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Example sentences for "footman"

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  1. In the meantime, the footman dispatched in pursuit of Mr. Peters speedily overtook that feeble gentleman.

  2. He commanded the footman to overtake the old gentleman in the white wig, to offer him his protection on his way home, and in no case to show his face again without having ascertained where he lodged, and who he was, and all about him.

  3. On the evening of the 9th, Doctor Hedstone's footman knocked at the Judge's door.

  4. He knew it was Dingly Chuff, fifteen years ago a footman in his service, whom he had turned off at a moment's notice, in a burst of jealousy, and indicted for a missing spoon.

  5. Then, when I was meditating on the propriety of a second appeal, the door was opened and a very sleepy-looking footman asked me, rather gruffly, what I wanted.

  6. A railway-bridge was passed and a pine-wood aglow with the sunset, and a footman stepped down from the box to open a swinging iron gate.

  7. Lady Jane looked angry; and all wondered at Mrs. Gould's want of tact, but at that moment the footman announced Messrs.

  8. A gorgeous footman opened the door, and, with a momentary display of exquisite ankle, a slim young girl stepped out.

  9. His blood spattered over the white enameled banisters and doors until finally he was dragged out of my mother's clutches by an old footman who placed his broad back between the Imperial Highness and her victim.

  10. Miss Gwynne rang the bell authoritatively, and the footman entered.

  11. She found a footman awaiting her, who told her that his master had sent him in search of her, and was in a state of great anxiety about her.

  12. The poor footman can scarcely keep up with her; he has not found the last twenty years at Glanyravon productive of the same lightness of step to him, as to his young mistress, and wishes she were a little less agile.

  13. On the lowest step, bare-headed and expectant, were the old butler and footman she had left when she went away; she shook hands with each, and they almost rung her hand off.

  14. Then she turned angrily upon the discomforted footman as she drew the girl into the house.

  15. Inquire if Mrs. Hendrie is at home," said the footman loftily.

  16. Nor were these lessened when the door was opened with magical abruptness, and she found herself gazing up at the liveried footman in wonder and dismay.

  17. She bowed, and so did I, and then she withdrew her head, while Arthur screamed to the footman to let him out; but before that functionary could descend from his box a hand was silently put forth from the carriage window.

  18. The footman had already opened the great folding door to usher the illustrious visitor to his carriage, when a lady stepped from the drawing-room and touched him on the sleeve.

  19. When the footman was gone she suddenly tore off the upper part of her dress.

  20. With his teaspoon in his hand he peeped round the corner and saw with amazement that a carriage and pair were waiting outside, and that a powdered footman was standing at the door.

  21. An instant afterwards the drawing-room door flew open and the footman ushered in the famous physician.

  22. The footman nodded and was off in an instant, while the coachman lashed his horses and the carriage flew down the street.

  23. The polite footman followed behind along the messy flags, muddy and full of pools; the brougham followed behind him.

  24. When the footman had inquired for orders she felt at a loss: certainly she did not want to go to see anyone, nor to buy anything, nor to inquire about anything.

  25. Some ten years later found Leonard Greenleaf once more--but this time with only a brougham and a footman to meet him--on his way to stay in a country house.

  26. When the man from the cook-shop under the archway and the footman entered the room, it was pitch dark.

  27. He was in this frame of mind when there came a light rap on his door-slate; and two ladies appeared on the threshold of his studio, with the shaven face and cockaded hat of a tall footman over-topping them from behind.

  28. She replaced the photograph, laughing, and took his arm, leading him round the room and giving him the history of her trophies, until a footman knocked and announced that luncheon was on the table.

  29. He handed his hat and cane to a footman and followed the butler upstairs with complete self-possession.

  30. What shall I do if that horrible footman opens the door?

  31. Soon a footman threw open the folding doors that led into the small drawing-room where the heiress usually sat, and announced, in a loud voice: "M.

  32. The footman opened the door, and while Herminie hastened to Mlle.

  33. I only remember that the footman told us that the house where she lived was in a very quiet street, and that there was a garden, into which one could look through a small latticed gate.

  34. Beaumesnil, and as the duchess, whose bosom was heaving visibly, kept her eyes fixed upon the floor, the footman had time to close the door and make his escape before Herminie recognised Ernestine.

  35. He held the footman who answered the door by the button-hole, and would have gladly paid the man half-a-crown a minute for his time while he asked anxious questions about Miss Floyd's health.

  36. Her gentle summons was answered by a tall powdered footman in blue and silver livery.

  37. Carteret, which I did, and by and by most opportunely a footman of his came to me about other business, and so I sent it him by his own servant.

  38. The footman dropped a plate; stooping for this, he brought down three or four spoons and forks in his agitation.

  39. The Earl turned sharply; the footman began setting out the tea things.

  40. Reaching the hall I bade a footman summon my carriage, but on second thoughts countermanded the order and, donning hat and cloak, set out to walk home to my chambers.

  41. Instantly the footman made his appearance.

  42. Neither the visitor nor the footman had got out of sight or hearing when they heard the old man groan and fall back helplessly into a chair.

  43. Armstrong read it, stared at it a moment frowning heavily, passed it over to the footman and turned to the stricken father.

  44. We'll make the prop footman work for once in his life--no, we'll do it ourselves.

  45. Side by side the girls worked; they forgot their luncheon, then sent the sad-faced footman in search of a delicatessen store, and ate ravenously with a newspaper for table-cloth.

  46. This Adoree's sad-faced footman had held upon the front of the automobile during an embarrassing trip up Fifth Avenue and Riverside Drive.

  47. On arriving at the house, the footman waited to help her down, but she exclaimed, “I am going to jump off and you must catch me.

  48. She made no sign, suppressing her suffering until Disraeli had disappeared within the doorway, when she called to the footman to release her.

  49. Her active fingers had just wound the last crimson and white roses together, when a footman knocked at the door.

  50. They went up a flight of steps, the waiting-maid exchanging words with a footman who passed them, Julia treading lightly under her load of flowers.

  51. The doctor shook hands with me in the hall, leaving the workman-like footman to open the door.

  52. The same evening I left the house, and I have never once given the clumsy and expensive footman the trouble of answering the door to me since that time.

  53. Thus it happened that we were certainly a poor family, in spite of the fine appearance we made, the fashionable street we lived in, the neat brougham we kept, and the clumsy and expensive footman who answered our door.

  54. But instead of complaining, the kind creature kissed and made much of her footman by stealth, after his day's work.

  55. As I expressed again my entire willingness to abide at Hopefield Manor as long as she wished, the footman announced Mr. Hartley Wiggins.

  56. A strange footman admitted me, and I went to my room at once without meeting any one else.

  57. And the footman stated, with undisguised amazement, that the shabby young man was actually sitting at the same table with master!

  58. The first she gave to the footman to post; the second she charged him to send by special messenger to Richmond.

  59. Over the bad and hilly roads of a hundred and fifty years ago, the running footman could readily keep ahead of a carriage; on the flat the horses, of course, had the advantage.

  60. Unscrewing it, the footman could refresh himself.

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