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Example sentences for "coachman"

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  1. The hammer-cloth, rich in heraldic designs, the powdered footmen in smart liveries, and a coachman who assumed all the gravity and appearance of a wigged archbishop, were indispensable.

  2. You have no idea what a fellow our coachman is; and the guard, such a fellow our guard!

  3. Brown staggered back in amazement, and stared so vacantly at the waiting coachman that the man was struck dumb.

  4. The coachman had ridden for the lady doctor; for it mattered nothing to the squire who came, as long as it were speedily.

  5. Will you come and find the coachman for me, Cosmo?

  6. Look here: my coachman left me in a huff this morning, and it was time too, as I find now he is gone.

  7. As it was, the driver pulled up at once; and immediately the coachman and I were at the heads of the other horses.

  8. Well, as I said, I was on the coach, and beside the proprietor, while the regular coachman was immediately behind us.

  9. As soon as we had loosed him from the coach, the proprietor directed the coachman to take him back to Dublin, and to bring another horse.

  10. Lady Jane made a gesture as if Mary King were a hopelessly weak good-natured woman; and shaking her head at her with a sort of lady-like vexation, ordered the coachman to drive on.

  11. Ellen knew her mother would like him the better for his height, for no one since the handsome coachman himself had had to bend his head to get into the room.

  12. She knew, it appears, that the road which ran past the house was the one leading from London into Hertfordshire, because she recognised the coachman who had carried parcels for her mistress many a time.

  13. The coachman was a boy of twelve or thirteen, new to that part of the world and with no idea at all how to make his way in the dark, through a lonely trackless waste, scattered over with pools of water and long heather.

  14. If I had not been there that coachman would have stunned you with the butt end of his whip.

  15. The captain gave evident signs of confusion: and I, after having commanded the coachman to stop, opened the door, jumped out, and invited the warrior to follow me.

  16. Having thus vented her indignation, she ordered her coachman to proceed, and I returned to the tavern, where I bespoke something for supper, very well pleased at the issue of this adventure.

  17. I told her there was no mortification I would not undergo, rather than endanger the repose of her ladyship; and, bidding the coachman drive on, wished her a good night.

  18. It says a good deal in favor of the population of a country, when even the coachman declines his whet.

  19. The coachman endeavoured to obey the order, but little Fanny was too quick for him.

  20. A coachman stood at the carriage door to wait upon his mistress.

  21. At the top of Portland Place the coachman took his way northwestward, first skirting the outer ring of Regent's Park and then making the gradually ascending slope of the Finchley Road.

  22. Those of Poppy's coachman had been reached.

  23. They entered the house alone, telling the coachman to call in half an hour, and to say that the count had given orders that he was to see him to take instructions for the horses in the morning.

  24. They soon steadied down into a long sweeping gallop, the coachman at times looking back and regulating their speed so as to keep the bait gliding along just ahead of the wolves.

  25. They therefore resolved to take the coachman into their confidence.

  26. The coachman they knew would have his knife.

  27. At breakfast next morning the boys attempted to relate their adventures, but their vocabulary being wholly insufficient, the coachman was sent for, and requested to give a full account of the proceedings.

  28. They directed the coachman to drive into the forest where they had had the encounter with the wolves, and when well in its shelter they stopped the sledge and alighted, and requested the coachman to do the same.

  29. The coachman was waiting for them in the stable, and they started at once in an opposite direction to that at which the meeting was to take place, in case Paul might by any possibility observe their departure.

  30. You will find my coachman with a light carriage ready for starting.

  31. The coachman assented, and taking their seats, they again drove on.

  32. The coachman looked round astonished, but at the sight of two pistols pointed at their heads, he and his fellow-servant, with a cry of alarm and astonishment, leaped from the box.

  33. It was evident to the boys, however, that the coachman was struck with the sound of the voice, as he rapidly spoke to the man sitting next him, and the latter once or twice endeavored privately to glance back.

  34. The coachman sat looking back, whip in hand, ready for an instant start.

  35. On reaching the end of the drive the coachman was about to turn, when the lads jumped to their feet, and commanded him to stop.

  36. A drive of an hour took them far into the heart of the forest, although the coachman drove much slower than usual, in order that the horses might be perfectly fresh when required.

  37. There he found a coachman who was willing to start immediately for Fontainebleau.

  38. There was no servant behind the carriage; the horses smelt the stable; my son, fearing their impatience, jumped down to hook the trace rather than have the coachman leave the box.

  39. By the bye, I was once told by a coachman that he was sure the Bicester hounds were a first-rate pack, for he had seen in the papers that no less than four lords hunted with them.

  40. I will not vouch for the accuracy of the story, but our coachman asserts that he saw this deerhound at play with a fox in our kitchen garden,--not a tame fox, but a wild one.

  41. The hackney-coachman on the street, when asked his fare, replied, “Six thousand livres.

  42. Lady Cheverel recognized the handwriting as Sarti's in spite of its tremulousness, and, going down to her carriage, ordered the Milanese coachman to drive to Strada Quinquagesima, Numero 10.

  43. Mr. Gilfil could not help going up to the old coachman and wringing his hand; but he was unable to speak, and only motioned to him to take a chair, while Warren left the room.

  44. Then he was sure of not receiving an order to obey which would be beneath the dignity of a coachman who, until now, had known no service but of the highest class.

  45. He held in equal contempt a presuming coachman and a master who did not keep his place.

  46. That night, "Cobbler" Horn's outraged coachman sought speech with his master.

  47. Right behaviour between master and coachman was, in his opinion, "the whole duty of man.

  48. The coachman turned to get upon the road to Chinon which was better than that to Sache.

  49. We got into the carriage and the coachman asked for orders.

  50. I heard him tell the coachman one day that I was a little blackguard, and he was to let me come and go as I liked.

  51. That evening, Mrs. Montague's coachman brought a note to the house addressed to Mr. Carl Morris.

  52. Finally coachman put me in dark place, powdered ears, and they got well.

  53. Coachman set little boy to brush flies off, but he'd run out in yard and leave me.

  54. The coachman suddenly checked the horses' speed: for some unknown reason he actually stopped short in the very middle of the country road between Helmsley Court and Beaminster.

  55. For after seeing Janetta she ordered the coachman to drive to the office of her husband's local solicitor, and in this office she remained for more than half an hour.

  56. Rodney felt relieved when the coachman banged the door of the carriage and mounted to his seat and drove off.

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