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Example sentences for "banisters"

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  1. I went tiptoeing into the hall and peeped over the banisters while Ella opened the door.

  2. The Judge did not see him, nor did he see the tearful face of a young girl leaning over the banisters above.

  3. She hearkened over the banisters for his voice, heard it, and summoned all her courage.

  4. On his way down he met some Collegians bringing up visitors to be presented, and at that moment Mr Dorrit happened to call over the banisters with particular distinctness, 'Much obliged to you for your little testimonial, John!

  5. She did not skim over it, but walked down it, and guided herself by the banisters on account of her candle having died out.

  6. I walked round to Putley, and fortunately he was out, so I had a good excuse to let the banisters slide.

  7. Gowing called, and said the stairs looked ALL RIGHT, but it made the banisters look ALL WRONG, and suggested a coat of paint on them also, which Carrie quite agreed with.

  8. Leaning far over, grasping the top rail of the banisters to steady herself, she said to the servant in a low, restrained voice: "If that is Dr.

  9. They had mounted the steps of the porch and were now entering the wide colonial hall--a bare white hall, with a staircase protected by spindling mahogany banisters and a handrail.

  10. Earle's face was poked over the banisters above them.

  11. Afterward the dog stayed on the front porch, where Earle smoked one silent pipe after another, then knocked the ashes out on the banisters and went into the house.

  12. Owgooste was smacked from hour to hour, and wept upon the front stairs; the dressmaker called over the banisters for a hot flatiron; expressmen tramped up and down the stairway.

  13. He went silently up the stairs, leaning against the banisters at the stair-head.

  14. The end came suddenly; Hill was halfway upstairs, holding on to the banisters with both hands and shaking them till they rattled.

  15. The walls were advancing and retiring, the banisters swayed and the floor of the landing heaved gently like a pitching boat.

  16. As they pressed forward to the door of the ball-room, Jack gripped the banisters to make sure that he was awake.

  17. The trouble with your banisters is that they are poor ones.

  18. It was wide enough and strong enough to have taken a coach and four, the pillars that supported it were exquisitely carved, as were the banisters and rails.

  19. But, halfway up the stairs all three halted and stood clinging to the banisters as though listening to something on the floor above them.

  20. Then, from the banisters above, Neeland and Sengoun saw Brandes, moving stealthily, swiftly, edge his way to a further door.

  21. Two of them lay still; one rose immediately and limped on again down the hallway, calling over the banisters to those below: "The Germans on the leads 'ave busted into the garret!

  22. As he was passing into the hall, Peter looked over the banisters and saw him.

  23. And Peter lay still in her arms and smiled, for it seemed to him that the angel leant over the banisters and whistled softly, "I'm coming.

  24. Leaning out across the banisters with bare feet shivering against the cold linoleum, he lost little of what was said.

  25. Staring back through the mahogany banisters her face looked fairly striped with astonishment.

  26. At the top of the stairs, her arms holding tight to the banisters for support, sat the May Girl!

  27. Master Herbert, who had fallen over the banisters and injured his nasal organ.

  28. The children are well: Herbert fell over the banisters yesterday, but fortunately without injury.

  29. The banisters and staircase landings were decorated with great pots of glossy greenery.

  30. Clinging to the old banisters he walked slowly downstairs, and crossed the marble-floored hall, the soft-footed durwan opening the door for him noiselessly, he passed out to the busy street.

  31. Nevil was going upstairs as I crossed the hall and he called to me across the banisters that Wayband had sent back my revolver and he had opened it.

  32. He rearranged his books and hunted up half-forgotten treasures, slid down the shiny banisters fifty times a day and dispelled the silent lurking shadows with a merry whistle and a laugh that woke an echo in quiet rooms.

  33. Looking over the banisters I saw George Coney come in.

  34. Her cheeks were crimson; she beat the banisters savagely with the paper roll.

  35. See here, young lady, you'll go over the banisters head first if you don't undouble yourself pretty soon.

  36. She found the little cripple leaning over the banisters listening to the sound of voices.

  37. And never slides down the banisters or slams doors," Belle added, right merrily.

  38. This was so far true, that they were engaged in peeping over the banisters to see who their visitors were, in dressing-gowns and curl-papers.

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