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buyer; buyers; buyeth; buying; buyo; buzz; buzzard; buzzards; buzzed; buzzer
  1. And buys thy friendship high from hour to hour.

  2. It is applied by Cicero to a mean fellow, who buys at auction the confiscated goods of proscribed persons to retail again.

  3. Do you know anybody who really buys new books?

  4. Measure of exchange value The Igorot has as clear a conception of the relative value of two things bartered as has the civilized man when he buys or sells for money.

  5. After that he buys more beer, and we roam airily over the fields of literature, plucking here and there a blossom of quotation.

  6. Every one buys the papers and reads grimly of disaster.

  7. The steel trust owns mines, and ships and railroads to bring the ore to the furnaces; but the tobacco trust buys from the farmers.

  8. The ordinary investor in corporate stock "buys a pig in a poke" and trusts to the integrity of officers working behind closed doors, responsible to no one, too often speculating in the stock of their own companies.

  9. The employer does not hire a coachman each time he wishes to take a ride, but having summed up the advantages of a coachman's services, he buys them by the month or the year.

  10. He is assured that the article he buys is of standard quality, and if he wishes a cheaper quality there is no law to prevent his adulterating it for his own use.

  11. One who, having no special opportunities to know the market, buys or sells wheat, or other commodities or securities, on margin, is called a lamb.

  12. The music-teacher who buys a piano on credit expects to increase his earnings by a sum greater than the interest he has to pay.

  13. In the long run the ablest speculator probably buys at a little less and sells at a little more than the price really proves to be.

  14. The enterpriser, however, buys the services for ready money, embodies them in goods, and assumes the risk; the goods may sell for more or less than the wages.

  15. However fierce may be the competition for a time, sooner or later either one company drives out the other or buys it up, or both come to an agreement by which the public is made to pay higher prices.

  16. He may continue giving her everything she asks for, but if he buys her a Rolls Royce and a house in Park Lane she will be a dissatisfied woman, for "the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves.

  17. I asked for a rebate of ten pounds for necessary school books, and they wouldn't allow it, although I'm told that if a London merchant buys a London Directory he gets a rebate for the amount.

  18. He gets the sum agreed on the day he goes off, but up to then he lives in the house of the man who buys him, sometimes six whole months, and there isn't a horror in the whole world those fellows are not guilty of.

  19. He buys folly at the rate of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, while he pays for knowledge with large promises, and now ten shillings and again five.

  20. Under the cloak of a benevolent citizen he buys up public land for his own profit.

  21. A thing that buys the sweat o' men's brows, and the tortures o' their brains, at its own price.

  22. We keeps the hearse, that an' Boomerang; Armstrong's uncle buys 'em.

  23. Every man who becomes rich buys land, and does what he can to fortify the nobility, into which he hopes to rise.

  24. But it also introduces large classes into the same competition; the old energy of the Norse race arms itself with these magnificent powers; new men prove an overmatch for the land-owner, and the mill buys out the castle.

  25. If he is rich, he buys a demesne, and builds a hall; if he is in middle condition, he spares no expense on his house.

  26. The oniomaniac, on the contrary, neither buys enormous quantities of one and the same thing, nor is the price a matter of indifference to him as with the paralytic.

  27. It is, therefore, only the body which misfortune hands over to a master, and which he buys and sells; this inward part cannot be transferred as a chattel.

  28. Now all things are the property of the wise man; therefore the wise man buys nothing.

  29. They here saw a {Page 99} river with an island lying off its mouth, the river being known as Batavia River, and the island as Buys Eijland.

  30. Mr. Bailey has added these significant words: 'The tenant does not buy at the rent which the tenement at present stands at, but he buys with a possible increase or reduction of the rent?

  31. A dyvour buys your butter, woo and cheese, But, or the day of payment, breaks and flees.

  32. He thinks of nothin' but money and what it buys him, and it buys him nothin' but vulgaarity, suh.

  33. And then the farmer buys it, and now he wants to live there--we poor lice have prepared the way for him!

  34. He steals my hard-earned money out of my dress-pocket and buys brandy with it.

  35. A Frenchman visiting a theatre in London has no difficulties: he buys his seat at the office, is shown to it and the matter ends.

  36. I say no more because the collection is so vast, and also because a franc buys a most admirable catalogue, with facsimiles, beginning with the monogram of Charlemagne himself.

  37. Let our politicians condescend to lay aside their calculations for a moment, to reflect on these examples; let them learn for once that money, though it buys everything else, cannot buy morals and citizens.

  38. Yet all this respect costs him not a farthing: it is the rich man's right, and not what he buys with his wealth.

  39. Since every person who buys intends to get something useful, there is no consent and the contract is invalid, if one is given something harmful (e.

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