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Example sentences for "buying"

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buye; buyed; buyer; buyers; buyeth; buyo; buys; buzz; buzzard; buzzards
  1. What was the origin of applying the term "marine store dealers" to shopkeepers buying and selling old metal, &c.

  2. It was straight business with me, buying and selling.

  3. I was simply doing business with the revolutionary party--buying and selling goods and trying to make an honest living.

  4. The idea of buying a baronetcy would have been thought simply droll, and knighthood was regarded as the guerdon of the successful grocer.

  5. The idea of buying a chimneypiece or a cabinet or a bureau because it was beautiful never crossed the ordinary mind.

  6. No, not the wealthiest, sharpest American who ever lived can possess European culture, by buying little pieces of it here and there, and hanging it up on his wall.

  7. I've been on the point of buying a mantilla," she had said.

  8. When that has made you a man, why don't they let you know that you have more goals to choose from than just different ways of making your living, most of them just buying and selling different sorts of things?

  9. Seriously he told her of the results of his promotion six months before from the "intelligence bureau," as he called it, to the real business of life, to buying and selling.

  10. They're all living in Europe now, buying villas and things out of the money the Company makes.

  11. Buying and selling, especially selling, that's where you get ahead.

  12. She had not had access to large libraries--many times not even to small ones; she had had little money for buying books and was so out of touch with the world that she had not had much initiative in trying to get hold of things.

  13. You are buying wine at a cabaret in the Place de Greve!

  14. I had also an idea just now, when I met you, of buying a house in the Place Baudoyer, the back premises of which join my garden, and would make a magnificent property.

  15. He used to say one should study geometry (surveying) just enough to be able to measure land in buying and selling it.

  16. But as to buying this house--you don't know what you're talking about!

  17. And how he had called in at Jobson's, and seen a Boucher sold, which he had just missed buying of Talleyrand and Sons in Pall Mall.

  18. Buying land--what good d'you suppose I can do buying land, building houses?

  19. In buying at ordinary market rates we get as much material to build up our bodies, repair their wastes, and give strength for work in 5 cents' worth of flour or beans or codfish as 50 cents or $1 will pay for in tenderloin, salmon or lobsters.

  20. One intelligent meat man gave his experience with a poor seamstress, who insisted on buying tenderloin steak at 60 cents per pound.

  21. First at one farm and then at another he could spy parties of blue jackets buying butter and eggs, poultry and cheeses, everything fresh from the land they could get.

  22. I hear a lot of the men were ashore buying things.

  23. It doesn't come under the head of my department, Mr. Merton; but this buying of stuff ashore and taking parcels aboard the ship, that does come under it.

  24. At this time I was much engaged in buying books that interested me, and I think it fair to say that a good quarter of my monthly stipend went for their purchase.

  25. My credulous friend complimented me on my luck in buying horses, and would no doubt have bought this second outfit from me had something not happened.

  26. I said: "Certainly, Sambo, but it strikes me as funny that you should take me to places where you know I have no idea of buying anything.

  27. We couldn't touch it after all this buying and selling with borrowed money, Vivienne.

  28. The whole story rushed back to her mind and with it the remembrance of her plan to outdo the rogues by buying the farm herself.

  29. Why, you are only buying one little wagon this year; I thought I saw you buying two last Christmas; one of the little ones has outgrown it, I reckon?

  30. People are busy painting pictures, writing poems, and making music all the world over, and busy making money for the buying or hiring thereof.

  31. He had set his heart upon buying all the shares in it, and sending it to Winifred.

  32. He was an old convict, sent out for some political offence many years ago, and had amassed a large fortune in buying and selling pearls.

  33. When I was a boy," he said in after years, "I half ruined myself in buying oranges and sweetmeats, in order to ascertain the effects of different kinds of diet on diseases.

  34. Why don't some of the thousand victims who have been swindled into buying this worthless stuff expose him?

  35. Mr. Scudder was principled against buying negroes,--but if he had not been, I should not have wanted any of their work.

  36. There is no security in buying coffee ready-ground; and we always look at the neat little packages of it in the grocers' windows with a shudder.

  37. Those who reside in sea-ports for the sake of stealing dockyard stores, or buying them, knowing them to be stolen.

  38. A practice in our army, which has been aptly termed the "buying of fetters;" it is the obtaining preferment at regulated prices.

  39. He went around the country buying up calves.

  40. Like a panther with his teeth pulled," said a woman who stood by the counter, buying a spool of thread.

  41. He went on to Milldam, buying there a handsome new outfit of clothing.

  42. But for the most part, I fear we are too much in the habit of buying simply what we like best, wholly irrespective of any good to be done, either to the artist or to the schools of the country.

  43. Enormous sums are spent annually by this country in what is called patronage of art, but in what is for the most part merely buying what strikes our fancies.

  44. Alas, Father, have you been buying more China?

  45. They were buying air-ship stock on the street down at Lotta's fountain, the last thing I heard.

  46. He is called "long" on the market, meaning that he is buying with the expectation that the market will go up and that he will sell out at a profit.

  47. This business is strictly cash, buying for cash and selling for cash, trading in securities of strong, dividend paying corporations and going steadily forward every business day in the year.

  48. Those who buy stocks judiciously, selecting choice securities whose value is well known, buying when values are depressed, and selling when sufficient advance occurs to give them a good profit.

  49. Buying a certain quantity of stock in one corporation is very much like an insurance company insuring the life of one man.

  50. This means that the buyer of a stock only deposits with his broker a small part of the value of the shares he is buying or selling.

  51. He will be a buying and selling machine, oblivious to all outside influence.

  52. Aunt Sophy often took her to New York or Chicago on her buying trips.

  53. She was forever buying a vivid necktie for her father and dressing up her protesting mother in gay colours that went ill with the drab, wrinkled face.

  54. But it's not so pleasant for Adele, now that she's growing up, having all the girls she knows buying their hats of her aunt.

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