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  1. Among the moral and mental characteristics of the people, the first place is due to their intellectual ability.

  2. We possess but few notices, and fewer assured representations, from which to form an opinion of the physical characteristics of the Babylonians.

  3. I will but casually refer to two salient characteristics of the enormities of bygone times—to novels and to the theatre.

  4. He dives deeper into fire characteristics than to think chiefly of its warmth.

  5. Many of these characteristics noted by De Morgan may still be seen among the women of the islands.

  6. It is often affirmed that sons more frequently inherit characteristics of their mothers, while to the daughters are bequeathed the traits of their fathers.

  7. These characteristics manifested themselves so naturally that they were part and parcel of the man.

  8. One subspecies in the subgenus Trinomys differs from the general characteristics of the subgenus in sometimes showing a small main fold in P4 whereas it is large in all other cheekteeth.

  9. These literatures are true in so far as they reflect the characteristics of the nations from which they spring.

  10. The Whitely mills were significant of the new Bremerton, now neither village nor city, but partaking of the characteristics of both.

  11. In trying to maintain by force the exact limits and characteristics of the primitive home, we succeed only in making a place modern man is not at home in.

  12. We stand at the top and continue to grow, but we still carry with us many of the characteristics of the lower branches.

  13. Race characteristics belong in equal measure to either sex, and the misfortune of the house-bound woman is that she is denied time, place, and opportunity to develop those characteristics.

  14. Such free great lives as have been here and there attained by women show the same broad human characteristics as similar lives of men.

  15. However, Miss Hanford, I shall place your card in the 'eligible' file and have your characteristics checked.

  16. The fixing of the specific gravity of a stone also determines its group position with regard to weight; its colour and other characteristics defining the actual stone.

  17. To describe adequately their characteristics with relation to light would alone require the space of a complete volume, and the reader is referred to the many excellent works on physics (optics) which are obtainable.

  18. In a way their characteristics were similar.

  19. But the victorious general was still the same Andrew Jackson; he did not leave New Orleans without exhibiting some of the characteristics that were so well known in Tennessee.

  20. The same may be said of certain characteristics of the still more vandalic war dance.

  21. It is true, that with some few exceptions, they possess habits and characteristics which render them difficult to approach; but still, they are only what the Creator of us all has made them.

  22. The long low flat mass which the finished tomb presented to the eye is wanting in grace, but it has the characteristics of strength and indestructibility well suited to an "eternal house.

  23. Everywhere we observe the traits of character distinctive of the individual and his position, rendered with a scrupulous fidelity: nothing is omitted, no detail of the characteristics of the model is suppressed.

  24. The men of the same social footing are not so interesting--to me; but, nevertheless, they possess many characteristics which claim attention and deserve applause.

  25. Now let me describe the characteristics of love for Krishna.

  26. You have not told me of the true characteristics of end and means.

  27. But these same characteristics can describe lawyers, businessmen, and secretaries.

  28. Metallurgical and ceramic engineers test and evaluate the strength, durability, and other characteristics of materials to be used in the fabrication of equipment, and they produce new materials for specific jobs.

  29. In the natural course of growing up, however, some people acquire or develop certain characteristics that are most commonly found in successful scientists.

  30. Consummate address and never-failing prudence were the great characteristics of the English commander.

  31. So far away were they that they looked like small children, and only the fact that they did not present the characteristics of Indians led to the assumption that they were Noddy Nixon’s companions and himself.

  32. I hold, however, that the essentially different varieties of composition are the three following only, to which any one who likes may assign the appropriate names, when he has heard their characteristics and their differences.

  33. For the characteristics of the various modes cp.

  34. He began at the beginning and favoured us with an analysis of the characteristics of the first gathering of a representative assembly under Alfred the Great.

  35. But he has improved upon the ancestral pattern and become a pest of formidable characteristics and dimensions.

  36. I shall come to the consideration of the great colonial labour question by-and-by, but the attitude of the working man is curiously consonant with the monetary characteristics of the land he lives in.

  37. But a year or two after his return, he was joined by a Labour representative who displayed the characteristics of altogether a different sort.

  38. It is possible, without confusing the individual characteristics essential to each, to discuss these principles under the comprehensive rubric of Art.

  39. The term applies to the method of those who choose to render what is less comforting in life, who insist on those characteristics of things which men call ugly.

  40. The characteristics of the State correspond to the low stage of evolution to which it belongs.

  41. From this characteristic we may deduce all the characteristics that are peculiar to the common substance of the different legal systems of this family in contrast to the common substance of the different legal systems of other families.

  42. Sobriety and equity are the obvious characteristics of a limited circle.

  43. These concepts of law, State, and property contain all the characteristics that belong to the substance of a particular legal system.

  44. These concepts of law, State, and property contain all the characteristics that belong to the common substance of the different legal systems of this family.

  45. From this characteristic we may deduce all the characteristics that result from the special substance of this system of law in contrast to other such systems.

  46. These concepts of law, State, and property contain all the characteristics that belong to the common substance of the most different systems and families of laws.

  47. All this is a discussion of the characteristics which the State of to-day would have to possess if it were to deserve to be characterized as a voluntary association.

  48. Private property, when it exists in all things without distinction, has such characteristics as correspond to the low stage of evolution to which it belongs.

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