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  1. First, second and third layer of the anterior central convolution of the brain of a child one month old 112 6.

  2. Layers of the posterior central or ascending parietal convolution of a new-born child 112 7.

  3. Convolution of the margin of the longitudinal fissure.

  4. This convolution is comparatively defective in animals generally, but more developed in birds of superior vocal powers.

  5. He regarded the organ of language as a convolution lying on the super-orbital plate, behind the position of the eyeball.

  6. So that the two lines projecting from the upright stroke of our English K are a reminiscence of the convolution of the serpent in the Maya original and the Egyptian copy.

  7. These several cortical regions are connected by systems of subcortical fibres to two regions in front of the ascending frontal convolution (vide fig.

  8. Marie maintains that the speech zone cannot be separated into these several centres, and that destruction of Broca's convolution does not cause loss of speech (vide figs.

  9. After all, if he could not reproduce it; if there should be some convolution he had missed, some accidental conjunction he was not aware of!

  10. Every convolution of those filaments is photographed on my brain.

  11. My diagnosis coincides with Smiles',--a tumorous growth on the brain, probably upon the third left frontal convolution .

  12. In its place in the brain it is like a book in a library; and as the book offers on its back a title expressive of its contents, so we label each convolution with its proper title.

  13. It resembles a book also in the fact that it contains innumerable ideas or psychic elements, and the psychometer might read from each convolution as a book the impressions recorded in it.

  14. At each revolution the maximum magnetic effect upon each convolution of the armature is produced just after it passes through the middle of both magnetic fields, which are in a vertical plane passing through the axis of the machine (i.

  15. The centre for motor vocal speech is situated in the posterior part of the third left frontal convolution and extends on to the foot of the left ascending frontal convolution (Broca's convolution).

  16. When the lesion is situated below the cortex of Broca's convolution but destroys the fibres which pass from it towards the internal capsule, agraphia is not produced (sub-cortical or pure motor vocal aphasia).

  17. Marie holds that Broca's convolution plays no special role in the function of speech.

  18. In the median plane are visible three perfect turnings of a double spiral, the breadth of which gradually increases; the broadest (third) convolution three times as broad as the simple lentelliptical medullary shell.

  19. If these differences be important, they introduce a spiral convolution in the further development of the Porodiscus arising from it.

  20. In the median plane are visible two perfect turnings of a double spiral, the breadth of which in the second convolution is four times as great as that of the first convolution and the simple spherical medullary shell.

  21. Instead of stopping, as it should have done, at teaching your party to speak our languages, it short-circuited us two completely, so that every convolution in each of our brains has been imprinted upon the brain of the other.

  22. The superficial position of the second bridging convolution is evidently less frequent, and has as yet, I believe, only been seen in the brain (A) recorded in this communication.

  23. As early as 1861 Broca, following up observations made by earlier French writers, located the centre of articulate speech in the third left frontal convolution of the brain.

  24. One form of aphasia is the result of injury to or disease in the third frontal convolution because the motor centre is no longer equal to the task of setting the necessary muscles in motion.

  25. In this case the ganglionic cells of the posterior third of the third frontal convolution are otherwise employed, or they suffer atrophy.

  26. The third frontal convolution and the island of Reil were small on both sides, corresponding to the alalia.

  27. In the frontal lobe of the right hemisphere the first frontal convolution is quite regular.

  28. On the left side a large bridging convolution crosses the middle of the fissure of Rolando.

  29. In one case the first occipital convolution sank nearly beneath the surface, the next occipital gyrus projecting over it, forming a parietal operculum.

  30. In one case on both sides, in five cases on one side, the parieto-occipital fissure cut through the first occipital convolution into the interparietal fissure.

  31. The ascending frontal convolution on each side appears to be wanting.

  32. That part of the brain has since been known to the English-speaking world as the convolution of Broca, a name which, strangely enough, the discoverer's compatriots have been slow to accept.

  33. In 1861 this patient died, and an autopsy revealed that a certain convolution of the left frontal lobe of his cerebrum had been totally destroyed by disease, the remainder of his brain being intact.

  34. Every breath of God creates a new convolution in the brain of the Human Spirit, and with every moment of change in the brain of the Human Spirit, new hopes, aspirations, dreams, are wrought within the Soul of the Living.

  35. Every breath of God creates a new convolution in the brain of Nature: and with every moment of change in the brain of Nature, new loveliness is wrought upon the earth.

  36. One remarks especially the enormous size and the numerous superficial folds at the foot of the left convolution in the jurist Wülfert, who was remarkable among other qualities for his great oratorical talent.

  37. In the brains of Wülfert and Huber, the third left frontal convolution was greatly developed with numerous meanderings.

  38. How can we comprehend that there should issue from this convolution the material object of a perception--for example, a plain dotted with houses?

  39. But how can we conceive the transformation of this convolution into a semi-material phenomenon?

  40. It might, indeed, be supposed that by transformation or otherwise there goes forth from the cerebral convolution a purely psychical phenomenon resembling a wave.

  41. Gall says: "Its convolution is a continuation of the lowest convolution of Tune, and is placed on the most external part of the orbital plate, in a furrow running from before backwards.

  42. It was found disadvantageous to have an entire convolution of the thread of the screw; for one part of it worked in the wake of the other, and resistance was produced by the backwater.

  43. It consisted of a single convolution of a three-threaded screw, and may be considered to be the first screw propeller invented.

  44. The original screw propellers were made with several convolutions of screw, but it was found advantageous to shorten them, until they are now only made one-sixth of a convolution in length.

  45. The fraction of a convolution which was found to be most advantageous was .

  46. And the pitch you have already explained to be the distance in the line of the shaft from one convolution to the next, supposing the screw to consist of two or more convolutions?

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