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Example sentences for "extremity"

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extremism; extremist; extremists; extremitie; extremities; extremo; extremum; extricate; extricated; extricates
  1. Another thing that has caused many people to mislike religious has been the great extremity that has been many times witnessed at the elections of abbots, priors, and such other spiritual sovereigns.

  2. One day I went to visit the Museum or Studii, as it is called, which is situated at the extremity of the Strada di Toledo on the land side.

  3. A little beyond St Gingolph, which lies at the eastern extremity of the lake, we quit Savoy and enter into the Valais, which now forms, a component part of the Helvetic confederacy.

  4. The Castello dell 'Uovo stands on the extremity of a tongue of land which runs into the sea.

  5. From thence we went to the extremity of cape Misenus and embarked in our boat (which we had sent on there to wait for us) to return to Puzzuoli by crossing the bay at once.

  6. The next morning we proceeded on our journey till we reached Fariolo, which is on the northern extremity of the Lago Maggiore.

  7. From the desolation of Warden it is four miles to that hooked spit of shells and sand, Shellness, the farthest extremity of the island.

  8. And then let us quickly recollect that we are in Venice, and land at the extremity of the Calla Lunga San Moisè, which may be considered as there answering to the secluded street that led us to our English cathedral gateway.

  9. But this swing did not have the right phase to be due to the motion of the earth; the star appeared at one or the other extremity of its swing when it should have been at the middle point, and vice versa.

  10. However, in this vicinity the edges and extremity of the field have been reached, and there has been so much erosion in places since its deposition, that outlying masses, as in the bluffs to the west of San Felipe, alone remain.

  11. We came to anchor for a few minutes at a little village called Bonanza, at the extremity of the first reach of the river, where we received several passengers, and again proceeded.

  12. After proceeding about six leagues, we reached the north-eastern extremity of the Bay of Cadiz, and passed by San Lucar, an ancient town near to the spot where the Guadalquivir disembogues itself.

  13. This place is a small port, situate at the extremity of a firth which communicates with the sea.

  14. We entered the kitchen, at the extremity of which a large fire was blazing.

  15. With the letter itself Anusia had more trouble; but at last she wrote it in the following words:-- "In the last extremity I write to you.

  16. After travelling near fifteen miles, we stopped at the extremity of a sandy beach on a point of good land, with an excellent spring of water rising on it, about four miles north of the northernmost of the Three Brothers.

  17. Faber tells us that this Tartar God is the same even in appellation with the Tanga-tanga of the Peruvians, who, like other tribes of America, seem plainly to have crossed over from the North-eastern extremity of Siberia.

  18. This was no time to give way to weakness; the very extremity of Emmie's anguish subdued its outward expression.

  19. But in the extremity of her terror the timid girl neither stirred foot nor uttered cry.

  20. At the eastern extremity of the Giudecca lies the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, with Palladio's church of that name.

  21. And that to such an extremity that one or two of them died in the stable when they came to be rubbed after the first heat.

  22. My bed-fellow was the county sheriff, a young man of about my own age.

  23. As early as the year 1690 a trader from Virginia, by the name of Doherty, crossed the mountains, visited the friendly Cherokee nation, within the present bounds of Georgia, and resided with the natives several years.

  24. Marquette seems to have experienced in the highest degree the romance of his wonderful voyage, for he says that he commenced the descent of the mighty river with "a joy that could not be expressed.

  25. The extremity of the beak is often as full of blood vessels as the jaw of a Turtle or Crocodile.

  26. In the associated genus Rhamphorhynchus the teeth are absent from the extremity of the jaw, are slender, pointed, spaced far apart, and extend far backward.

  27. As the bone becomes long the jaw is compressed from side to side, and the openings of the nostrils are removed backward to an increasing distance from the extremity of the beak.

  28. The extremity of the metacarpus was applied to the ground.

  29. In Scaphognathus the teeth are few, more vertical, and do not extend backward so far as in Rhamphorhynchus, but are carried forward to the extremity of the blunt, deep jaw.

  30. Behind this extremity are sharp, tall teeth, few in number, which somewhat diminish in size as they extend backward, and do not suddenly change to smaller series, as in the Lias genera.

  31. The nostrils, however, are not limited to the extremity of the head in all Dinosaurs.

  32. The earliest are very short, and then they become elongated to two or three times the length of the early tail vertebrae, and finally shorten again towards the extremity of the tail, where the bones are very slender.

  33. The north-western termination of this linear track of country is Cape Montserado, which towards the extremity rises to a promontory, sufficiently majestic to present a bold distinction from the uniform level of the coast.

  34. The victim is taken in a boat to the mouth of the river, where, after a preparatory ceremonial, she is made to walk to the extremity of a plank, from which she is precipitated into the water, where in a few seconds she is devoured by sharks.

  35. The intervening space between a short distance beyond the extremity of the town and the summit of the hills is principally unreclaimed forest land, which was originally portioned out amongst the first settlers in the colony.

  36. Montserado, about two miles within the extremity of the Cape.

  37. At its northern extremity is a precipitous promontory, La Vigie, then fortified, upon the tenure of which depended not only control of that anchorage, but also access to the rear of the works which commanded the Cul de Sac.

  38. It was an important acquisition, because at its north-west extremity was a good and defensible anchorage, Gros Ilet Bay, only thirty miles from Fort Royal in Martinique.

  39. At the extremity of the stove is a bain marie, two feet eight inches square, and seven inches deep, principally for keeping fish-sauces hot.

  40. Driven to extremity by the haughty severity of Philip, he at last came to a decision, concluded a formal treaty with Edward I.

  41. The serfs were passing from the extremity of despair and demoralization into the other extreme of exultant and sometimes cruel triumph.

  42. One peculiarity is that the extremity of the dorsal part of the tail is prehensile.

  43. And I turned and went away, with a heart that trembled in the extremity of joy.

  44. Why, what is thy kindness but the very extremity of unkindness?

  45. And she started back, with a faint cry, exclaiming in the extremity of sheer amazement: Shatrunjaya!

  46. And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather to him his elect from the four winds, from the extremity of the earth to the utmost bound of heaven.

  47. For so hath the Lord enjoined us, "I have set thee for a light of the Gentiles, that thou mightest be for salvation unto the extremity of the earth[45].

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