a stack of weapons near by, he lifted Olivia lightly from her feet and glided through an opening that gaped in the ivy-grown wall.

  21. He called loudly for his confederates--a band of inelegant infidels--and bidding them stand one by one at given distances, he gaped at them through the glasses with the hilarity of a schoolboy and the stupidity of an owl.

  22. His mouth opened again, and he gaped at them with a great, round, unseeing stare.

  23. He gaped and glowered for a speechless moment, then turned on his heel and went into the parlour, slamming the door till the windows rattled in their frames.

  24. His mouth gaped in horror, and he stared as if he saw them now.

  25. But Gourlay gaped at him across the table, his eyes big with surprise and disapproval.

  26. As Gourlay turned on his enemy, his face was frightfully distorted; all his brow seemed gathered in a knot above his nose, and he gaped on his words, yet ground them out like a labouring mill, each word solid as plug shot.

  27. Then presently young Farmer opened his eyes, and just gaped blankly.

  28. He gaped at the Jap in dumbfounded disbelief.

  29. The sergeant still gaped blankly, but the private first class who was with him seemed to collect his wits.

  30. The mouth gaped open with a hoarse, sucking sound, then struck, like a whip of light, at the doomed priest.

  31. Another appeared; the rifle came slowly to the man's shoulder as a pair of jaws gaped glowingly beyond the windows and an eye stared unblinkingly from its hornlike sheath.

  32. A thick-lipped mouth gaped open, and the gleam of molars shone white in the blinding glare.

  33. Monkeys gaped at them and exchanged undoubtedly witty comments upon their appearance.

  34. Mother: Ay, the night was frosty, Coldly gaped the moon, Yet the birds seemed twittering Through green boughs of June.

  35. The screams and hootings rose again: They gaped with raucous beaks, they whirred Their noisy plumage; small but plain The lonely hidden singer made A well of grief within the glade.

  36. And, while he faded, drunk with beauty's eyes I kissed bright girls and laughed deep in dumb trees, That stared fixt in the air Like madmen in despair Gaped up from earth with the escaping breeze.

  37. His purse, or rather his cheque book, gaped with desire to be at Logan's service, but had gaped in vain.

  38. At last Little Chicken lifted his head, opened his beak, and gaped widely.

  39. Then he lazily gaped again and stood up, stretching and yawning.

  40. Every day the ramparts gaped with cannon-shot; but every night, as if by miracle, they rose again.

  41. And a gorge sheered up in granite walls, and the moose trail crept betwixt; 'Twas as if the earth had gaped too far and her stony jaws were fixt.

  42. A hole gaped in the river ice; the spray flashed--that was all.

  43. A little crowd shivered and gaped beneath them, making, poor devils!

  44. I saw their starv'd lips in the gloam With horrid warning gaped wide, And I awoke, and found me here On the cold hill's side.

  45. Afterwards, the servants of the Rais came to visit me and found me taking coffee; they gaped with full (empty?

  46. The Turkish soldiers were here lounging about; they gaped and stared at me.

  47. This done, as connoisseur of geology, I stood stock still and gaped open-mouthed like an idiot, at the huge pyramidal ribs of The Rock.

  48. For one wild minute they held each other, and swayed to and fro as they struggled, while the girls shrieked in alarm, and the keepers, standing by the fence, gaped too utterly amazed to interfere.

  49. He paused on the threshold and gaped at us, open-mouthed.

  50. Je le veux," she said, and we drank in each other's souls, or gaped at each other like a pair of idiots just as you please.

  51. He gaped at me for a moment; obviously the question had never been put to him either by himself or anybody else.

  52. It is a "little rift which had seemed to be healed, or never to have gaped at all.

  53. Then the Balakian spoke, and Corelli and I gaped wider than Gibbons.

  54. The first Haslop gaped at him for a moment; then he slapped the other's hand off his arm and shook a bony fist in his face.

  55. Bronze vases, shaped like a lion's mouth, gaped at the corner of every square to receive the names of suspected persons.

  56. He seemed to lose his self- possession, gaped on Carrel for some seconds, then controlled himself.

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