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convoke; convoked; convokes; convoking; convolute; convolution; convolutions; convolvuli; convolvulus; convoy
  1. A fairly common one is a huge anemone of a rich cobalt blue which opens out like a soup-plate with convoluted edges.

  2. CAT, convoluted body in the extremity of the tail of a, i.

  3. MEYER, on a convoluted body at the extremity of the tail in a Macacus and a cat, i.

  4. Mr. Blyth ascertained, by examining many specimens, that the trachea is not convoluted in either sex of R.

  5. The pronephros may in fact now be described as a slightly convoluted duct, opening into the body cavity by three groove-like apertures, and continuous behind with the rudiment of the true Muellerian duct.

  6. Both consist of a somewhat convoluted longitudinal canal, with a certain number of peritoneal openings.

  7. In most Reptiles and in Birds the atrophy of the Muellerian ducts is complete in the male, but in Lacerta and Anguis a rudiment of the anterior part has been detected by Leydig as a convoluted canal.

  8. From the Malpighian corpuscles so connected there spring the convoluted tubuli, forming the generative segments of the Wolffian body, along which the semen is conveyed to the Wolffian duct (v.

  9. The pronephros, as I shall call it, consists of a slightly convoluted longitudinal canal with three or more peritoneal openings.

  10. Each of these secondary and tertiary Malpighian bodies is connected with a convoluted tubulus (fig.

  11. He appears to have been aware that at this point they communicate with the exterior or convoluted surface.

  12. He seems to have recognized the communication of the convoluted surface of the brain and that between the lateral cavities beneath the fornix.

  13. The latter is convoluted and constricted into a series of chambers that differ in different groups of Cetacea.

  14. An examination of the shells may at first seem rather puzzling, for the spire is concealed, and the whole is convoluted in such a manner as to make the mouth long and narrow, with a channel at either end.

  15. Between the labial palpi is the mouth, which leads into the stomach by a short, wide tube, and then into a convoluted tube which finally passes through the heart, and terminates near the exhalent siphon as above described.

  16. A small body containing convoluted tubules, situated near the epididymis in man and some other animals, and supposed to be a remnant of the anterior part of the Wolffian body.

  17. In this process the chromatin becomes a convoluted thread, called the Skein or Spireme.

  18. How can you have a convoluted intelligence?

  19. But a brain is convoluted and to a greater or lesser degree intelligent.

  20. With a well-gratified sense of having held an unswerving course along the convoluted outline of Destiny's decree, to whatever tending.

  21. The facial flap is replaced, brought together over the charpie by which the cavity is filled, and united by interrupted or convoluted suture.

  22. The edges of the wound are retained in apposition by means of convoluted suture, as formerly described.

  23. The callous margins of the space formerly occupied by the original lip are pared; and the flap, having been twisted round, is adapted to the edges of the wound, and retained by points of interrupted or convoluted suture.

  24. Abdomen with numerous prominent, spirally convoluted ribs, and spiral rows of pores between them.

  25. From the elevated corners of the polyhedron arise thirty to forty radial spines, which are longer than the diameter of the shell, densely covered with curved bristles and three-sided prismatic, with three spirally convoluted edges.

  26. Peach and Horne, in Sutherland, have brought to light the evidence of gigantic earth-movements, by which enormous masses of strata have been convoluted and pushed for miles out of place.

  27. Again, many considerable mountains are built up of rocks which have not been convoluted at all, but occur in approximately horizontal beds.

  28. An examination of the Pyrenees, the Alps, and other hill-ranges having the same general trend shows us that they consist of flexed and convoluted rocks.

  29. But in many elevated tracts, composed of highly disturbed and convoluted strata, no such coincidence of surface-features and underground structure can be traced.

  30. The most highly convoluted rocks are those of Archaean and Palaeozoic age, and these are developed chiefly in the north-western and western parts of the Continent.

  31. Whatever may have been the origin of the bedded structure of the Archaean rocks, it is certain that the masses have been tilted up and convoluted in the most remarkable manner.

  32. The latter is partly straight and partly convoluted in a very flat spire.

  33. They are small, round, reddish bodies, consisting of a single tubule, convoluted in form, which extends up through the skin and opens on the surface.

  34. The small intestine is a convoluted tube, extending from the pyloric end of the stomach to the ileo-caecal valve where it terminates in the large intestines.

  35. But this was the culmination of a much longer, convoluted and fascinating history.

  36. The ensuing convoluted sentences are Arabesques of meaninglessness, acrobatics of evasion, lack of commitment elevated to an ideology.

  37. Some of these glands are furnished with long convoluted necks or tubes, as the seminal ones, which are curiously seen when injected with quicksilver.

  38. Krause, on a convoluted body at the extremity of the tail in a Macacus and a cat.

  39. Coccyx, in the human embryo; convoluted body at the extremity of the; imbedded in the body.

  40. Mr. Blyth ascertained, by examining many specimens, that the trachea is not convoluted in either sex of R.

  41. Macacus, ears of; convoluted body in the extremity of the tail of; variability of the tail in species of; whiskers of species of.

  42. Trachea, convoluted and imbedded in the sternum, in some birds; structure of the, in Rhynchaea.

  43. Meyer, on a convoluted body at the extremity of the tail in a Macacus and a cat.

  44. Cat, convoluted body in the extremity of the tail of a; sick, sympathy of a dog with a.

  45. With the formation of the convoluted duct opening into the isolated section of the body-cavity we may speak of a definite pronephros as having become established.

  46. The convoluted tubuli continuous with them are, I believe, ciliated in their proximal section, but I have not made careful investigations with reference to their finer structure.

  47. From the Malpighian body so connected start the convoluted tubuli of what may be called the generative segments of the Wolffian body along which the semen is conveyed to the Wolffian duct (v.

  48. These arrangements are so stealthy and convoluted that sometimes even the shareholders of the bank lose track of its activities and misapprehend its real situation.

  49. The outer surface of the main brain (cerebrum) is almost as much convoluted as in the Old World Apes.

  50. The large intestine is not convoluted upon itself as in so many of the Lemurs, nor is there a caecum at the junction of its smaller and larger portions.

  51. The transverse portion of the great intestine is convoluted in a remarkable manner upon itself, the caecum also being very large.

  52. The courts have lately been good to SPI, coming out with a spate of decisions against the government's conduct in this convoluted affair.

  53. The proportion of brain-case and face does not differ much from that in the lemurs and even lower forms like cats, for the brain has not increased greatly in total mass, though the cerebrum is more convoluted than in the lower forms.

  54. These anthropoids are much more intelligent than the lower forms, which is a correlate of their larger and more convoluted brains.

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