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ceremonias; ceremonie; ceremonies; ceremonious; ceremoniously; cereus; cerise; cerium; cernere; cerning
  1. Thence I went to the Church of St. Lorenzo, which I entered by the side door, and found the organ sounding and a religious ceremony going forward.

  2. A priest performed mass while we were there, and several persons, as usual, stepped in to do a little devotion, either praying on their own account, or uniting with the ceremony that was going forward.

  3. By and by we sat down in the nave of the church till the ceremony should be concluded; and then my wife left me to go in quest of yet another chapel, where either Cimabue or Giotto, or both, have left some of their now ghastly decorations.

  4. The Noble Guard ranged themselves on horseback opposite the loggia; but there was no irksome and impertinent show of ceremony and restraint upon the people.

  5. We left Radicofani long before sunrise, and I saw that ceremony take place from the coupe of the vettura for the first time in a long while.

  6. Yesterday we had a splendid ceremony at St. Peter's, the 13th anniversary of Pope Gregorio Magno.

  7. This of course we were delighted to do, as one never sees the present Pope, except in some great ceremony when he is carried in the "sedia gestatoria," but so high over the heads of the people that one can hardly distinguish his features.

  8. It is so enormous, the Piazza, when one sees it empty, one can hardly realize what it used to be in the old days for the great Easter ceremony when the Pope gave his blessing from the balcony of St. Peter's.

  9. I was embarrassed for a moment as I didn't like to leave the Marechale, and yet I knew I must go and meet Madame Grevy--all the ceremony of course was for the official position, and one Presidente was just the same as the other.

  10. He looked pale certainly, and a little tired, even before the ceremony began, but that may have been the effect of the swaying motion of the chair.

  11. We again assisted at the ceremony of the big candles, as of course every cardinal and the Ambassador had to be conducted downstairs with the same form.

  12. There had been a ceremony of some kind in the morning, and a great many people were walking about.

  13. The ceremony is over, and the council nearly so;" and he proceeded with what he was dictating to the clerk.

  14. His coming, and the bold and irreverent manner in which he approached the king, seemed to destroy at once the ceremony of the court.

  15. After this, taking the right hand of each in his, Arthur kissed them on the mouth; which completed the ceremony of the homage.

  16. But, ere I go, I must take good order that every point of ceremony be observed in our banquet: I would not, for one half France, that Philip of Champagne should see a fault or a flaw!

  17. Suffice it that the ceremony was over, and the young knight stood before his godfather in chivalry belted and spurred, and clothed in the full armour of a knight.

  18. Although the ceremony was solemn, and the details magnificent, we will not here enter into any account of the creation of a knight, reserving it for some occasion where we have not spent so much time in description.

  19. At this part of the ceremony De Coucy, Heaven knows how!

  20. Still the melancholy ceremony continued: for the landlady was not without a secret hope, that in spite of his reserve and the mystery surrounding him, he would have sent her a last word.

  21. Rose now intimated her wish to perform the ceremony of introduction between her aunt and uncle present, and the visitors to Beckley Court.

  22. The ceremony would be ludicrous were it not so pitiful.

  23. The ceremony winds up with a long exhortation, made of quotations from the Epistles, on the duties of husbands and wives.

  24. But it is growing late in the season, and if the ceremony is to be performed here at the North, it should take place quite soon.

  25. The ceremony took place the next day at high noon--the brides, the gifts, the house bedecked with flowers, all looking very lovely.

  26. But I thought you and Lucilla were planning to have but one ceremony for the two couples of you?

  27. This ceremony amused them very much, and, when they had all done, there was one left for Chippehola, who took the spade and completed the interesting ceremony.

  28. This was an excitement and a piece of good news to the poor fellows that could not be passed over without some signal and unusual notice, and the result was, that a dog-feast was to be the ceremony for the next day.

  29. High mass is then performed in memory of the Conquest; and at a certain part of the ceremony the Alferez mayor puts on his hat, and waves the standard above the tomb of the conquerors.

  30. The ceremony was performed in her own little home and was followed by a reception that lasted on toward the evening.

  31. We were going to surprise him by suddenly going to The Little Church Around the Corner, and with him as a witness, have the ceremony performed.

  32. Speaking of the ceremony of smoking the calumet among the Iroquois, De la Potherie says: The ceremony is held in a large cabin in winter and in summer in an open field.

  33. The ceremony of the marriage was performed with the sacrifice of a hog, which a priestess killed after going through a thousand gestures.

  34. On the fourth day, in consequence of the said ceremony of the tibao, or because of their evil inclination, they light candles in order to wait for the soul of the deceased.

  35. They hold it for some minutes in the palm of the hand, and then the groom gives the ball of morisqueta to his wife and with that ceremony the marriage is effected.

  36. The ceremony or superstition of bilao is ordered for the discovery thereby of any thief.

  37. However, some of them, and very reasonably, affirm that that ceremony in them in itself in both males and females is rather the offspring of lust than that of Judaism.

  38. The ceremony of tibao, or awaiting the soul of the deceased, is still practiced by the natives, and they endeavor by various methods to outwit the fathers.

  39. After that ceremony with or without the doll, they set in the water a small bag containing a little morisqueta or rice, to which they at times add a cock.

  40. At the end of the ceremony the feast follows, and the imam is the first to whom the large tray of food must be presented.

  41. Lord Hartledon and your daughter confided the management to me, and the ceremony was performed in secrecy in London" The dowager looked from one to the other, as if she were bewildered.

  42. Hartledon wants the ceremony to take place on Saturday, and I have promised for you.

  43. Thinking it might be only kind to step into the clerk's, he crossed the stile and went in without ceremony by the open back-door.

  44. I do not take upon myself to pronounce an opinion, Lady Kirton," rejoined the doctor, who had grown to feel irritated lately at the dowager's want of ceremony towards him.

  45. Hedges had to go on his way also, for it was close upon the countess-dowager's dinner-hour, at which ceremony he must attend.

  46. Neither sex scarifies, tattoos, or paints any part of the body except in ceremonies, when colored paints are used as each ceremony requires.

  47. When a ceremony is being performed in some one of the plazas the roofs near by present a scene which is animated in the extreme, every square foot of space being occupied by a merry, good-natured throng of young and old.

  48. For this ceremony she puts on the larger of the two blankets, which reaches almost to the ground and comes up high on the back of the head, covering her ears.

  49. About a month after the marriage ceremony has been performed, during which time she has been living with the family of her husband, she completes the marriage ceremony by returning to the house of her mother.

  50. Amid surroundings which were without grace of art or touch of poetry, the informal and very plain ceremony took place, but the words were sincere, and the forms and features of the speakers deeply significant of the past.

  51. He made the ceremony a short but very serious interchange of intentions, and at last, in sonorous and solemn tones, pronounced us man and wife.

  52. Greeting me pleasantly he asked, "Has the ceremony begun?

  53. It consisted merely in one or two large buckets of clean cold water poured over his round curly head and naked shoulders, and then, with but some small ceremony of drying, his clothes were cast on, and bound round him with his belt.

  54. In the act of drawing a will, there was no further ceremony than to have written it or to have stated it orally before acquaintances.

  55. With very slight differences, this custom and ceremony is continued to the present [1890].

  56. Having performed the ceremony to his satisfaction, he returned to the fire, smoked a pipe on his own hook, and turned into his buffalo robe, conscious of having done a most important duty.

  57. But the ceremony is over, and she has no alternative but resignation to her lot.

  58. The last time we saw the ceremony gone through, by a couple of bearded big-paunched Frenchmen, we thought they looked rather conscious of the absurdity of the exhibition, and more than half ashamed of it.

  59. As an infant he is solemnly held up in its light and dedicated to 'the symbol of good, the expression of power, and the hope of Eternity', the ceremony answering to our baptism.

  60. But first he determined, as I learned, to make one more attempt and to demand the hand of Nyleptha in the open Court after the formal annual ceremony of the signing of the laws that had been proclaimed by the Queens during the year.

  61. It was a month after the last act of the Sorais tragedy that a great ceremony was held in the Flower Temple, and Curtis was formally declared King-Consort of Zu-Vendis.

  62. It was immediately after this ceremony that I caused myself to be moved to the house where I am now writing.

  63. Of this astounding fact Nyleptha heard with simulated nonchalance, and with a little trembling of the voice herself informed us of it as we sat at supper on the night preceding the great ceremony of the law-giving.

  64. When she entered the room, even Fathom, whose eyes had been sated with beauty, was struck dumb with admiration, and could scarce recollect himself so far as to perform the ceremony of his introduction.

  65. Believe me, madam, I was so shocked at his conversation on that subject, and so much incensed at his want of delicacy, that my temper was scarce sufficient for the ceremony of parting.

  66. With scant ceremony Jerry was unrolled from the net; he lay free and gasping upon the floor.

  67. The ceremony took place at "The Forest" in Charles City County.

  68. The burning of the Yule log was an ancient Christmas ceremony borrowed from the early Scandinavians.

  69. The Russians have also a ceremony which is more agreeable.

  70. The ancient Druids distributed among the early Britons branches of the sacred mistletoe, which had been cut with solemn ceremony in the night from the oak trees in a forest that had been dedicated to the gods.

  71. With the boy as a witness, he went through a ceremony and brought about an accident that nearly destroyed the companionship that was growing up between them.

  72. In the room by the desk she went through a ceremony that was half a prayer, half a demand, addressed to the skies.

  73. I am rather inclined to think, from what he said to me, that his neglecting to take a part in the religious ceremony arose from indifference.

  74. As the custom was not yet resumed of adding the religious ceremony to the civil contract, the nuptial benediction was on this occasion privately given by a priest at the house Rue de la Victoire.

  75. He directed the ceremony to commence sooner than the hour announced in order that those who would only make a scoff at it might not arrive until the service was ended.

  76. No doubt the ceremony took place on the Hradšany, and the steep approaches to the Castle Hill would be thronged with cheerful merrymakers; I wonder whether the Bohemians of those days said "Na zdar!

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