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  1. Enough that she arranged with a friend, Madame de Chasserades, that she should take charge of me, and by the favour of our gaolers I was suffered to remain in the shelter of the Abbaye.

  2. Had our gaolers been upon the watch they must have observed our conversation to die out unusually soon.

  3. There at least--despite the roughness and contempt with which his gaolers ministered to him--he felt that he was considered.

  4. The convict-gaolers speedily marked the difference in the treatment of the chaplain, and their demeanour changed.

  5. Sylvia, with a touch of her old spirit, and jumped hastily at the conclusion that the gaolers were, perhaps, torturing the convict for their own entertainment.

  6. His gaolers were convinced of his death, and would search for him no more.

  7. I am aware that you will hear accounts of cruelty and tyranny, said, by the malicious and the evil-minded haters of the Government and Government officials, to have been inflicted by gaolers on convicts.

  8. Note, that gaolers buying their offices will deal hardly with pitiful prisoners.

  9. In the year 1414, the gaolers of Newgate and Ludgate died, and prisoners in Newgate to the number of sixty-four.

  10. The gaolers at once left off calling the family by their titles, and objected to Clery's making any requests in the name of the king, whom, to his face, they called Louis or Capet.

  11. Their lists went forth every evening, and were read out by the gaolers of the various prisons to their prisoners.

  12. Happily for Chang, his gaolers knew that he was very rich.

  13. In the end he offered his gaolers ten ounces if they would take him to Eternal Life.

  14. The gaolers exclaimed: "What he says is just.

  15. At a sign from the Governor, the gaolers threw themselves like tigers upon the little girl, closing a cruel pair of iron nippers on her pellucid and delicate jade hand.

  16. When the young man had gone back, filled full of hope, to his prison, the gaolers made their report to the Governor, who had already summoned ma-ma Lu.

  17. Gaolers are Gaolers all over the world, and Golden Fetters are always the lightsomest.

  18. He rose up, shook hands with the gaolers who had been principally with him since his incarceration, and with a firm and rather quick step left his cell, accompanied by Mr. Jonas, followed by two or three other officials.

  19. Depravity, ribaldry, drunkenness, gambling and debauchery there reigned unchecked in its dark dungeon, between gaolers and the lowest of their male and female prisoners.

  20. Big dogs, let loose at night in the courtyards, completed the system of surveillance; these were the most dreaded gaolers of all.

  21. The prisoners here cannot be so desirous of escaping as those in Europe, for I saw numbers of them, very slightly ironed, wandering about in groups or alone, in the place itself and its vicinity, without having any gaolers with them.

  22. Then I seated myself upon my bed, and waited resignedly for whatever punishment my gaolers might inflict upon me.

  23. It had shattered gaolers as well as gaol.

  24. Huang was also much alarmed, and devised a plan for killing Mr. Chou by bribing the gaolers to stop his food and drink; so that when his brother brought provisions he was rudely thrust back and prevented from taking them in.

  25. Mr. Ch'eng complained of this to the Viceroy of the province, who investigated the matter himself, and found that Chou was in the last stage of starvation, for which the gaolers were bambooed to death.

  26. When the latter beheld his son, he burst into tears, and declared that the gaolers had been bribed to beat him, which they did both day and night, until they had reduced him to his present sorry plight.

  27. O, there were desolation of gaolers and gallowses!

  28. But the poor man did not thus better his condition; for the torments of his mind, looking on himself as an apostate and traitor to the Church, he found to be more insupportable than any sufferings his gaolers put upon him.

  29. Perceiving now that they were upon the horns of a dilemma, the gaolers hesitated.

  30. That was another affair, for to ask for hot water would be to proclaim that rice spirit was being drunk in the prison, when gaolers as well as prisoners would be bambooed.

  31. Without making any reply, one of the gaolers opened the door and called aloud for the beverage.

  32. Yet the keeper of Newgate and other gaolers were sometimes kept within bounds.

  33. The place was full of horrors; the gaolers rapacious and cruel.

  34. So flagrant was the evasion of the law, that gaolers for a certain fee would assist accused persons to obtain a smattering of letters, whereby they might plead their "clergy" in court.

  35. But Malden once more nearly gave his gaolers the slip.

  36. During Garnet's imprisonment in the Tower, if his gaolers may be trusted, his consumption of that extra sack was not regulated by the rules of the Blue Ribbon Army.

  37. If the rest of my gaolers were not aware that the man who waited upon me was prisoner in my room, it was within the bounds of possibility, I argued, that they might mistake my step for his.

  38. My object, therefore, was to get the note under the door without our gaolers observing what I was doing.

  39. The withholding discharge from those entitled by law to go at large until all fees and duties were satisfied, an act amounting to false imprisonment, was a frequent complaint against the warden, as against all gaolers in the old days.

  40. This penalty was extended to the gaolers or keepers of prisons who permitted marriages to be performed within the walls, which had now become a very common practice in the metropolis.

  41. Archy, as he fully realised that his gaolers had escaped from him.

  42. It was many hours now since he had tasted food, and in his misery and despair he felt that he should be starved to death before his gaolers came again.

  43. His aunt and sister, deprived of the pleasure of tending him, had the pain of hearing his childish voice raised in the abominable songs his gaolers taught him.

  44. The government at last hit on the plan of sending to the bagnes of Toulon and Brest for several of the turnkeys and gaolers of those great convict depots, to whom the features of all their former prisoners were perfectly known.

  45. The most experienced officers were accordingly sent out, but they made no capture until one of the Toulon gaolers fancied he recollected the convict under the features of an elegantly attired lion on the Boulevard des Italiens.

  46. The seat in his prison was built of brickwork, still green, and he quickly tore it down to provide himself with missiles, which he laid out ready for use against his gaolers at their next visit.

  47. Each prisoner was marched out singly, escorted by two gaolers armed with loaded muskets.

  48. Trenck’s efforts did not flag till the very last hour of his imprisonment, nor did his gaolers relax their determination to hold him.

  49. The guards who were his gaolers were withdrawn.

  50. They had been sent to different prisons, but all the gaolers but one refused to admit them.

  51. The gaolers were obliged to deliver up a few prisoners, to save time.

  52. They subsequently retired to Finchley for security; but the gaolers of Newgate gaining information of their retreat, took Sheppard into custody, and once more conveyed him to "The Stone Jug.

  53. In the gaol of Newgate there was a hatch within the lodge in which the gaolers sat, which opened into a dark passage, from which there were a few steps leading to the hold containing the condemned cells.

  54. The three gaolers did not venture to object to this act of religion.

  55. Isabeau pointed to her three gaolers saying, “Arrest these three men.

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