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  1. Be it understood, then, that the complexity exists, and that only when it is fully perceived and scientifically unravelled is there perfect security against deception or mistake.

  2. Yet here at the outset an almost insuperable difficulty confronts us in the extreme complexity of the matter.

  3. We shall see, as we go on, how in the concrete sciences the growing complexity and change of detail make such generalizations more and more difficult.

  4. There is manifest gain in complexity of organization, both physical and cultural; and only less manifest, in the sense that the inwardness of the process cannot make appeal to the eye, is the corresponding gain in realized power of soul.

  5. But so long as he realizes that he is thereby committing himself by implication to a prophetic and purposive interpretation of the facts, he need not hesitate to style this growth of complexity progress so far as man is concerned.

  6. It is not easy to extract from them more than the general impression that, as time went on, the breed made persistent headway as regards both the complexity of its organization and the profusion of its forms.

  7. An examination of the various forms of the historical movement reveals the extent and complexity of this mingling process.

  8. The complexity of this question of ethnic origins is typical of anthropo-geographic problems, typical also in the warning which it gives against any rigidly systematic method of solution.

  9. The complexity of this problem does not end here.

  10. But it is only in our time that this great principle in military doctrine has become rooted deep enough to stay, because the technological complexity of modern war is such as to permit of no other course.

  11. However, the greater part of military operation in present days is noteworthy for the extreme diversity and complexity of its parts, and instead of becoming more simplified, the trend is toward greater elaboration.

  12. Complexity of construction may be a fault, and it may not.

  13. It may be justified by the complexity of the thought which it bears along.

  14. The contriving spirit of the poet's language often results in great complexity of construction.

  15. So (to the ignorant or the uninstructed) what is apparently attending to more than one thing at a time may be explained by the complexity of the unit which is receiving the attention.

  16. The order of advance in both complexity and difficulty of the response is from the mere drill question to the judgment question.

  17. In a less complex environment this complexity would be lessened.

  18. From a physiological point of view, this difference in the complexity of habits is made clear by an examination of the number of neural bonds used in getting the habit response to a given situation.

  19. The responses then vary in complexity and difficulty.

  20. Just so long as habit is discussed in general terms, without any recognition of the complexity of the process or to the specific bonds involved, just so long will the process of habit formation be wasteful and inefficient.

  21. Other tendencies become playful rather than useful because of the complexity of the environment and of the nervous system responding to it.

  22. The second fact needing further elaboration is that of the complexity of the play activity.

  23. In the first place, the complexity of the idea or thing that can be attended to as a unit varies tremendously.

  24. Because of their complexity and subtlety they often miss fire and fail of their purpose.

  25. There is in the phenomena a complexity which we cannot retrace to unity without driving the intuitive faculty to its furthest limits.

  26. Moreover, the sensuous faculties contribute to knowledge only in grasping a given matter, and putting one by the other its complexity in time and in space.

  27. It is difficult to describe adequately the complexity of this diplomatic work.

  28. The complexity of the modern economic world and the large individual gains which have been made in it have obscured the fact that the economic structure exists to serve the needs of the community.

  29. In complexity and difficulty, I should say that the intellectual labour of a "good hunter or warrior" considerably exceeds that of an ordinary Englishman.

  30. The greater or less complexity of the organs goes for very little.

  31. Consciousness is but an adjunct which arises when the physical processes, owing to infrequency of repetition, complexity of operation, or other causes, involve what I have before called ganglionic friction.

  32. The only excuse for such writing is the constant disobedience to natural laws which has resulted from the useless complexity of our civilization.

  33. Does it not seem likely that the various forms of nervous irritation, excitement, or disease may result as much from the repressed savage within us as from the complexity of civilization?

  34. The complexity of the business in America would render an equal tax on exports impracticable.

  35. M^r Madison liked the motion as preventing all State imposts--but lamented the complexity we were giving to the commercial system.

  36. The time had not come which should fully unfold the enormity of his transgressions and the complexity of his frauds.

  37. With no less amazement did I remark the complexity of incidents by which I had been empowered to communicate to her this truth.

  38. Progress in the moral world is ever from complexity to simplicity.

  39. The mere surface of his character may be exposed, but of the complexity within we have not the faintest idea.

  40. There were several periods of dress that retained beauty and complexity side by side.

  41. But we have to remember that complexity remains simple whilst unconsciousness of complexity remains.

  42. If there is one organ more than another which increases in complexity as evolution proceeds, which is the most essential organ for upward progress, surely it is the central nervous system, especially that portion of it called the brain.

  43. Had I found room to print my notes in justification of the text adopted by me, the reader would have gained some idea of the exceeding complexity of the materials furnished by the printed Vita e Dottrina.

  44. In this, our second chapter, I should like to show the complexity special to the deepest kind of life, to Religion; and to attempt some description of the working harmonization of this complexity.

  45. Men are every now and then put, by the complexity of human affairs, into strange situations; but justice is the same, let the judge be in what situation he will.

  46. It is this unsuspecting confidence that removes all difficulties, and reconciles all the contradictions which occur in the complexity of all ancient puzzled political establishments.

  47. In the complexity and confusion of these cross pursuits, I wished to take the authentic public sense of my friends upon a business of so much delicacy.

  48. In the prodigious variety and complexity of organic nature, there are multitudes of phenomena which are not deducible from any generalisation we have yet reached.

  49. Be that as it may, the complexity exists.

  50. Footnote 34: Even cannibalism—such is the complexity of the human character—is not always directly demoralising.

  51. Now, this larger life, this greater complexity of life, in addition to its own complexity, added materially to the work of preparing the child for playing its part in this great onward movement.

  52. The general tendency of these changes is toward complexity and diversity, thus producing progression, but they are subject to frequent reversals which give rise to oscillations lasting millions of years.

  53. Moreover, each year, almost, brings new evidence of the great complexity of glacial periods, epochs, and stages.

  54. Finally, the uniformity of the vast eons of the past and the tendency toward complexity are broken by pulsatory changes, first in one direction and then in another.

  55. Perhaps the easiest way to grasp the full complexity of the matter is to put the chief types of climatic sequence in the form of a table.

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