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Example sentences for "buyers"

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  1. All were to be sold, separately, or in families, or in groups as buyers might desire.

  2. I soon sold to four buyers from the north, L.

  3. But your father says that now buyers care little for them washed.

  4. After the buyers have got up to what they consider a reasonable price they stop bidding.

  5. But when a ranch sells its wool to other buyers the manager has lively days, I can tell you.

  6. They send out word that they have wool for sale and the Eastern buyers swarm here like flies.

  7. If a man really does not want to sell he must not get the buyers there; if he does he must be content with what they offer.

  8. In the mean time, it became rumored about that the two boys who had returned with Mr. Stoddard and his trail foreman were buyers for a herd of cattle.

  9. Bargaining began on the smaller remnants, and once the buyers began to receive and brand, there was a flood of offerings, and the herd was made up the second day.

  10. Dodge City is a market where buyers and sellers meet.

  11. The few likely buyers who had been attracted to the catasta by the youthful appearance of the girl--hoping to find willingness, even if skill were wanting--now quickly drew away.

  12. The buyers seat themselves round an open courtyard, in the closed pens of which are the slaves for sale.

  13. Now what's the matter with your helping your county and country and humanity by organizing those two hundred waiting buyers in your own town?

  14. Likewise there is a lot of middle men and drummers, the buyers at the producer's end, the wholesalers or middle men at the consumer's end, with speculator and landowner at both ends.

  15. The fine is ten pounds for authors, five pounds for printers, two pounds for booksellers, and one pound for buyers who conceal a book bought.

  16. Officers and solicited buyers and receivers were required to take persons who at night were reasonably suspected of having or carrying such items, to an accounting before a Justice of the Peace.

  17. Aiders and buyers who know the item was stolen shall incur the same penalties.

  18. A felon who brought two buyers or receivers to justice was to be pardoned.

  19. This is to decrease the suits between buyers and sellers.

  20. Buyers and receivers of stolen goods may be prosecuted and punished if they knew the goods to be stolen, even if the principal felon has not been convicted.

  21. No lightermen nor buyers of coals may act as agent for any master or owner of a ship importing coals into London or else forfeit 200 pounds, because this combination has caused the price of coal to go up.

  22. The buyers of such fish may resell them in any other London market by retail, except than only Fishmongers may sell in shops or houses.

  23. Like penalties were given for buyers of such material knowing it to be false.

  24. Of course, I judged a good deal of the buyers by their manners to myself.

  25. Illustration] The buyers and sellers, too, many of them, looked not much better off than the poor beasts they were bargaining about.

  26. Every morning the buyers take out as many tickets of these three values as they think they can use, and are charged with the same by the book-keeper.

  27. As has been already suggested, the pickers are followed by the buyers and packers, and to these men, at central points in the fields, the mule-carts bring empty crates.

  28. Book Buyers are requested to order any Books they may require from their local Bookseller.

  29. On his return, he found that the red spiders had anticipated the pickers, and destroyed the entire crop, so that his work of years came to naught, as the buyers of course refused to pay to feed the spiders.

  30. I would then descant to buyers upon the freshness of the berries wet with the dews of heaven, but my ruse was soon discovered, and people refused to purchase such mucilaginous pulp.

  31. The solvability or capacity to pay of buyers cannot be taken into consideration here, because it is synonymous with the amount of counter-values which are to be measured.

  32. If we go deeper and inquire what originated this customary price and may continually change it, we come to the struggle of interests between buyers and sellers.

  33. Progress in civilization tends to bring the parties engaged in the struggle for prices that is buyers and sellers, nearer to one another, in so far as it uniformly decreases the cost of production, and increases the purchaser’s ability to pay.

  34. Gardner was speaking in a loud voice, making an announcement to the general public of buyers that had waited until Colonel Bishop had taken his choice of that human merchandise.

  35. Other buyers came and stared at them, and passed on.

  36. And we will say that if by combining we can, as workers, get better wages, and as buyers get cheaper goods, we shall do well and wisely to combine.

  37. You must never do these things with a gimlet, because the wood-dust gets in; and when the buyers pour out the brandy that would tell them that the tub had been broached.

  38. Yes, the smugglers: but the buyers must not know that the smugglers have been kind to me at their expense.

  39. The London daily papers advertise an agency that will supply buyers with either the Bleriot monoplane of the type Calais-Dover, the Latham or Antoinette monoplane, or the Wright and Voisin biplanes.

  40. When Abe entered the firm's showroom that morning it was nearly half-past eleven and Morris Perlmutter sat behind the pages of the Daily Cloak and Suit Record in a sulky perusal of the Arrival of Buyers column.

  41. Buyers is all right, Mawruss," Abe declared, "but I guess I been in this here business long enough that I could tell a buyer from a model.

  42. I bet yer he takes his pants under his arms and sees them Fourteenth Street buyers on his way downtown in the morning.

  43. A feller must got to entertain buyers once in a while, Abe," Morris said.

  44. The object of every publisher is, therefore, to turn his circulation from a medley of catch-as-catch-can news stand buyers into a devoted band of constant readers.

  45. From such sales my books were chiefly collected, and when I can no longer use them they will be again culled by various buyers according to the measure of their wants and means.

  46. The buyers of stock seem as indifferent as yourself about the definitive Treaty.

  47. Two and an eighth asked and no buyers is what they told me!

  48. Many have been entirely abandoned, the buyers losing the hard-earned dollars they had invested.

  49. It does not give us enough to compel Cuban buyers to trade with us because of lower delivered prices.

  50. To own a "Dore" was proof of a high appreciation of art, or else a lack of it--buyers did not know which.

  51. The pictures I painted were pretty bad, but I really believe they were equal to many that commanded large prices, and I succeeded in bringing a few buyers around to my views.

  52. The only buyers for his pictures came from England and America.

  53. Buyers from England now and then appeared, and several of Rubens' pictures had been taken to London to decorate the houses and halls of royalty.

  54. The tide of Meissonier's prosperity began to ebb: prospective buyers kept away; those who had given commissions canceled them.

  55. When thou art the only purchaser, then buy; when other buyers are present, be thou nobody.

  56. Buyers paused before his stall, and asked him:-- "How much for the shoes?

  57. Both are buyers and sellers to each other at the same instant; and, as always when both parties are alike benefited and satisfied with a trade, both will cheerfully and profitably continue the connection.

  58. There is never any obligation of the moral sort between buyers and sellers.

  59. Buyers and sellers are equally a market in relation to each other.

  60. As men are, a natural competition among buyers and sellers is just as needful to keep up the quality of goods as to keep down their price.

  61. Such natural action always increases the general diversity of relative advantage as among buyers and sellers.

  62. Monopoly is thus artificial restraint imposed on some buyers and sellers for the supposed benefit of other buyers and sellers.

  63. The effect of this is always to carry up the price of that, for which the buyers are many and the sellers relatively few.

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