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Example sentences for "driver"

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drive; drivel; driveling; drivelling; driven; drivers; drives; drivest; driveth; driveway
  1. A forty-man-power pile driver is rigged upon the bow end of a French river barge with forty soldiers tugging at forty strands of the main rope.

  2. A talk with the driver of an armed car, however, enlarged my perspective.

  3. It is reported by a cavalry officer that the driver of a motor car with a machine gun mounted on it, which was captured, was wearing a Red Cross.

  4. A uniformed driver sat in front, while the porter placed the luggage in a rear rack and climbed up behind himself.

  5. Pointing the machine still more upward, he seized a bunch of loose lint, used to sop up recurring leaks here and there, and with a handy screw driver he managed to stop the rent in the metal with a few sharp adroit punchings.

  6. I gives my driver the word to wait a bit, an' searchin' forth my tobacco outfit loads an' lights my pipe.

  7. The driver took this for reproach, and with a shrill burst of defence pointed to his smoking horses.

  8. He went to tell the driver to set down his bag at the house by the bridge, and then he walked down the hill after the little rumbling carriage, his hands thrust into the pockets of his blue flannel coat.

  9. When our harness broke this afternoon our driver said, "Che vuole?

  10. On the box, beside the driver of the lean brown horses, was a bright-eyed, neatly-dressed youth who was going with the ladies to Torre Amiata.

  11. The best driver on earth can't be a centaur, man!

  12. Some bit of harness, some pin, had given way, and the driver had dismounted to repair damages.

  13. On the instant the dogs and their driver set up a vociferous, startling yell.

  14. In such a case woe be to the driver who cannot take a piece of flesh out of any dog in the team at each snap of his merciless whip.

  15. He would not be a dog-driver again to an Arctic exploration--not he!

  16. This he readily assented to, and said at least four sledges should go with Petersen, if to each driver should be given a knife and piece of wood.

  17. Obtaining a screw-driver and a lantern from one of the engineers, he succeeded in obtaining possession of his stolen bag of gold.

  18. The driver mistook the way, and put her down at the back entrance.

  19. When she got to Westminster she told the driver to cross the bridge--and what railway station is the other end of the bridge?

  20. This enables the driver to go to sleep, and the plan, we were told, is a good one.

  21. Driver has been unjustly maligned, or whether he has sobered himself in the interval--he reappears in a more sedentary, and less discursive mood, and the journey home proves agreeably devoid of sensation.

  22. The driver was still clattering the coffee pot.

  23. There was a driver and another man in the front seat, both shadows against the moving blur of street lamps and night.

  24. Just then her driver came up, and with a tug at her mouth, backed her out of the line and drove off, leaving me very sad, indeed.

  25. Illustration] Jerry was as good a driver as I had ever known; and what was better, he took as much thought for his horses as he did for himself.

  26. To relieve the overburdened animals, the men walk part of the way and keep a sharp lookout for rattlesnakes, for the driver had hinted that we might encounter some, as they are known to be quite numerous in this locality.

  27. Mr. McDonald interviewed the driver to ascertain if his wagon was loaded with what had been ordered and found everything satisfactory.

  28. He perceived that the driver forgot the pipe, which he laid down at a hoff on the way, while slaking his thirst, and never told him of it.

  29. He was exulting in the hope of being able to travel to the next shop for pipes without inhaling tobacco smoke, when, to his mortification, the driver perceived his loss, and shouted out like a man in despair, Mein pfeiffe!

  30. The driver of this vehicle was a tremendous smoker, and Father Ignatius did not at all enjoy the fumes of tobacco.

  31. When near the door, he called to the driver to stop, and turn to the rectory.

  32. I could not believe the old stage driver that you had really brought him to a hospital.

  33. This meant that the Fire Bird was lost--couldn't tell which way to fly, and its driver did not know which way to direct the big red machine.

  34. The woman climbed into the carriage, and the driver turned toward the castle.

  35. Bid the driver take me to the railway station, and you must remain in the carriage.

  36. Leaving her trunk at the "baggage room" of the station, Beryl engaged a carriage driver to take her to the Suspension Bridge.

  37. The human clot had dissolved, the juvenile assembly had drifted away; and as no one appeared to claim the lost article, she signalled to the driver of the car passing just then, entered and took a seat in one corner.

  38. Gunner Isaac Lodge and Driver Horace Harry Glasock were selected in the like manner by the vote of their comrades.

  39. The driver and stoker were both wounded, the former being hit eight times and having both his arms smashed.

  40. The driver runs off, but Cuchulain outstrips him, meets Orlam first, and strikes off his head.

  41. At this, several persons came running into the zaguán, among them a stout mule-driver with an oil-lamp in his hand.

  42. That Tabuenca is a loud-mouthed imbecile," said the mule-driver as he took the money.

  43. For the four-horse Kremser chariots there was even a driver in jockey costume, who rode the saddle-horse.

  44. A single individual rarely hired one; either a family took possession of it, or you got in and waited patiently till enough persons had collected for the driver to think it worth while to take his whip and say, "Well, get up!

  45. As the driver spoke he eyed Ernest sharply.

  46. The driver eyed Ernest sharply and brought the buggy to a standstill.

  47. The good folks had not yet returned from a distant meeting-house, the grandmother of our driver being the only individual about the premises.

  48. The driver leaped off, and drew his steeds aside, barely in time to allow the runaways to pass without injuring us.

  49. A taxi-cab driver has been fined two pounds for using abusive language to a policeman.

  50. Or the reckless driver who has proven that he can't be trusted behind the wheel of a car.

  51. Sober, he was as careful and cautious a driver as you'd want--a perfectly reliable citizen.

  52. A witness has positively identified Manewiscz as the driver who ran away before the squad car arrived.

  53. The lab says that the driver of the car wore gloves.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "driver" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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