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Example sentences for "gripped"

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gripes; griping; gripings; gripman; grippe; gripper; gripping; grippit; grips; gripsack
  1. Ryanne gripped his companion by the shoulder, and there was enough pressure in the grip to cause the recipient to wince.

  2. His hands gripped the linen and the coffee-cups rattled.

  3. The chilly aspect of his listeners told him that he had not gripped them; a swift ranging back to the last speech supplied the cause.

  4. And whilst his brain sped along those twin paths, his arm sprang out and gripped the fellow by the throat.

  5. His powerful hands each gripped a long ear which he twisted and squeezed at his pleasure.

  6. Judd gripped it in a daze as the stands roared.

  7. He began to play simple home melodies and popular songs which gripped at the heart strings of every fellow present.

  8. In each hand he gripped a bulging suitcase.

  9. His strong, solid figure, confronting her so ruthlessly, gripped her imagination, of which she had a world.

  10. The man before him gripped his imagination.

  11. He opened the bag and began to take out the securities--long greenish-yellow bundles, tightly gripped in the center by thick elastic bands.

  12. At the same time she had an affection and an admiration for the man which gripped her in spite of herself.

  13. Cowperwood merely gripped her hands and shook her vigorously, forcefully.

  14. But, back on the field presently, with the ball arching away overhead, he forgot his stage-fright and gripped his nose-guard with his teeth and piled into the play.

  15. Fright gripped him and in a panic he strove to get command of his limbs.

  16. The excitement of it gripped the Lee family.

  17. The jealousy that had been slumbering within her heart suddenly gripped her.

  18. Peggy gripped Keineth's hand so hard that it hurt.

  19. Then she slipped, slipped down, fathoms and fathoms it seemed--a dreadful choking gripped her, like tight arms upon her chest!

  20. Her body lifted slowly; her hand, flung upward, gripped something soft but firm in her clutch--the water splashed about her!

  21. She clenched her teeth tightly and, because she was in mortal terror of slipping off from the pony, she gripped her knees with all her might against his shaggy sides.

  22. He gripped the boulder with his arms and hands.

  23. He gripped it with both hands, but still staggered off-balance as he swung it up over his shoulder.

  24. He set his teeth on that covenant, in grim determination; either there was a strain of the bulldog latent in the Kirkwood breed or else his infatuation gripped him more strongly than he guessed.

  25. Panic gripped his soul and shook it, as a terrier shakes a rat, when he conceived this frightful proposition.

  26. But he could do nothing, and she herself felt that the hand of Death had gripped her.

  27. Glover and Dancing, getting their hands through the belt from either side, gripped him, and Young uncoiled from his right hand a rope noosed like a lariat.

  28. He leaned over to me, and gripped my hand where it lay on the saddle-bow clutching the reins.

  29. Just then he thought he heard a suspicious little sound like a gasp behind him; and it seemed as though a cold hand gripped his heart.

  30. Each of them gripped his rifle, and was filled with a grim resolution to use this weapon should necessity compel such tactics.

  31. Suddenly Crotin leaped at him in a blind fury, but the colonel gripped him by the throat with a hand like a steel vice, and shook him as a dog would shake a rat.

  32. Propped against the wall was Jack o' Judgment, and the hand that gripped his breast dripped red.

  33. The Portuguese smiled sheepishly, walked to the wall and gripped the handle.

  34. She made as though to sit at the table when he gripped her arm and swung her round.

  35. Then he gripped the handle, and, flinging the door open, stepped in.

  36. King Frost gripped the world in firmer fingers, the sun grew more brilliant, the sky more blue.

  37. In such a crowd no one dare leave her luggage unguarded, and so it was either gripped tightly to the body, even in sleep, or else was utilised as a pillow.

  38. He gripped me and we went down side by side, rolling over each other.

  39. Thus he could not in the very least account for the fiery flare of rebellion that gripped him at this ramrod-like Prussian's command to defile the emblem.

  40. He made one of a half dozen who gripped the rope and started to pull the ancient apple woman to the deck.

  41. The policeman leaned forward to strike at the giant, but Ivan of the Bridge gripped the left leg of the horseman and tore him from his saddle.

  42. The corporal gripped Kennedy's wrist and held him fast, then led him in silence back to his place.

  43. Ay, for youth and strength," he muttered as he gripped the plow.

  44. He was aware of his inability to express in words what he felt and wanted, and all his trouble and general dissatisfaction rose up and gripped hold of him.

  45. The boy swung his body into space and gripped the rigging.

  46. She spoke in a whisper and gripped her fist for emphasis.

  47. With a steady pull he lifted the resisting hand which gripped the gun away from the man's side while Webb struggled, cursing as he found himself unable to resist that strength.

  48. Billie did not say anything, but she gripped Vi's hand hard.

  49. It was not a pretty sight, and with a little exclamation of disgust, Teddy reached down, gripped the fellow's collar and jerked him to his feet.

  50. Then at last, inevitably, the temptation came--came and grew and shut about her and gripped her close.

  51. So ran the interpretation of Howkan, whose inherent barbarism gripped hold of him, and who lost his mission culture and veneered civilization as he caught the savage ring and rhythm of old Imber's tale.

  52. He gripped his gaff with angry determination and projected himself towards the hummock of Arctic ice.

  53. Billy gripped his club and let the fire freely ignite the end of it.

  54. Wherewith he gripped her gorge with so great pain.

  55. Michael's voice was stricken, and his great athletic hand gripped Sam's hard skinny one, and Sam in the darkness gripped back.

  56. Michael gripped his hand and blundered out some words of thanks.

  57. The long scrawny throat worked convulsively, the hands gripped each other savagely.

  58. Sam somehow seemed to have an intuition when to meet him, and the two gripped hands and walked home together across the salt grass, Michael telling in low, halting tones all that Buck had said.

  59. Diemann gripped his handle-bar tightly as he shot through the sandstone gates.

  60. The fullback falls across the line, the ball gripped in his convulsive hold, just as the linesman's whistle blows.

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