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  1. But the blood mounted slowly over her throat and cheeks.

  2. She was breathing more quickly than usual and the blood fluttered in her cheeks, but she faced Mario Escobar with level eyes, and spoke without a tremor in her voice.

  3. For the blood rushed up into the girl's face and she exclaimed in a trembling voice: "Colonel Luttrell, I trust that you are not going to ask me any questions.

  4. Then with the blood mounting in his face, he took a step forwards and shook hands with her easily.

  5. Her devotion to the service of the devil took place in the kirk of Auldearn, where she was baptized by him with the name of Janet, being held up by a companion, and the devil sucking the blood from her shoulder[59].

  6. But what a deluge of blood had been shed before even this principle came to be recognized, and still more before the judicial belief in the existence of the crime was fully eradicated!

  7. When realism," he said, "is once in a novelist's blood he never can degenerate into romanticism.

  8. And the hot blood ran from the hairy throat, And set the summer grass afloat.

  9. VINE I draw the blood from out the earth; I store the sun for winter mirth.

  10. Blood there may be, and venom in the cup; But see, Beloved, how the tears well up From my grieved heart my blinded eyes to grieve, And in the kindness of old days believe!

  11. But whiles a sort of folk there come And seek my mistress at her home; But such-like are they to behold As make my very blood run cold.

  12. Yea even if my blood thou see, Name me not, lest my death thou be.

  13. No blood visible; he must be bleeding inside.

  14. Sydney, as he recovered from his surprise, and felt the blood flush in his face.

  15. This done, and the dirk secured so that it could not twist back, Syd turned to the gaping wound, from which the blood still welled, but sluggishly.

  16. Syd felt the blood come into his face, as he listened to the rapid orders that were given, as the ship's course was altered, and in a short time the Sirius was rushing through the sea at a tremendous rate.

  17. Oh, Mr Roylance, sir, I'd give my last drop o' blood if I could save him.

  18. Pan, turning his eyes upon his white arm, where a bead of blood was visible.

  19. Wonder if she remembers the old adage about "blood out of a turnip," &c.

  20. Some of the ladies had colored waiting-maids and coachmen, but I was the only nurse tinged with the blood of Africa.

  21. The whip is used till the blood flows at his feet; and his stiffened limbs are put in chains, to be dragged in the field for days and days!

  22. Every body knew he had the blood of a slave father in his veins; but for the sake of passing himself off for white, he was ready to kiss the slaveholders' feet.

  23. Who can measure the amount of Anglo-Saxon blood coursing in the veins of American slaves?

  24. What a libel upon the heavenly Father, who "made of one blood all nations of men!

  25. Every where men, women, and children were whipped till the blood stood in puddles at their feet.

  26. I bit my lips till the blood came to keep from crying out.

  27. But what cared the legislators of the "dominant race" for the blood they were crushing out of trampled hearts?

  28. She had not strength to superintend her household affairs; but her nerves were so strong, that she could sit in her easy chair and see a woman whipped, till the blood trickled from every stroke of the lash.

  29. In the narrow, straight streets the carnage was fearful, and blood soon trickled down the watercourses and dyed the pavements.

  30. When his blood is roused, fighting is with him a matter of blind and indiscriminate carnage of friend or foe.

  31. At night, after repeating the sucking of the dew, we ate a little, drank the blood of an animal, and tried to sleep.

  32. Next morning, ere the sun arose, their feet were thrust into the stocks, and a man armed with a long hide whip thrashed them until the blood flowed in streamlets down their bare backs!

  33. But their blood is not called the blood of saints, any more than the blood of thieves or man-killers, or other malefactors; and for the shedding of it no commonwealth shall give account.

  34. Some drink till they are intoxicated, others swallow the steaming blood of slaughtered animals for their supper, and then, sick from drunkenness, they cast it up again, and are besmeared with gore and filth.

  35. The tract referred to is entitled, "Letter of Jesus about the Drops of Blood which He shed whilst He went to Calvary.

  36. After this a man came, and, with a very long knife, brought the blood out of the side of Jesus, and He died.

  37. Their king, a dirty white bird with crimson neck covered with gore and filth, had already gorged himself with all the blood he could get.

  38. The women, although boasting only one loose white garment, walk with the air and grace of queens, or as though pure Inca blood ran in their veins.

  39. My exploration had discovered the secret of the clots of blood we had been finding on the horses' necks every morning.

  40. For the veriest trifle I have known men to smash the poor dumb brute's eyes out with the stock of the whip, and I have been very near the Police Station more than once when my righteous blood compelled me to interfere.

  41. These are of all colors, but those around the sharp nail at the end are further painted with red blood every time the goad is used.

  42. In fact, the blood of so many was upon his hands that the killings attributed to him did not permit of precise enumeration.

  43. I was the last of his sons to be alive, and through me, only, could he look to see his blood go down among those to come after and as yet unborn.

  44. His eyes were cool, and gray, and steady, and he carried himself with the peculiar confidence of power that is bred of blood and tradition.

  45. Yet do I speak of the Law of blood for blood, and rank for rank.

  46. He coughed of cold weather and camp smoke, and often the red blood ran from out his mouth till we looked for him to die.

  47. Wherefore, when my seed springs from the loins of thy daughter, there shall be a friendship between the tribes, a great friendship, and Tana-naw and Thlunget shall be brothers of the blood in the time to come.

  48. He flung it from him, the angry blood pounding a muddy path under his bronze.

  49. Ounenk halted, swept the blood from his eyes, and looked about.

  50. For the sun enters into their blood and burns them with a great fire till they are filled with lusts and passions.

  51. He, alone, was full-blooded Saxon, and his blood was pounding fiercely through his veins to the traditions of his race.

  52. For had not Lone Chief fought in the arms of a great bear till his head was cracked and blood ran from out his ears?

  53. The blood still trickled down his face from a gash on the forehead.

  54. And to his other arm, clinging and striking, was Opitsah, too small to soil with his blood the hands of so great a man.

  55. By the wisdom of Otsbaok, my father and a strong man, had the blood of our own wolf-dogs been kept clean, wherefore had they remained warm of hide and strong in the harness.

  56. Some lines of Horace come to mind describing-- "Cupid sharpening all his fiery darts Upon a whetstone stained with blood of hearts.

  57. Because when you saw me spitting blood you took my hand; because you wept; because you are the only human being who has ever pitied me.

  58. The blood flew to her cheeks, and her lips half opened in a slight cough.

  59. The doctors tell me that the blood I spit up comes from my throat; I pretend to believe them; it is all I can do for them.

  60. A cloud passed before my eyes and my blood beat in my temples.

  61. And throwing off her cloak and hat, she flung them on the sofa, and began hurriedly to undo the front of her dress, for, by one of those reactions so frequent in her malady, the blood rushed to her head and stifled her.

  62. On the road the monsters insisted on a ransom for the blood of her father.

  63. He has waded too far in blood and crime to retrograde.

  64. The present dynasty belongs not to Fez, but to Morocco; though a dynasty of Shereefs, they are Shereefs of the south, and African blood flows in their veins.

  65. Ptolemy makes the whole of the Mauritania, including Algeria and Morocco, to be bounded on the south by tribes, called Gaetuliae and Melanogaeluti, on the south the latter evidently having contracted alliance of blood with the negroes.

  66. She trembled; the blood rose in her cheeks, and she could not conceal her agitation from the penetrating gaze of the audacious charmer.

  67. The blood rushed into Antoinette's cheeks, and her eyes flashed fire.

  68. Believe me, it is God who speaks to me, as he spoke to me of old in San Francisco, to enjoin me to forsake everything and give my blood for my country.

  69. And she's not only good blood herself, but she's got cattle and land.

  70. Called Juan an Indian peon, and bragged about her Castilian family until you'd have supposed she was a princess of the blood royal.

  71. They had got the lad into the ranch, had checked the flow of blood and eased the pain by standing on a chair and pouring water on the wound from a height.

  72. I always knew there was a little bad blood existing between the boys, but I had no idea that it would flash in the pan so suddenly or I'd have stayed at home.

  73. I don't care a tinker's darn for the prizes, but the way you boys built up to the girls last night warmed the sluggish blood in my old veins.

  74. Motherless calves wandered about the range, hollow-eyed, their piteous appeals unheeded, until some lurking wolf sucked their blood and spread a feast to the vultures, constantly wheeling in great flights overhead.

  75. The detachment was from one of the crack companies of the state, and had with them several half-blood trailers, though every man in the squad was more or less of an expert in that line.

  76. Annear had fared worse, and was spitting blood freely, and the marks of exit and entrance of the bullet indicated that the point of one lung had been slightly chipped.

  77. From his hands he washed every trace of the repugnant scent of the Gomangani, and from his face the blood of the kid.

  78. The grin of derision faded from Tarzan's lips as the pain and the hot blood aroused his fighting instincts.

  79. The tightening noose was stopping the circulation of the blood in his legs--he was beginning to suffer.

  80. The spurt of red blood brought a shrill cry of delight from Teeka.

  81. His heritage of English blood rendered it a difficult thing even to consider a surrender of his project, though he was forced to admit to himself that his balu was not all that he had hoped.

  82. Even poor old Mumga, half blind and almost entirely toothless, searching patiently for grubworms beneath a fallen log, represented to her a malignant spirit thirsting for the blood of little balus.

  83. Blood streamed down their sides--their faces were crimsoned with it.

  84. She was not pretty to look upon, yet through the blood and hatred upon her countenance they realized that she was beautiful, and they envied Toog--alas!

  85. Fearless among his blood enemies he stood, taller by a full head than many of Mbonga's warriors, straight as their straightest arrow, muscled like Numa, the lion.

  86. Hugely interested, he watched the slashing of the three brown arms and the exchange of blood with Mbonga, the chief, in the rites of the ceremony of blood brotherhood.

  87. Some of the red life-blood of the gorilla crimsoned his fingers.

  88. When I saw that, I felt my blood boil in my veins.

  89. The sword bathed in French blood falls from my hand, and I shut my eyes in order not to see what passes before me.

  90. But, SeƱor de Araceli, if I keep on bleeding, where the devil is all this blood going?

  91. I will sooner eat my own flesh and drink my own blood than humble myself before those who have brought me to such a state.

  92. Yes, you have the blood of a Mallorcan Jew.

  93. The knife would have fallen from your hands, and you would not have stained their purity with the blood of a fellow being.

  94. You thought that you would be able to present yourself before me with your hands stained with the blood of my father?

  95. By Him I swear that I will not stain my hands with the blood of this unhappy man.

  96. My heart is pierced as by red-hot steel, and my blood burns within me.

  97. There are times when one is not master of one's self, when the blood mounts up to the head.

  98. Inside the houses the blood flowed in torrents.

  99. When I hear a ball," said Manuela, coming slowly and timidly back, "there is not a drop of blood left in my veins.

  100. Feeling a lively smarting in my right arm, I supposed that I was severely wounded; but the hurt turned out to be an insignificant contusion, and the stains on my clothing came from creeping along through the pools of blood and mud.

  101. You were born a Mallorcan, of the blood of a Jew!

  102. Coridon, whose impetuous blood impelled him to the most daring acts, threw himself upon them.

  103. Her blood raced indignantly in her veins as she thought of it.

  104. The old man set their blood tingling with the impish sticks.

  105. Vanquished at last by pain, and weakened by the blood he had lost, he was constrained to retire a little, to have his wounds dressed.

  106. Fargues was decapitated at once, and all his wealth was given by way of recompense to the Chief- President Lamoignon, who had no scruple thus to enrich himself with the blood of the innocent.

  107. Exhausted by loss of blood and severe physical suffering, his nervous system appeared to have completely broken down, and the incessant heave and roll of the ship distressed him almost beyond his powers of endurance.

  108. And there will be gaping wounds, and blood-- blood everywhere; and oh!

  109. Blood rushed back into her limbs, blood and life together.

  110. Anthony gave a little grunt and toppled over onto the green plush carpet, finding, as he fell, that his mouth was full of blood and seemed oddly loose in front.

  111. But for all the sweat and blood the situation appeared unchanged, and he saw no prospect of the war's ending in the perceptible future.

  112. He scarcely noticed the pain; seeing the blood spurt he absent-mindedly drew out his handkerchief and wrapped the wound.

  113. See, comrades, the wolf has been lying on him and keeping his blood warm.

  114. There was blood on the broken marble,' another said after a pause--'the lightning never brought that there.

  115. And sitting on the head of the poor American was the cat, purring loudly as she licked the blood which trickled through the gashed socket of his eyes.

  116. Some of the small veins were cut through, and the blood gushed freely from the wound.

  117. Her green eyes shone like danger lamps in the gloom of the place, and their colour was heightened by the blood which still smeared her coat and reddened her mouth.

  118. Her green eyes blazed with lurid fire, and the white, sharp teeth seemed to almost shine through the blood which dabbled her mouth and whiskers.

  119. God knows how it came about, for in such moments of passion it is hard to remember the steps from a word to a blow, but I found myself standing over his dead body, with my hands crimson with the blood that welled from his torn throat.

  120. My hands were red; they glittered with the blood that dripped from them as on that day by the river bank.

  121. That struggle under the water must have been fearful; one can see that by the way the blood has been drawn from the extremities.

  122. These loathsome objects were bad enough, but what looked even more dreadful was an old butcher's axe with an iron handle stained with clots of blood leaning up against the wall on the right hand side.

  123. Then she took my hand in hers and spoke: "Naught but blood in this guilty place," and turned away.

  124. The night I injected a subtle poison, which I picked up in India once, into your blood while you slept, thereby baffling some of the functions of your extraordinary brain.

  125. But the woman's heart within her sent the red blood flaming to her cheeks.

  126. We are come," he said on his landing, "to ask an account of the innocent blood that hath been shed, and to endeavour to bring to an account all who by appearing in arms shall justify the same.

  127. His linen was plain, and not very clean; and I remember a speck or two of blood upon his little band, which was not much larger than his collar.

  128. A more immediate danger threatened that liberty of conscience which was to them "the ground of the quarrel, and for which so many of their friends' lives had been lost, and so much of their own blood had been spilt.

  129. I am persuaded," the despatch ends, "that this is a righteous judgement of God upon these barbarous wretches who have imbrued their hands in so much innocent blood, and that it will tend to prevent the effusion of blood for the future.

  130. They told me," he pleaded afterwards, "that except I would undertake the government they thought things would hardly come to a composure or settlement, but blood and confusion would break in as before.

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