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completest; completing; completion; complex; complexes; complexional; complexioned; complexions; complexities; complexity
  1. He was tall and well formed, and his complexion was fair, being scarcely tanned by the sun's rays.

  2. His complexion was rather fair (color de trigo is the description of a Spanish missionary who knew him), his eyes and eyebrows dark, his countenance handsome.

  3. When we know the time and complexion of the meeting of Parliament, it may be advisable to discuss further what will then be to be done.

  4. The harsh lines of the mouth are softened, the eyes look bright and pretty, the complexion comes out in all its sweetness like the glorious rainbow of a week ago.

  5. But, after all, the complexion is only a small part toward the making of a beautiful woman.

  6. A thick porterhouse steak, broiled quickly and well seasoned with salt, pepper and butter, or rare little chops of lamb, are always excellent tonics, as well as complexion tinters.

  7. Lastly, to remove freckles, quickly apply lemon juice with a camel's hair complexion brush.

  8. It is woman's impulse--so I have found--to buy a jar of cream and expect a miracle to be worked on a bad complexion in one brief night.

  9. Fruit is a panacea for many complexion ills.

  10. Overeating not only brings indigestion and creepy dreams, but invariably makes the complexion coarse, high-colored and overruddy.

  11. If you don't find a prettier, fresher complexion with you next morning, then I'll miss my guess, and will take up another occupation than that of doling out beauty advice.

  12. Combine with it a fine complexion and a pair of animated brown eyes and you have as picturesque a beauty as ever awakened emotions in the heart of man.

  13. There is nothing in the world which works swifter toward a clear, glowing, fine-textured and beautiful complexion than a simple, natural diet of grains and nuts and fruits.

  14. Only the other day a pretty Englishwoman with a complexion like apple blossoms casually divulged the information that a walk of ten or fifteen miles was an old, old story to her.

  15. But alas, how many housewives will pay forty cents for a can of lobster that will upset stomachs, frazzle pleasant tempers, cause all sorts of complexion horrors and bring a perfect comet trail of nightmares and dyspepsia!

  16. Gold ornaments drooped from her ears, and her complexion was liberally sanded with rice powder.

  17. His sea-blue eyes were cannily clear, his complexion was transparent and glowing.

  18. His morality is all sympathy; and it is this sympathy, conveying into his work somewhat more than is usual of the true complexion of humanity, which makes him, visionary as he is, so forcible a realist.

  19. With Irene's delicate complexion and her fiery hair this would, as the baron thought, form a whole which would be irritating.

  20. Keep this in view, play joyously with Puffie, and go to sleep early, for long watching spoils the complexion of young ladies.

  21. Even his fair complexion had grown sallow, and his lips had paled.

  22. In complexion he was dark, like the other Northern Indians, but his face was not disfigured by that ridiculous custom of marking the cheeks with three or four black lines.

  23. Their complexion is of a dirty copper colour; some of the women, however, are more fair and ruddy.

  24. The complexion of the individual is altered.

  25. He is terribly malicious, human in shape, and though not quite white, is decidedly lighter in complexion than the chief god of the Southern Tschwi, Bobowissi.

  26. They sent him out a new book-keeper, a tender young thing with a dairymaid complexion and the notion that he'd got the indigestion.

  27. Though Mr Blifil was not of the complexion of Jones, nor ready to eat every woman he saw; yet he was far from being destitute of that appetite which is said to be the common property of all animals.

  28. Her complexion had rather more of the lily than of the rose; but when exercise or modesty increased her natural colour, no vermilion could equal it.

  29. Even the faults of the public mind had given way under its new complexion of character; ambition and civil dissension were extinct.

  30. We have then to the northward of Mount Atlas, four well marked varieties of human complexion succeeding each other, and in exact accordance with the gradations of latitude and of climate from south to north.

  31. In the higher parts of the Biscayan country, instead of the swarthy complexion and black hair of the Castilians, the natives have a fair complexion with light-blue eyes and flaxen or auburn hair.

  32. They are complete Negroes, for it is added that their complexion is of a fine black, that their hair is black, frizzled, cottony, and of extreme fineness.

  33. The people are thus far nearly white in the colour of their skin, but in the more southerly of the three regions above defined, with a mixture of brown, or of the complexion of brunettes, or such as we term swarthy or sallow persons.

  34. It has often been said that, independently of the woolly hair and the complexion of the Negroes, there are sufficient differences between them and the rest of mankind to mark them as a very peculiar tribe.

  35. McComas's complexion fades into stone grey; and all movement and expression desert his eyes.

  36. In spite of the biscuit complexion she has not the slightest foreign accent.

  37. And Shylock, for his own part, knew the bird was fledg'd; and then it is the complexion of them all to leave the dam.

  38. If we take the Romans, from Romulus their first king, to Augustulus the last of the Caesars, the same traits of national character appear, only the complexion and dress thereof changed by circumstances.

  39. Her cheeks were just as beautiful as they had ever been, but the bloom of youth had died from them, and her complexion was a yellowish brown, like that of a woman of sixty.

  40. Her complexion was so pure" she said, "so different from what it was when she came from Mount Holyoke.

  41. And so I do on your sister, but your complexion is different from hers, and then those ruffles and bag sleeves make you look like a little barrel!

  42. His clothes began to hang about him, instead of fitting him all too tight; his complexion lost the red colour and became sallow; his eyes had a furtive look in them, so different to the old straightforward glance.

  43. Up goes her parasol instantly to shade her delicate complexion from the glaring sun.

  44. Before they pass out of sight round another turn of the road it is possible to observe that one at least possesses hair of the fashionable hue, and a complexion delicately brilliant--whether wholly natural or partly aided by art.

  45. A young half-breed with a complexion like a yellow-jacket asked me if I would have my boots blacked.

  46. Her complexion was beautifully fair; her eyes were small; her face was quite round and fat.

  47. The complexion was grayish white--the haunting likeness was gone--but the curious curve of the left ear stood in bold evidence and called for recognition in the final reckoning.

  48. Your breath is such, man, that nothing but tobacco can perfume; and your complexion nothing could mend but the small-pox.

  49. That word complexion is dropt forth in good time, for to describe to you his complexion and composition entred I with this tale by the way.

  50. There is a slightly foreign complexion about the productions of Martial, which reminds us that he was a Spaniard.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "complexion" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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