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Example sentences for "coachmen"

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  1. We had scarcely cast anchor in the port when a whole array of coachmen surrounded us, volunteering to drive us overland to Hamburgh, a journey of thirty-six miles, which it takes eight hours to accomplish.

  2. The little journey from Lubeck to Hamburgh is rather dear, on account of the almost incredible number of tolls and dues the poor coachmen have to pay.

  3. Horses prance and caper; coachmen and footmen shine in fluttering favours, flowers, and new-made liveries.

  4. But as for your coachmen I loathe them, and, since you undertake their defence, I shall not for the future show myself in your equipage.

  5. My postilions, my coachmen know it, driving in such fashion that no equipage is ever met which cleaves the air like mine.

  6. He puts respect into his reverences; and when our two coachmen carried our equipages past each other on the same, road, he read some documents in order to avoid saluting me.

  7. You must have often seen the Coachmen make Signs with their Fingers as they drive by each other, to intimate how much they have got that Day.

  8. The Coachmen took care to meet, jostle, and threaten each other for Way, and be entangled at the End of Newport-Street and Long-Acre.

  9. Half the hackney coachmen about this time were in league with thieves, being bribed by nocturnal depredators to wait about when a robbery was imminent, and until it was completed.

  10. The coachmen of even great people were committed to Newgate for contravening the Star Chamber order as to the route they should take to and from the playhouse in Blackfriars.

  11. The Mohammedan coachmen and runners generally wear the colors of their masters in the same manner as other native servants do.

  12. Stately carriages with murky coachmen and fore-runners in white garments arrived in long lines at the pier with the guests of the day.

  13. It was a frequent practice, notwithstanding the apparent difficulty of maintaining one's perch for a long weary journey and sleeping by the road, for these old coaches to be overloaded at the top, and coachmen fined for it.

  14. One of the chief characteristics of the old coaching days was the close association of coaches and coachmen with, and keen interest taken in them by, the inhabitants of the towns through which the principal coach routes passed.

  15. Coachmen require high wages, and carriages are frequently injured by collision with omnibuses; these are among the reasons given for the very general use of hired vehicles.

  16. The coachmen are generally blacks, and the horses are stout animals, with cropped tails.

  17. But in amusing contrast, the coachmen all looked like wild Irishmen enlisted for the occasion, and drove in a standing posture.

  18. Then a murmur of respectful admiration ran through the crowd of ladies, and the coachmen sat up straighter and flicked their horses.

  19. So great at last became the number of vehicles that both lines were absolutely unbroken, crowded to such a point that the coachmen could do no more than walk their horses.

  20. They therefore prayed the house that none but Protestant hackney-coachmen may have liberty to keep and drive hackney-coaches.

  21. If coal-porters and hackney-coachmen might address the Honourable House, why not footmen?

  22. Noel's party I distinctly noticed that the coachmen did not fraternize with their grooms, nor the valets with the footmen and the lackeys, any more than the steward or the butler would mix with the lower servants; and when M.

  23. Amid an eddy of carriages arrested by the block in the traffic, or that passed slowly round the obstacle, with thousands of curious eyes, amid cries of coachmen and clinking of bits, two wrists of iron shook the entire vehicle.

  24. Not content with this they ripped the lace off his clothes, and took from the coachmen all the money he had about him.

  25. Levee stopped the coach and without more ado, ordered both the coachmen and footman to jump the ditch, or he'd shoot them.

  26. On his first inquiry he was told, with the impertinence peculiar to hired hackney-coachmen and inn-keepers with their houses full, that there was no room for him at the Hotel de Londres.

  27. The consternation written legibly on the faces of the coachmen made the whole crew of children burst into irrepressible laughter, it pictured so visibly the agitation of mind into which the entire Schloss had been thrown.

  28. It has seemed to me that our coachmen are often in danger of being pulled over by their horses; and certainly, when an accident happens in a collision they are easily thrown from their boxes.

  29. It was the custom for many years in Spain to drive postillion, because a coachman of the Duke of Olivarez having overheard and betrayed a state secret, the duke ordered that coachmen should no longer be allowed in Spain.

  30. Now many coachmen as drives a first-rate team'd put it on, and try and pass 'em.

  31. Then they all did so, and the market seemed to settle at that price, a great gathering of coachmen surrounding us and expatiating on the superior merits of their various horses and the comfort of their vehicles.

  32. The horses are grazing upon the moor, All underneath a green hill’s side, And in their beds the coachmen snore.

  33. If coach nor coachmen I can get, All underneath the green hill’s side, I’ll tramp on my feet through dry and wet.

  34. For the keeping of three coaches of state, twenty-four coach-horses, with coachmen and postilions.

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