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Example sentences for "drives"

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driveling; drivelling; driven; driver; drivers; drivest; driveth; driveway; driveways; drivin
  1. Stalhanske rallies his Finlanders, drives back the Imperial cuirassiers, and bears away the King's body--easily distinguished from the rest of the slain by its heroic stature.

  2. In fact, everywhere we have to note the decisive practical eye of this man; how he drives toward the practical and practicable; has a genuine insight into what is fact.

  3. Darkness does not first cease, and then light enter; but light drives out darkness.

  4. A second fit of madness, wilder than the first, drives the man about the town like a tornado.

  5. She drives out the devils from his breast with quiet authority, and the peace of God enters into his soul.

  6. The christening party drives away to the church, while the mother lies in her chamber, quietly resting.

  7. Late in the afternoon a carriage comes to the door, and the planter drives away to the town with his two younger children.

  8. And patience life sustaineth, Adds to our tale of years; She drives away what paineth The heart, and stills its fears.

  9. The iniquity of the tax is the celestial scourge which drives us towards equality.

  10. And withal She neither drives nor urges, as with things Bound up with time and place and human will 'Twere natural to do.

  11. So drives the giantess to seek her mate, Joyless and choiceless, since they are the last.

  12. Day after day he works on with iron and claw-hammer, day after day he hammers slates and drives in nails, till he is done with hammering and nailing.

  13. It is a necessity for satisfaction, a growing hunger, which drives the animal to engulf its neighbor, to 'isophagy.

  14. No tack of sail, nor turn of helm, Nor sheer of veering side; Stern-fore she drives to sea and night, Against the wind and tide.

  15. Still shines the light of holy lives Like star-beams over doubt; Each sainted memory, Christlike, drives Some dark possession out.

  16. As for me, I don't take in boarders summer nor winter, but when the snow drives a man in I don't drive him out.

  17. As for being discontented, that's the one thing that drives the world around.

  18. That boy may be, or may not be, the genius he thinks himself, but he's got a brain that drives and torments him.

  19. The rose garden was then in bloom, the drives finished, the pictures hung.

  20. William had many things to face in those long drives out into the country, but the mean self- consciousness that he had been fooled was not among them.

  21. Those snails Jonas drives can't keep up with my trotter.

  22. He always drives through the turnpike, I observe.

  23. Blind covetousness, that casts its spell upon you, Has made you like unto the little child, Who dies of hunger and drives off the nurse.

  24. I cannot all of them pourtray in full, Because so drives me onward the long theme, That many times the word comes short of fact.

  25. There the embankment shoots forth flames of fire, And upward doth the cornice breathe a blast That drives them back, and from itself sequesters.

  26. Poetry alone, with the first throb of its metre, can tell us whether the depression is the kind of depression that drives a man to suicide, or the kind of depression that drives him to the Tivoli.

  27. It is usually some dishonor that drives them out of their own worlds; it may be so with him.

  28. If we should hear it reported of an Eastern nation that they habitually drink a liquor which flies to their head, drives them mad, and makes them very sick, we should say they are barbarians.

  29. The strange restlessness that has lain upon her all day is asserting itself with cruel vigor, and drives her forth into the shadows of the coming night.

  30. Breaking off a tiny blade of grass from the bank near her, she puts it between her pretty teeth, and slowly nibbles it with an air of utter indifference to all the world that drives Mr. Desmond nearly out of his wits.

  31. Walks and drives and staying at home were all one — except, indeed, that she rather liked best the latter.

  32. Ellen liked it, because it was so pleasant to him; and besides, there was a variety about it, and the drives were always her delight, and she chose his company at any time rather than that of her aunt and grandmother.

  33. It smoothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, And drives away his fear.

  34. And don't let her come near me, for she drives me mad.

  35. She talks to me, and talks to me, in a way that almost drives me out of my wits; and to-day she even struck me!

  36. But he did not feel within him the strong certainty that he would be able to take his life in hand and transform it, which drives doubt and sorrow out of a man.

  37. Why, anything to do with what they call color drives them quite mad!

  38. Next day the papers headlined Gregory Wenner: "Loss of a building drives to suicide.

  39. It drives the "messengers" over the sky, and the sails of the windmill, and makes the dead leaves dance upon the graves.

  40. They call oonts MOLES in some parts, so p'r'aps they calls a man as catches moles a molar, as they calls a man as drives a mill a miller.

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